Hey Fiends, Did you ever have one of those weeks when everything pisses you off? I’ve been pretty tame over here in the blog for awhile, but today I’m full of rage. My birthday is next week. I’m an old guy, and I should be relaxing and enjoying my old age like most people in their 50’s. Well, that’s hardly the case these days. I can’t complain about the music scene down here in Florida, that’s beyond spectacular. It’s just everything that’s going on in the world today that has me throwing my fist in the air and screaming at the heavens. You have heard me complain about how technology will ruin our society. Oops sorry, IT HAS ruined our society. With all the advancements in this computer age, I’m surprised that someone has not come up with a Time Machine. For me, that would be the answer. I’d go back to the 70’s and 80’s and all would be right with the world. America was so different then. I made more money in those decades then I ever made in my life (legally).

We all had a sense of purpose and prosperity. But we all had a great time in those years. We never felt threatened by the Government, and the word ‘FREEDOM’ really applied to our Country..Not so these days Today, I feel like I’m living in ‘Marshall Law America’. I feel like I’m living under a Dictatorship. I have never really fully trusted our Government, and you probably all know I hate Politicians. But in the 70’s and 80’s, none of that really applied to common citizens like me. In this day and age, it’s a total Orwellian society. The Government is watching our every move and we’re forced to knuckle down. It’s Communism at it’s finest. Honestly, I thought I would never live to see our Country go to hell. Seriously, you can’t disagree with me right? If we had a strong ‘Third Party’ with Candidates who were the ‘real’ voice of America, none of this mess would have happened. Who is the ‘real’ voice of America? That’s YOU and ME. We need ‘real’ people leading our Government. Not these ultra-rich Poilitico scumbags that have ruined our nation. Instead, we have a Pop-Culture President that is more like a Dictator. If we rallied against the Government way back in the 70’s and 80’s, and forced out the Republicans and Democrats, our world could be extremely different today. If we all just wake up and seize control, we could make the ‘Third Party’ work.

I rarely voted in my lifetime. It all just seemed so corrupt and I wanted no part of it. These rich Politicians always reminded me of evil scandalous beings. I’m a ROCKER, and it seems Musicians have some sort of inner light to the deceptive ways of Government. How much bullshit can one be fed before we all just scream ‘STOP IT’..Well, we CAN stop it. The Republicans and Democrats make a mockery of a Third Party. God forbid we have a REAL, HARD WORKING American in office. God forbid we all learn the REAL truth behind all the lies. The person with the most money usually wins the Presidency. Probably not the case with Obama, but we were all charmed to death and led down a path to an America that I hardly recognize. We’re now FORCED by Government in everything we do. And DON’T buy into the freedom you think you have on Social Media.

Just last week I was FORCED to take my name ‘J-ROCK’ off my facebook page and replace it with my real name. It pissed me off like never before. WHY would they do that? I’ve been called J-ROCK since the 80’s. NOBODY even knows me by my real name except my Family. This makes things extremely difficult with my work in the Music Industry. If an important contact wants to find me, now they can’t. They would not even let me log in to my page and they MADE me send over my Drivers License or they would discontinue my page. Who’s running this site J EDGAR HOOVER? So I’m pretty sure there’s an ulterior motive in why facebook is doing this to people.

You all know I look back at the Myspace days fondly. They were good times, and a safe haven from all the bullshit in the world. Ever since day one on facebook, I never felt completely comfortable. I always felt they were working hand in hand with the Government… I’m pretty sure if a Third Party page popped up on facebook, it would be denounced. If you notice, I don’t post anything about my life on facebook. I basically just use it for promotion of our radio show and our live events. I NEVER hooked up a twitter account and I NEVER WILL. Are you kidding me? That’s more “Big Brother’ than anything I’ve ever seen. So here we are, living in Marshall Law America..At least I have memories of a FREE Country. I grew up not worrying about being shot, being abducted, being blown to smithereens by Terrorists, being forced into health care..Well, I WAS beaten by cops in the 70’s, but man, that was fun..And it was my nature. I’m a ROCKER remember.

