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Hey Fiends,

Hope you are all enjoying our annual ‘Shocktober Celebration’ on The Rock Solid Pressure Show. It’s certainly our favorite time of year. Since 2002 our Shocktober Celebration has been churning out the sinister sounds throughout the month of October. In fact, back in 2002 when we started our broadcast, NOBODY was even using the term ‘Shocktober’..I was certain I invented it (lol). Seriously, I do research before I name anything. NOW, everybody is using the term. Not the first time my ideas have been stolen. BUT can they do ‘Shocktober’ the way WE do it? I highly doubt it. In years past we have had virtually every iconic Horror actor join us for the celebration. Including members from all the dark bands that we love. Lately, our high profile interviews have been out in the field at our concert events down here on the Tampa Bay gulf. We’re trying to get away from the ‘Phone-In’ interview thing. We’d much rather have our guests join us in the Dungeon, or do a backstage interview where we are ‘really’ in our element.We don’t have any interviews planned for this months celebration though. We’d much rather fill it with the scary sounds of the season..And as you know, we have an over abundance of ‘Scary Sounds’ down here in the catacombs..

It’s always ‘Halloween’ on our show, but in Shocktober we kick it up a notch. Here’s our playlist for the past two weeks. It’s filled with Deadly Debuts and Creepy Classic Cuts for our annual Tradition Of Terror


CRADLE OF FILTH: Misericord (Nuclear Blast) debut track

DR. LIVING DEAD: Wake Up, Join The Dead (Century Media) debut track

ROB ZOMBIE: Everybody Scream (Hip-O Records)

TYPE O NEGATIVE: Life Is Killing Me (Roadrunner)

KRIADIAZ: Lepers & Liars (Shark Sausage) debut

HYDROVIBE featuring Shawnee Smith: Killer Inside (Orleans Street)

ST. MADNESS: Carl The Clown (Nasty Prick)

JIRO: Clock Strikes 12 (Mosrite Records)

THE A-BORTZ: Walking Dead

3 KISSES: Love Is A Grave (debut)

CAPT. CLEGG & THE NIGHT CREATURES: Macon County Morgue (Hip-O)

BLACK SABBATH: Hole In The Sky (R.I.P. Steve McCormick)


OPETH: The Moor (Peaceville Records) debut track

PSYKOTRIBE: Vengeance (Willpower Ent) debut

MUSHROOMHEAD: Darker Days (Megaforce)

KING DIAMOND: Sarah’s Night (Metal Blade)

VAMPIRE: Night Hunter (Century Media) debut

WATAIN: The Wild Hunt (Century Media) debut track

AKERCOCKE: The Promise (Earache Records)

SPIDER MOUNTAIN featuring Chop Top: Stupid Life Of A Mom Eater


So, for those of you that know these bands, then you get the picture right? This is how we do Shocktober in the Dungeon every year. Our next broadcast will be Oct 26th. Our final night of the celebration will be a fright fest indeed. We will exhume ALL the masters of monstrous music. If you’re as wildly wicked as us, then you’ll tune in. We’ll be back to our ‘ol sinister selves in November. We’re WAY backed up in the ‘New Music’ dept so expect a ton of debut tracks in November..Along with a mind blowing lineup of national concert events..

SHOWCASE NEWS: So, the Industry Showcase was a couple weeks ago. We’re still actually recovering from this monumental event. In fact, both Patty and myself came down with the flu right after the event. Seems the entire scene got the flu down here. And I’m STILL trying to shake it off. But I’m not letting it hinder the celebration for the cool things that happened (so far) for some of the performing bands. If you missed the broadcast on Monday night when we made the formal announcements..Then you’re a dick. Here’s what we know so far..More announcements coming as they happen

*The band ‘5 STAR HOOKER’ was awarded a prime slot at ROCKLAHOMA. This was given by RETROSPECT RECORDS..Big congrats to the band for kicking ass at the Showcase this year!!

*The band ‘AIONIOS’ was awarded a custom deal with SINISTER GUITAR PICKS. Big congrats to the band for blowing ‘everyone’s’ mind at the Showcase this year

*The band ‘THE D.O.O.D.’ was awarded an insane custom merch package from ACE HIGH PRINTING, and they were ALSO awarded free studio time from FULL WAVE SOUND. Big congrats to the band for having a set of a lifetime

*The band ‘A(K)NEW’ was awarded free studio time from FULL WAVE SOUND. Big congrats to the band for bringing their A-Game for a set of a lifetime

*The band ‘FROM THIS FIRE’ was awarded an insane prize pack from FREAKSHOW FOLLIES. Big congrats to the band for always leaving smoke on the State Theatre stage

That’s all we know so far. We ARE hearing rumblings from the WILLPOWER ENTERTAINMENT camp that a signing is on the horizon. We’re not hearing anything from the MELODIC REVOLUTION camp about a signing, but that could change. Mega-Producer MATT LaPLANT is sure to be working with a few bands this year. At this point, we don’t know ‘who’ yet. We’ll be announcing results as they happen on our broadcast. I would advise tuning in every Monday night at 7pm (est) to get the info in your ears first. I’m no longer doing weekly blogs, so it’s best to tune in..

