Hey Fiends,

First off, before I give my take on the Paris tragedy (and it’s probably going to be a long rant). I know a lot of you missed the broadcast last night. One of our more popular radio affiliates ‘Localized Music’ did not air the new show. The owner of the station is sick (Get well soon Rob) and it’s understandable that our show did not air. If you WANT to hear the new show, it is NOW posted at our site . It’s on our player right under our pic slideshow. You can also hear ALL the shows from Nov and many from Oct. Big thanks to our Administrator VOODOO RICK for getting the new show up in such a timely fashion..

PARIS TRAGEDY: We did not mention the Paris tragedy on our broadcast last night. The entire world is going through a rough time, and we wanted everybody to just ‘be themselves’ for one hour. We said nothing last night, but I’ll speak my mind NOW! Just like the rest of the world, I am devastated as to what happened in Paris. It hit’s close to home because these slimy coward Terrorists are now targeting our Entertainment Industry. The concert venue is Paris is much like the State Theatre where we work in St. Pete Florida. These religious zealots also took out innocent lives at the nearby bars. These are all MY people, and I’m enraged more than I ever have been since these bastards took our twin towers down. My rage also is turning into confusion in the way our President is handling the situation. At the moment, France and Russia are bombing the hell out of these bastards in Syria. I’m sure we will be joining in the fight. NOW is the time to wipe this scourge from the earth. We NEVER had Russia work in unison with anybody to combat Terrorism. But the news last night confirmed that the Russian airliner that was brought down last week was definitely a bomb. So there’s no hesitation in Russia screaming ‘Bombs Away’, and yes, they are hitting them hard right now. Granted, Russia is already establishing a base in Syria, mainly to protect Assad. This had Americans fearing another cold war scenario, but right now, I feel all that fear is unwarranted..

RIGHT NOW, I’m questioning the ethics of our Government and the judgement of our President. First he makes a really ‘strange’ deal to give Iraq millions of dollars. Thank you Mr. Obama for helping Iraq build a bomb to destroy us. THEN he makes another strange deal to let the Syrian Immigrants into our Country. Do you know that many of them are already HERE? I just saw something on CNN that stated they are all over the place, and it’s tough to do a background check on ANY of them. WHAT? Isn’t this how the Paris tragedy happened? Many of you know that I’m not really in league with our Government. Never have been. I voted one time in my life and that was for Ross Perot. I don’t play into the whole ‘Political Theater’, and I hate Politicians with a passion. But I TOTALLY agree to NOT let any Refugee’s into our Country. NOW I’m hearing that all this bullshit is part of the never ending Democrat / Republican feud. THIS IS BEYOND CRAZY!! The Republicans want the Refugee’s out and the Democrats want them in. How bout we all come together as AMERICANS and fight this bullshit in a proper way. HOW BOUT we get all the NATO Countries, and the Countries outside of NATO to join forces and we can all work together to FINALLY eliminate ISIS and ALQUEDA. Right now this could happen. The problem in the past was that we were always fighting the war on terror by OURSELVES! Of course we couldn’t win. But RIGHT NOW we CAN! And RIGHT NOW our President is refusing action. Does any of this seem strange, or is it just me?

