Bloody Birthdays, Dreamkillers, And Other Lurid Tales


Hey Fiends,

Hope you had a chance to tune in to The Rock Solid Pressure Show last night. We had a great time in the Ol’ Dungeon. Our friends from the band DREAMKILLER stopped in, and we partied..Heavily!! This North Carolina powerhouse has been down here in Florida for the past few weeks working in their new Drummer (Our good friend TALON BLAQUE). The band is now out on the road kicking ass throughout our great Country..Well, how bout ‘used to be a great Country lol’..Dreamkiller is led by CHRISTY JOHNSON who also has an incredible career acting in Horror Films. That’s another reason why we love this band so much. We’ve been hanging out with them at a few of our concert events for the past couple weeks, and their visit culminated with a stop to the ‘Rock Solid Pressure Dungeon’..I’m also proud to say that we helped launched this band into the limelight. The doors really opened for them after their appearance at the 2012 Industry Showcase. NOW the band makes their living on the road. That’s the ONLY way to do things if you want to grab the brass ring in this business. Make it a point to catch Dreamkiller when they roll into your town..I DEMAND IT!!


GOTH: Only One (Century Media) debut

ENABLER: Drownage (Century Media) debut

TEMPEST RISING: On Borrowed Time (debut)

AEGEA: Reaching (debut)

OPERATION MINDCRIME: Re-Inventing The Future (Frontiers) debut

LYNCH MOB: Kingdom Of Slaves (Frontiers) debut

PETE BERWICK: See You In Hell (Little Class Records) debut

DREAMKILLER: Watch This (debut)

DREAMKILLER: Absolution (debut)

Felt good to be back on the slab last night after a week off. We needed mega recovery time after my Birthday weekend where we partied our faces off at the PSYCHOSTICK and NONPOINT concerts. We even had my ‘Bloody Birthday Special’ on the show where I took over the Dungeon Decks and spun tracks from some of my favorite albums in the 80’s. The year before, I spun some of my favorites from the 70’s. year, if I’m still alive (I’m an old guy remember) I’ll spin my favorites from the 90’s..So yeah, my 80’s Birthday Broadcast was a huge mid-life crisis. I can’t even explain the strange emotions I felt reliving those classics. PLEASE get me on a Time Machine and GET ME THE HELL OUTTA THIS SCREWED UP WORLD..If you tuned in, and you’re as old, and like minded as myself, it was probably a comfort to hear ‘not so played’ tracks from FIELDS OF THE NEPHILM, PRIEST, SABBATH, SAXON, ANVIL, SLAYER, SAVATAGE, MAIDEN, MEGADETH, KING DIAMOND, SEPULTURA, MOTORHEAD, METALLICA, and there was just ‘so much’ I didn’t have time for..But you get the picture of what kind of Metal I was listening to in the 80’s..When AMERICA WAS AMERICA!!

So, I’ve been bitching about how screwed up our Country has become. I really let my feelings go in the last blog. The entire WORLD is beyond messed up!! I have always rallied against Politicians. For the past few years, I’ve been a bit tame on the air. Kinda like being beaten into submission in a ‘Marshall Law Country’..But I’m waking up. And you know who has awoken this sleeping giant? DONALD TRUMP! Hey, laugh if you will but he has my vote. I’m not a Democrat or a Republican. If anything, I’m for the Independent. The ONLY time I ever voted was for ROSS PEROT. Remember him? The little weird guy with the Pie Charts that everybody laughed at. Well guess what? All that stuff that you found funny in his charts way back when..IT ALL CAME TRUE!! We actually had a REAL visionary who was running Independently and we swept him under the rug. He didn’t even WANT to live in the White House. NOW we have a new visionary in DONALD TRUMP! Holy shit, this guy has me up on my feet and cheering! I personally feel he’s too much for the Republicans to handle, and I look forward to seeing him run Independently. WE COULD ACTUALLY WIN THIS TIME!!

