Am I Disturbing You?…COOL

Hey Fiends,

Hate to disturb you, but I just gotta scream about the helluva good time it’s been the past couple of weeks. I’m finally recovered from a frightfully fun time in the field this week. We had some amazingly kickass shows in St. Pete this past week. Well, it’s pretty much ALL kickass shows at ‘The Local 662’ and ‘The State Theatre’, but it was extra fun this past week. As we’re on the verge of the incredible ‘Showcase Weekend’, we had some fun this past week with our family of ‘Showcase Alumni Bands’.. It was kinda like a ‘Rock Solid Pressure Family Weekend’ at the 662. On Friday we had our friends in THE DEFIANT lay havoc to the stage, and what a great night of musical mayhem. We also had COLDCLOCK KNOCKOUT, THE HARVEST, THE PROPER CROOKS, ABORTION TWINS, and ABOVE ALL ACTS!! All turned out stellar performances to a ‘great’ crowd. It was Hangover-Worthy indeed!! On Saturday, our friends in SUNSHINE & BULLETS invaded the 662 to a packed house. I really needed my shades for this one, S&B have possibly the best light show I have ever seen at the 662. Seriously, it puts some of the national acts I book to shame. And I’m sure if you were there, the highlight of the evening (lol) was getting to see me sing ‘Feel Good’ with the band. I was on key right? But what a fun night. Also on this amazing show was another one of our ‘Family’ bands FROM THIS FIRE (I believe I saw a mosh pit). And hey, you’ll see FTF breathe fire at THE INDUSTRY SHOWCASE on Sept 26th..Also on the show was the kickass AEGEA. And you’ll see THEM at the Showcase as well. We also had our friends from Orlando ‘THE GLORIOUS REBELLION, our good friends in TRANKQUILL, and newcomers to the scene ‘THE CRUZ BROTHERS’..All I can say is what a HELLUVA WEEKEND!!

So I see this post on facebook from a band that is complaining about the lack of attendance at a certain popular venue. No, I won’t mention the venue, and OF COURSE it’s not The Local 662 or The State Theatre (No lack of attendance there lol). My first thought at seeing this post is ‘Hmmm didn’t YOUR fans show up’..I agree there is probably an error in booking at this venue. Mainly because they book bands THAT HAVE NO FANS!! But if you’re a band, and you didn’t bring a shitload of people to see you, well, that’s YOUR fault. I hate it when bands bitch about a venue. If all the bands brought their fans, then there wouldn’t be a problem. This is why I’m very selective in booking. I DO NOT want the venues I work for to fail. Don’t get me wrong, I HAVE seen failure. I just know who NOT to book. Please remember, a venue is ‘not’ a practice space, it’s a business. If your band fails in completing your obligation to ‘help’ that business be successful..Then everybody loses. That’s why venues are closing. I’m mainly talking about ‘Local Bands’ and the local venues they play. You can’t blame an out of town band if they get on a show and no one shows up. And that SUCKS! The local bands totally let them down. I personally don’t see much of this because I’m involved in a thriving, kickass music scene. I don’t WANT to be involved in that OTHER scene Whatever the hell that other scene is. My advice to local bands is to NOT bitch about the venues you play. If no one is there, bitch at your fans, if you have fans..That’s it

FEAR FACTORY: So, this past Tuesday night we had FEAR FACTORY at The State Theatre. And man, what a show!! The place was packed for an insane night of metal..It was great to see our ‘ol pal TONY CAMPOS, and it was a fun day hangin out with the band. Actually, it was a fun day hangin out with THEIR CREW as well. Just a great bunch of guys. Usually, it’s ‘Ego City’ with the bigger bands. The Tour Managers and Sound Techs’ are usually mega assholes, along with the band. Not the case here. AND MY GOD, they even respected, and bonded, with the local openers. We had so much fun, this show will probably be in the running for ‘Concert Of The Year’..Also on the show was ONCE HUMAN (Ex Machinehead & Soulfly), BEFORE THE MOURNING, THE BLOODLINE..And local openers DEADLIFT, SILGE..We also bonded with THE BLOODLINE (Another Century Records), and you’ll hear the interview on The Rock solid Pressure Show on Nov 14th..