HORROR MOVIE REVIEWS: Well, 2015 has been the worst year for theatrical Horror Movie releases. But it seems that’s changing. This month is filled with all kinds of horror flicks at the Theaters. And you can bet your ass we’ll be seeing every one. We already took in two of the most talked about shockers, and here’s our reviews..

*THE VISIT (My Review) So, we see it’s an M. Nyght Shaymalan movie (did I spell that right?) So it can’t be that bad right? I mean, he made a couple good creepy films. But this one SUCKED! We find out it’s one of those ‘Hand Held Camera’ ‘Documentary Style’ ‘P.O.V.’ films that are all the rage with the kids. And we HATE these movies, and YES, we ALSO hate all those ‘Paranormal Activity’ movies. Shame on you Shaymalan for jumping on this bandwagon of crap. If it was done as a ‘regular’ movie, it might have been ok. The story was a bit creepy but not original at all, and WAY too boring..Here’s the plot, 2 kids, a Brother and Sister go visit their Grandparents who they never met before. But their ‘real’ Grandparents are dead in the basement and 2 escaped homicidal mental patients are posing as their Grandparents. These 2 old crazy folks shit themselves and crawl around naked. It’s more funny than scary actually. I also hated the 2 kids. The whole Documentary thing just ruined it for me. HELLO, THIS STYLE OF FILM MAKING IS PLAYED OUT..There wasn’t even a twist ending that Shaymalan is famous for. It did pretty well at the Theaters, so it’s obvious Mr. Shaymalan was only in it for the money. I’d actually like MY money back. This movie is NOT worth a VISIT to the Theater. Unless you’re like 12 years old.

*THE VISIT (Patty’s Review) I’m not an M. Nyght Shaymalan fan, but it was a great night for the drive-in. That always means ‘Party City’ for us. And this was the closest thing to horror this year, so off we went. I immediately was turned off by the ‘Hand Held Documentary” thing..I HATE THAT!! So I tried to look at it cinematically, trying to find something that worked. But I’ve seen more scares on network TV shows. Both the kids annoyed the hell out of me. The story could have moved a bit quicker. I kind of liked the crazy imposter Grandparents..Kinda. But the movie didn’t work for me at all. As we exited the Drive-In, the soundtrack for the rolling credits was actually REAL scary, but we had to suffer through that annoying kid rapping, thankfully that was short..But if you want to learn about old age ‘Incontinence’ then go see it

*THE GREEN INFERNO (My Review) This was AWESOME!! Finally, a ‘real’ horror movie. This time around, Eli Roth pays homage to the Cannibal films of the 70’s. Like ‘Make Them Die Slowly’ ‘Slave Of The Cannibal God’, and ‘Cannibal Holocaust..With more emphasis on ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ (FYI The original working title for Cannibal Holocaust was actually ‘The Green Inferno). The amazing and legendary makeup team of Nicatero and Berger make this a kickass splatterfest. Although I’m sure there will be an unrated edition coming out, and I’m going to hunt that down. It was still pretty bold for an ‘R’ rating though..The plot is simple, College kid activists from NY take a trip to the Peruvian Amazon to chain themselves to tree’s to stop bulldozers from tearing down the forests, and help save the surviving native tribes who still live in the jungle. They succeed but find their mission was all a scam for the leader of the activist group who put everyone’s life in danger. On their return flight, their plane crashes and most of them die. The survivors are captured by a Cannibal tribe and they’re all eaten..It’s beyond awesome!! You’ll hate most of the activists, and you won’t care they are eaten. A couple of ’em are bad actors and you can’t wait till they are munched. The activist leader reminded me of BORAT (lol). The Cannibals are extremely realistic. That’s because most of them were a real Peruvian Tribe. A few of ’em looked liked something out of the new Mad Max movie..This was insanely good!! Best Horror Movie of the year so far (for me)..Eli Roth does it again

*THE GREEN INFERNO (Patty’s Review) Ok, now I feel like we’re getting into the swing of big budget horror films that are REALLY GOOD!! Thank you Eli Roth for once again not disappointing fans with a well done Cannibal movie. Loved everything about it, location, plot, gore. I did some research and found out the lead actress (the survivor girl) almost ‘really’ drowned in the rapid river scene. They left that scene in the film. They also had to endure hardships in making this film. I found this movie gripping, intense, and the decapitation scenes jaw dropping. With that said, I also enjoyed the comedic moments. And the credits had a bit of of a surprise in it too. Loved this move! Well Done!!


Sun 10/25: State Theatre: SOULFLY, SOILWORK, DECAPITATED, SHATTERED SUN, PSYKOTRIBE, AIONIOS: Man, we’re so stoked for this. It’s not just a concert..It’s a METAL EVENT. The scene has been anticipating this show for a LONG time, and it’s less than TWO WEEKS AWAY!! Get more info at http://www.StateTheatreConcerts.com or http://www.RockSolidPressure.com

And that’s about all I got this week. Make sure you tune in for our ‘Shocktober’ finale on Oct 26th

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