The Screaming Never Stops

Hey Fiends,

Hope you’re all enjoying the summer concert season. I haven’t posted anything in a few weeks. Been busy as hell keeping the Hard Rock / Metal scene alive in St. Petersburg. And yes, it’s more alive than ever. The past few months has seen a resurgence in support of heavy music. I’ve been focusing a lot of my time to local events lately. The fan support has been amazing for these local shows. We have a lot of great national shows coming up at The State Theatre, but right now, let’s all enjoy the local unity. Since my last blog, we saw 3 killer local shows..SHOCK & AWE at The State Theatre, and BRANDONS BIRTHDAY BLITZ and ‘OL GLORY RISING at The Local 662. And it’s not just happening at these 2 venues. Fan support is happening all over Florida. Due to our situation, it’s tough for us to make it out to other venues, but it’s happening all over the state. Let’s keep the momentum going. Check out the upcoming shows below.

Not only are we seeing fan support, but we’re seeing bands supporting each other. Years ago (and I’ve been doing this for a LONG time) The scene was slightly divided. It was kinda like a clique in many different circles. But now, I’m seeing this huge surge of support from EVERYBODY. Which makes sense. Last year at this time, the St Pete area was over run by Hipsters. And yes, the shows were failing. I wanted to bring metal back to The Local 662, and it happened in a big way. NOW, the Hipster shows are sporadic at best at that venue. The rockers have taken back the scene, and it’s onward and upward. It’s no longer divided and we don’t have to ‘fight’ for metal shows anymore. And there are LOT’S more coming!!

The Rock Solid Pressure Show has also seen an influx of support lately. Let’s face it, we’ve been on the air since 2002. We had ‘huge’ success many years ago, but Patty and myself always said that we would not go quietly. When so many metal broadcasts come and go, we always said we would never throw in the towel. In fact, I’m tossing around the idea of writing a book about my adventures in the music industry. I started out as a performer in Hard Rock / Metal bands in 1980. I performed and toured steadily up until 2001. Went to work at Sony Records in 2002. Made a ton of connections along the way, and I think sharing my exploits would benefit any reader who is interested in the business. I share a lot of this info on our broadcast every week, but I feel a book would hit a broader range of interest. I’m an older guy, I could kick the bucket at any minute (lol) So why not share all of my knowledge and life adventures in a book? Might even make a good movie in the right hands. Hit me back and let me know your thoughts on this.

So, we took 2 weeks off from the broadcast. Felt good to be back on the air last night. It was a great show, and we were in rare form. It’s amazing what a break can do. Here’s the playlist from last night..


BARREN EARTH: Chaos The Songs Within (Century Media) debut track

SOULFLY: Bloodshed (Nuclear Blast) debut track

STATIC-X: No Submission (Reprise)

KING 810: Treading And Trodden (Roadrunner) debut track

MASTODON: Black Tongue (Roadrunner) debut track

TRIBULATION: Holy Libations (Century Media) debut track

HALF TON HAMMER: Thrown To The Wolves (debut)

TRAITORS GATE: Sublunar Invocation (debut)

MORGOTH: House Of Blood (Century Media) debut track

And our last show before the break, we featured our friends in PROGRESSIVE CHEMISTRY in the Dungeon with us. That was also an amazing broadcast. Always a fun time with those guys. They have a new album out that is TOTAL KICKASS!! If you don’t know about this band. Check ’em out NOW!! Here’s the playlist from that show..


STARKILL: Be Dead Or Die (Century Media) debut track

LAMB OF GOD: To The End (Roadrunner) debut track

CROWBAR: The Foreboding (E1 Music) debut track

GRENOUER: A Little Too Obsessed (Mausoleum) debut



KILL THE SOUND: Wake Me Up (debut)

FROM DARKNESS ARISE: From Darkness Arise (debut)

(DE)ABSOLVE: Bereft (debut)

*INDUSTRY SHOWCASE NEWS: So, we’re like 11 weeks away from the Industry Showcase. In my last blog, I went into detail about the event which included Lineup, Panelists, Sponsors, etc. Since that time, a national press release has dropped. It pretty much has everything you need to know about the Showcase. It even has a brief history on the event..For those of you that didn’t know. This will be our 13th year with the Showcase. Check out the Press Release here

*JURASSIC WORLD: Also, since we’ve been off the air, we went to see Jurassic World. Since the Horror Movies died an untimely death at the Theaters..Or rather, all the Horror Movies SUCK THIS YEAR, this was the next best thing..I guess

Surprisingly, we both really liked this movie. It’s like a continuation in the JP series. I wasn’t really a huge fan of all the past Jurassic Park movies. It was cool seeing the CG Dino’s on screen for the first movie. But it had a kind of Disney plot. The movies that followed flat out sucked. But this new one is balls to the wall (sorta). There’s lot’s of deaths. The Dinosaurs look awesome. And you kinda feel the danger. In this latest installment, the park has been open for awhile and it’s like a Theme Park full of Dinosaurs. Thousands of guest everyday. Well, if you can afford it. You can ride on Dinosaurs. you can go rafting with Dinosaurs..You get the picture. But in this one, the Dino’s are genetically modified and they can crank ’em out quick. The new owner of the park wanted to create the ultimate ‘scare’ attraction, so they created a Super-Beasto T-Rex thing. Of course it get’s loose and the carnage begins. There are lot’s of references to the first film which I thought was kinda cool. There’s also a few plot twists which include a military bad guy played by Vincent Donofrio. It’s less Disney-ish then the previous films. I feel any horror fan will like this one. They also bring out the original T-Rex from the first movie to save the day. Would I see it again..well, that’s a big YES!!


Saturday 7/18: State Theatre: SWORD AND DAGGER FEST PART 2 featuring FROSTFANG, AIONIOS, FROM THIS FIRE, AEGEA, TEN HIGH, THERA, TOMB OF LIGEIA..Here we go with yet another huge local metal show. I’m sure we’ll see ALL of you there. Doors at 7pm

Friday 7/24: The Local 662: 20 SHADES (CD Release Show) w/ ROCKSTARR BENTLEY, DECEPCION, VIRGIN DIRT..And yet another cool local event at the 662. Gonna be a PARTY!! Doors at 7pm

Saturday 7/25: The Ampitheater: SLIPKNOT / LAMB OF GOD: We’ll be backstage for this kickass show. We couldn’t miss THIS!! We’ll see ALL OF YOU THERE!!!

Check our site for a complete list of events. Also check the site for past broadcasts of The Rock Solid Pressure Show

That’s all I got..Cya in the field



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