YES, I feel like I’m living under Marshall Law under Obama. It’s the only time I have ever felt this way, and I’m in my 50’s. I lived through many turbulent decades in our Country’s history, but this is the WORST and most dangerous time I HAVE EVER SEEN! I feel like I’m living under a Dictatorship, and my FREEDOM is slowly being stripped. Look, I’m a ‘Metal’ guy. That’s my preference in music. And the Metal family is STRONG! We’re fighters and not cowards. I do not believe ‘The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth’, not right now anyway. Sure, we’re a compassionate Country, but that can only go so far. The whole Syrian Refugee thing will be the downfall of our Country. How much worse does Mr. Obama want our Country to get? We have Racial unrest that is worse than in the 50’s and 60’s. We have social misfits that are slaughtering innocent students in Schools almost every week. These wack jobs are even killing people in Movie Theaters. And the death toll is HUGE. We have kids that are STARVING on our OWN soil, and NOW we HAVE to let in thousands more Syrian Refugee’s that CANNOT be properly checked out? OF COURSE half of them are Terrorists. How bout we become ‘somewhat’ compassionate and just let in the Children of the Refugee’s in. MY GOD, how much more can we stand before our nation crumbles altogether. I’m also VERY frightened about Hilary Clinton becoming our next President. This will carry our nation into total destruction. This will be like ‘Obama Part 2’. I do NOT choose sides in our century old war with the Democrats and the Republicans, but there is ONE GUY on the Republican side that I feel will NOT take shit, and will make our Country the way America ‘used’ to be. Like I said, I’m a METAL guy. I believe in POWER and NOT backing down in a fight. I’m not into Government, but I back our troops FULLY! And I still believe our armies are the strongest in the world. But we CANNOT be a strong nation with a President that is making bad, and very strange decisions. RIGHT NOW the entire world is ready to fight ISIS, and they ARE. Yet we’re holding back. Is it too LATE for ME to run for President? Could an Independent actually take the vote? I’m using myself as a metaphor of course, but there are MANY Metalheads like myself that back my views 100 percent. This attack on the music community in Paris woke a lot of us up, and pissed us off like never before. My heart goes out to all the families of the victims in this senseless massacre..NOW IT’S TIME TO FIGHT…RIGHT?

I’m trying not to offend anyone on the Democrat or Republican side. I know many of you play into this political nonsense. How bout just being a REALIST. How bout looking at things in the ‘Long Term’. I have NEVER seen our Country so divided in my lifetime. Do you feel this is a good thing no matter what your political preference might be? All I know is that we are a strong and powerful nation and we don’t take shit. YES, our Country is going to hell in a hand basket, yet we’re knuckling down to bad decisions because of political preference. We are living in the worst time in our nations history. Why do you think that is? SERIOUSLY, WAKE UP!! We can change things in the next election. I hate even talking about politics, it’s not me, but I’m an AMERICAN..At this point, I’m still certain that I have FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Soon though, they might take that away from us too. We’re being FORCED to do lot’s of things these days, and the word FREEDOM is barely holding water. Things have to change RIGHT NOW before it’s too late. Agree with me or disagree with me. How bout we form a new political party? We can call ourselves the LOGICAL-ISTS


IRON MAIDEN: If Eternity Should Fail (Parlophone Records) debut

CALIGULA’S HORSE: Marigold (Inside Out Music) debut

BROKEN TEETH: Raining Fire (debut)

CHAOS FRAME: Doomed (Nightmare Records) debut track

LYNCH MOB: The Hollow Queen (Frontiers Records) debut track

FREEDOM HAWK: The Line (Small Stone Records) debut track

AMPLIFIER: Crystal Anthem (Superball Music) debut track

WOLF: River Everlost (Century Media) debut track

DIO: Walk On Water (Warner Bros) debut track


FEED HER TO THE SHARKS: Burn The Traitor (Victory Records) debut

SWALLOW THE SUN: Silhouette’s (Century Media) debut

THE HELL: Fever (Prosthetic Records) debut

PSYCHOSTICK: Choking Hazard (Rock Ridge Records) debut track

VAMPIRE: Hexahedron (Century Media) debut track

SHATTERED SUN: Waging War (Victory Records) debut

PSYKOTRIBE: Wicked White Lies (Willpower Ent.) debut track

DEATH REQUISITE: Crimson Savior (debut track)

ANURYZM: All Is Not For All (Melodic Revolution Records) debut track

INTRONAUT: The Direction Of Last Things (Century Media) debut track

AIONIOS: The Torture Within (debut track)





FRIDAY 11/27: The Local 662: SUPER TROUP (featuring members from Lynch Mob, Foreigner, Bonham, Great White) w/ 5 STAR HOOKER, SAHE, 20 SHADES, ALL HAIL THE QUEEN, SHORE DOGS


Get more info on all the concert events at our site You can also find the group pages for all these events at Facebook

That’s all I got..See ya in the field



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