And speaking of The Rock Solid Pressure Show. If you’re regular listeners, then you know we’ve been having too much fun the past couple weeks. On 8/24 we featured our UK friends in THE FAMILY RUIN (KBB Records) on the show. They’re currently touring the country with Nonpoint. Then on 8/31, we had our good friend SCOTT LaFLAMME stop in the Dungeon to party with us. Scott’s a famed guitarist who has jammed with EVERYBODY (lol) His newest Supergroup is called SUPER TROUP and it features members of LYNCH MOB, FOREIGNER, BONHAM, GREAT WHITE, BANG TANGO. I have this act coming to the 662 on Nov 27th..SO GET READY!! Here’s how the playlists shook out for the past 2 weeks


WORLDS DIVIDE: Rise Above The Dead (Quantum Records) debut track

STARKILL: Covergence (Century Media) debut track

RAVEN EYE: Breaking Out (Rook Records) debut

LO-PAN: Land Of The Blind (Small Stone Records) debut

THE FAMILY RUIN: Bring Out Your Dead / Cirque Du Sin (Another Century) debut

VAST: Here (Elektra)

A(K)NEW: 21 Grams

NONPOINT: Never Ending Hole (Metal Blade) debut track



NIGHTINGALE: The Maze (Inside Out Music)

TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION: Splinter (Carved Records) debut track

BLACK STAR RIDERS: Soldiers Town (Nuclear Blast) debut track

PSYCHOSTICK: Bruce Campbell (Rock Ridge Records) debut

BANG TANGO (w/ Scott LaFlamme): Pistol Whipped In The Bible Belt

CROBOT: Night Of The Sacrifice (Wind Up Records)

WHO CARES (w/ Iommi, Gillan, Newstead, McBrain, Lord) HOLY WATER (E.A.R.)

CYCLE OF PAIN: 14 Devils (Rock Ridge Records)


FEAR FACTORY: 540.000 Degrees Fahrenheit (Calvin Records)


*ONLY A FEW DAYS LEFT TO VOTE: Hey, if you read the previous blogs,  then you know that the Tampa Creative Loafing nominated THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW as BEST LOCAL INTERNET RADIO SHOW..Although we’re ‘not’ just an internet show, it was cool that we were ‘finally’ recognized for all the hard work we’ve been doing for the past 13 years. IF YOU WOULD BE SO COOL, we’re asking that you give us a vote. The voting ends on Sept 8th so there’s not much time left. If we don’t win, at least we GAVE THEM HELL RIGHT? Here’s the link..really appreciate it..

*WES CRAVEN: Man, what a loss for the Horror Community. Wes was behind some of my favorite Horror flicks of all time. He was also active in Horror right up until the end. Can’t really say a torch has been passed because all the new Horror movies SUCK!! The Pioneers who redefined the genre, like Mr. Craven, have left a mark that can never be erased. In fact, most Horror fans will STILL prefer a Craven flick over any of this new bullshit that is passing itself off as Horror!! LONG LIVE WES CRAVEN!!

NEWS: Well, THE INDUSTRY SHOWCASE WEEKEND is right around the corner (Sept 25,26,27). You can imagine how busy we are right now. So busy, that we will only do ONE BROADCAST in Sept, and that will be on the 14th. I WILL do another blog which will feature the annual SHOWCASE SURVIVAL GUIDE..So keep your eyes open for that. It will include EVERYTHING you need to survive all 3 days. YES, a GEMINI SYNDROME show has been added to Sun Sept 27th..Man, I’m wondering if I CAN SURVIVE THAT WEEKEND..

Till next time..Cya in the field




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