Seriously, I’ve never been so interested in Politics in my life. Donald Trump is NOT a Politician. He’s a REALIST! This is the guy WE NEED to run this Country. To make this Country PROUD again! I’m proud to say that I met him, and he was a really cool, down to earth guy who LOVES ROCK MUSIC!! I was even invited 2 years in a row to play his BEACH FEST in Atlantic City. Which was basically his Birthday Party..Biggest stage I ever played on in my life..Oh yeah, with thousands of people on the beach. I DO NOT feel that Trump is a racist in ANY way. Putting up that wall to protect our Country is NOT a racist move. And for the first time in many years, I’ve been glued to CNN, and laughing out loud how the Anchors condemn him. They might be laughing but the Polls don’t lie. Trump has struck a chord with Millions of people just like me. The hard working Americans who are sick to death with the stereotypical Politician who spews nothing but false promises. Seriously, I actually watched the Republican Debate on TV. The last time I even ventured into such uncompromising territory is when ROSS PEROT was running..And I LOVED IT!! Trump hit hard and fired back at his detractors. Did any of you watch it? Man, these Republican candidates are a strange bunch right? They are so rigid and robotic, it’s almost as if they had sticks up their asses. Kinda scary! Then on the Democratic side, we have HILLARY CLINTON..ARE YOU F*CKIN KIDDING ME? SERIOUSLY? The most untrustworthy, criminal minded Politician on THE PLANET!! I’ve suffered so much through this Obama Administration, now HILLARY CLINTON!! Please hand me the noose, because I couldn’t take it. I’m now living through a Presidency (Oops sorry, Dictatorship) where nothing makes sense. I’ll never buy into any of his policies that we’re forced to endure! Screw everybody, I’m with Trump ALL THE WAY TO THE END!! It’s time we had a guy in the White House who LOVES the ROCKERS!! If I offended anyone, then that’s cool, I’m back to my old self..And I ‘miss’ my old self..And I ‘miss’ the way our Country ‘used’ to be..

SHOWCASE NEWS: Man, we’re like 5 weeks away from the 13 Year Anniversary for the Rock Solid Pressure Industry Showcase’.. I’m at the point where I’m starting to get really excited. How bout you? We have one of the most incredible lineups in our history. And after doing this year after year, the excitement level never fades. But this year, I’m REALLY excited!! Not only do we have Record Labels, Producers, and Name Companies on the panel this year, but we’re also adding a high level national Booking Agency ‘ASHLEY TALENT INTERNATIONAL LLC’ (Jan Barker) who handles some of the biggest touring acts in the world!! This is the direction we’re moving in for the panels. YES, we get bands signed and produced every year, but NOW, we can get bands on huge tours..Without the ‘buy ons’..In 2016 I’m hoping to have ‘many’ Agencies like this on the panel. These are reputable Agencies I deal with in booking National Acts for The State Theatre. The time has come for me to call in some favors, and I’m loving the addition this year. I’m also bringing in a Talent Developer, Guitar God SCOTT LaFLAMME who has toured the world with just about EVERYBODY!! He also has a hand in breaking new artists and bands. So mark your Calendars for SEPT 25th (Pre-Party at The Local 662), and Sept 26th (Showcase at The State Theatre). Make sure you get your face on both Event Pages on Facebook

HEY HERE’S SOMETHING COOL!! after 13 years on the air. The Tampa CREATIVE LOAFING finally nominated us as ‘Best Local Internet Radio Show’..Although we’re not just an Internet show, we’re still on a few dials. But it was cool to be recognized from a publication that pretty much ignored us for all these years. Even after I brought some of the biggest concerts to the Tampa Bay Gulf, we were ignored. We really don’t expect to win, but I know our METAL brethren are giving them HELL and voting for us. I would include a link to vote but that has been taken down. They misspelled our name ‘twice’..Do you get the sense that the cards are stacked against us? (lol) But it’s cool to be recognized, and we thank Creative Loafing for steping out of the box. They also nominated a lot of local bands that we work with, which never happened before. and they ALSO nominated the BLACK STAR RIDERS concert as ‘Concert Of The Year’, and I was HEAVILY involved in bringing that show to State Theatre..So, the link is down to vote, but maybe if you look around, you’ll find a way to vote for us. We really appreciate all you cool people that have been voting every day. LETS WIN THIS FOR THE ROCKERS!! And big kudos to Creative Loafing to plugging into the scene..OUR SCENE!!

WHAT’S COMING UP ON ROCK SOLID PRESSURE: Next week, we’ll be airing an interview with a band from the UK called THE FAMILY RUIN (KBB Records). they’re currently on tour with 10 YEAR and NONPOINT. The week after that, we’ll be having our good friend, and Guitar Genius SCOTT LaFLAMME visiting us in the Dungeon..Make sure you tune in!! Lot’s of cool info to enlighten you with


Friday Aug 28th: The Local 662: THE DEFIANT w/ COLD CLOCK KNOCKOUT, THE HARVEST, THE PROPER CROOKS, ABORTION TWINS, ABOVE ALL ACTS! We’re gonna have a blast at this one. It’s a Family Affair!! Doors at 7pm. Get more info at our site

Saturday Aug 29th: The Local 662: SUNSHINE & BULLETS w/ FROM THIS FIRE, AEGEA, THE GLORIOUS REBELLION, TRANKQUILL, THE CRUZ BROTHERS! Yet another ‘Family Affair’ we’re crazy excited about..The entire weekend is like an RSP Family Reunion..Cya at both shows

Tuesday Sept 1st: State Theatre: FEAR FACTORY w/ ONCE HUMAN, BEFORE THE MOURNING, THE BLOODLINE, DEADLIFT, SILGE! Having sleepless nights over this one!! WE CAN’T WAIT!! Get more info at

That’s all I got..Cya in the field