And to top everything off. I got really sick this past Friday night and had to miss the SLIPKNOT / LAMB OF GOD show. This pisses me off more than anything. I’ve been going through some health problems for the past few years. At my age, it can’t always be PARTY PARTY PARTY, and I realize that. It was a hard decision not to go, we even had backstage passes. But my health had to take priority. But I look forward to some huge shows coming up at State Theatre, namely PSYCHOSTICK, NONPOINT, FEAR FACTORY, JACKYL, SOULFLY, and of course..THE INDUSTRY SHOWCASE.

SHOWCASE NEWS: I’m sure you all have heard that we added a PRE-PARTY for The Showcase on Sept 25th. I’m really excited about this. We have some incredible Showcase Alumni bands on this event like PSYKOTRIBE, KADAVER DOLLS, THE DEFIANT, DREAMKILLER, FUNERAL FOR A CLOWN, UNDER FALLEN ORDER..It’s going to be insane, so make sure you attend one of the coolest ‘Showcase Weekends’ in our 13 year history. The event pages are posted on..umm..facebook (grrr)..So make sure you join. The countdown is on..

Here’s a rundown of our Playlist on The Rock Solid Pressure Show for the past 2 weeks. We have also started spinning tracks from bands you will see at the Showcase this year..It’s that time of year.

*THE PLAYLIST TO DIE FOR 7/20/15 ABRAHMA: Kapal Kriya / Omens Part 1 (Small Stone Records) debut

BLACK TONGUE: L’appel Du Vide (Century Media) debut

DOWN: Hail The Leaf (Elektra)

LAMB OF GOD: Cheated (Roadrunner) debut track

RISE 2 BRUTALITY: Running Scared (debut)

WE ARE HARLOT: Flying Too Close To The Sun (Roadrunner) debut

BLACK STAR RIDERS: Reckoning Day (Nuclear Blast) debut track

FREEDOM HAWK: Journey Home (Small Stone Records) debut

THE RODS: Make Me A Believer (Passport Records) debut


PROGRESSIVE CHEMISTRY: Hostile Intent (debut track)

KRISIUN: The Isolated Truth (Century Media) debut

3 INCHES OF BLOOD: The Hydra’s Teeth (Roadrunner) debut track

NONPOINT: F*cked (Metal Blade) debut track

CHRIS CAFFERY: Pisses Me Off (Black Lotus)

HELLOWEEN: Mr. Torture (Nuclear Blast) debut track

TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION: Rubbin’s Racin’ (Carved Records) debut track

AIONIOS: Mysterium Tremendum (debut)

HALF TON HAMMER: King Loser (debut track)

SEVENSINS: Denied (debut)

TO THE PAIN: Don’t Eat The Eyes (debut)

RAINBOW: Man On The Silver Mountain (Polydor)

*For the past 2 weeks we have been spinning tracks in honor of the passing of our friend, and bass playing legend CRAIG GRUBER (Elf, Rainbow, Gary Moore, The Rods). Craig has been on our show a couple times, and we became friends. We were devastated to learn of his passing. We take comfort in knowing that he is reunited with Ronnie, and they have one helluva band in Babylon. Please raise the goblets for Craig and lets remember the incredible music he left us..

ALSO I want to send out a ‘Get Well Soon’ to a friend of ours, local drummer JARED WARRICK. He had a stroke and is not doing well. Please send out positive healing vibes. Many of you locals know Jared from the bands BLINDING DARKNESS and THE QUARTER MILE REBELS. If he pulls through, it’s going to be a long recovery period. We’re working on a benefit show. Stay tuned for details.

NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: It’s my annual ‘Birthday Broadcast’. Last year I spun tracks from a lot of my favorite albums from the 70’s. This year I’m spinning tracks from some of my favorite albums from the 80’s..Tune in Monday night and join the party.


Sunday 8/2 State Theatre: PSYCHOSTICK, WOLFBORNE, DRASTIC FALL, THE DOOD, COUNTED OUT..Man, this is gonna be a helluva show, it’s also my official Birthday Party, so come on out n lets get crazy. Doors at 7:00pm. Music starts at 7:15pm. Get more info at our site

Wed 8/5 State Theatre: 10 YEARS, NONPOINT, THE FAMILY RUIN, AWAKEN THE EMPIRE, (N)CEPTION..This is actually the day after my Birthday, and yes, we’ll still be celebrating. Doors at 7:00pm. Music starts at 7:20pm. Get more info at

Cya In The Field

J-Rock (my REAL name)


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