Happy Horror-Days


Hey Fiends,

Hope you’re all having a kickass holiday season. We both want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Although it hardly feels like Christmas down here in Florida. It’s actually a heatwave down here right now. I’m sure a lot of you can relate since half the Country is also feeling very unseasonable weather. We did have a cold snap this past weekend though which made for a ‘killer’ time at the annual KILLER CHRISTMAS concert. It was two nights of Monstrous Merriment, and I believe this event will go down in infamy as one of the coolest Christmas shows on record. We partied hard and celebrated with lot’s of great friends. And that’s what Christmas is about. It’s never about money or material things for me. We don’t make a lot of money at our jobs, but we squeak by. Growing up in a ‘working-poor’ family, my vision of Christmas was never based around the whole commercializing thing. For me, just getting together with good friends is enough. I don’t have any Family down here, but our music scene has become my surrogate family, and this past weekend made our Christmas complete..

I’m one of those people that goes through a slight depression around this time. I’m sure many of you do as well. It’s a time when you think of friends and family that passed away. It’s also a time when you reflect on your life. The good decisions, the bad decisions. But above all else, I think about the people that don’t have ‘anything’ on Christmas. My entire life people have told me that I could never be wealthy or I would give it all away, and that’s true. I give a lot of my money to the Salvation Army. They have been doing great things for the needy since the dawn of time, and it’s a charity I have always supported since I was a kid. While you’re out shopping for those last minute gifts, please make sure you drop a few bucks in their bucket..

The traditional Christmas movies also make me feel like shit, and man, they probably get everyone depressed right? We don’t really watch those movies during the Holidays. We like the Christmas HORROR movies. I think these films were made to beat the weepy stereotype of what Christmas movies should be. But hey, don’t get me wrong, I also like the crazy Holiday comedies too, but the seasonal horror movies have helped me through this time of year since like the mid-70’s. If you are not familiar with these flicks, every year we make a list (and check it twice) of the ‘Best Christmas Horror Films Of All Time’..Keeping with tradition, we announced the list a couple weeks ago on The Rock Solid Pressure Show, but here it is print..

  2. SANTA’S SLAY (2005)
  3. SILENT NIGHT (2012)
  4. BLACK XMAS (1974) BLACK XMAS (2006)
  5. KRAMPUS (2015) *see below for review
  6. CHRISTMAS EVIL (1980)
  7. SAINT (2010)
  8. RARE EXPORTS (2010)
  9. P2 (2010)
  12. FALL DOWN DEAD (2007)
  13. THE TOY MAKER (1991)
  14. DEAD END (2003)
  15. SIBLINGS (2004)

So that’s the Top 15 for this year. There’s tons of Christmas Horror Flicks out there, and the list changes slightly every year. But these are the flicks that we’re promoting this year. Go rent one, or go rent all of ’em..

Hope you got a chance to tune in to our annual HORRIFIC HOLIDAY SPECIAL on Monday night..We spun creepy and crazed Christmas classics from KING DIAMOND, CHRISTOPHER LEE, LEMMY, SPINAL TAP, TYPE O NEGATIVE, TSO, BEFORE THE HARVEST, DEER PUSSY, KRASH KARMA, AMERICAN DOG, MAJUR BLUDD, CHIEF GREENBUD..Oh, and watch our facebook pages for a KICKASS Christmas present from one of our Holiday Specials from Christmas past. We exhumed a gem from our Hallowed Halls and you’ll all see it on Christmas day..And oops, before I forget, here’s the playlist from 2 weeks ago..


  1. SOILWORK: Spectrum Of Eternity (Nuclear Blast) debut
  2. WORLDS DIVIDE: Let Me Bleed
  3. CROWBAR: A Wealth Of Empathy (E1 Music) debut track
  4. FINAL CURSE: Definition Of Insanity
  5. INTRONAUT: Fast Worms (Century Media) debut track
  6. THE HELL: Don’t Be A Dick (Prosthetic) debut track
  7. PSYCHOSTICK: So Heavy (Rock Ridge) debut track
  8. DREAMGRAVE: The Last Drop Falls
  9. VAMPIRE: Pyre Of The Harvest Queen (Century Media) debut track
  10. NONPOINT: F*cked (Metal Blade)
  11. KRIADIAZ: Lepers & Liars (Shark Sausage)

BEST OF 2015: If you’re regular listeners of the show, then you know for the past couple month’s we have been spinning all the nominee’s for ALBUM OF THE YEAR, SONG OF THE YEAR, EP OF THE YEAR, THE TOP TRACKS OF 2015. All will be revealed on our BEST OF 2015 SPECIAL’ which will air on Jan 4th. This past year was EASILY the BEST year for new music that we have seen in a long time. It was also the hardest decision we have ever encountered in picking the best of the bunch. So tune in on Jan 4th and see who will take home the honors this year..We’ll also be picking CONCERT OF THE YEAR, and yes, HORROR MOVIE OF THE YEAR

KRAMPUS: And speaking of Horror Movies, 2015 was easily the WORST year for theatrically released horror films. There were a few, but here comes KRAMPUS, just in time for Christmas..AND WE LOVED IT!! Unfortunately, the theaters only saw the PG-13 version. This version kicks ass but there is also an R-Rated version, and we’re anxiously awaiting the DVD release of that. This movie is an instant Creepy Christmas Classic. It’s also a comedy and it fits nicely on our list with movies like SANTA’S SLAY, SIBLINGS, and A CADAVER CHRISTMAS. KRAMPUS starts off like ‘Christmas Vacation’. The usual dysfunctional family get together for the holidays. One of the kids rips up his letter to Santa after being mocked by the other kids..Then ALL HELL breaks loose. They unleash the monstrous Krampus and his minions which consist of SATAN’LIKE GINGERBREAD MEN, A GIANT JACK IN THE BOX CLOWN THAT EATS EVERYBODY, ELVES FROM HELL..Yeah, this movie has every Christmas nightmare on the planet..The whole town dies, EVERYBODY dies, and a cool twist ending that even adds to more peril. WE LOVED IT!! Can’t wait for the sequel..

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everybody! No matter how you celebrate or what you believe the holiday is about. Just enjoy yourself and help others if you can..




The War Within


Hey Fiends

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. If you were partying with us over the Thanksgiving weekend, then I know you had a kickass time. We unleashed 3 huge concerts that broke the ‘Fun-O-Meter’ . We had HATE ETERNAL, SUPER TROUP, and DOYLE. It was a festive time indeed at all 3 shows. But moving into December with that festive feeling in my black heart. My attitude quickly turned to despair with the recent Terrorist attack in California. I’m the kind of person who likes to voice my opinion. Whether it’s on the ‘Rock Solid Pressure’ show, or here in the blog, you’re going to know how I feel. A lot of you don’t agree with what I say, and I don’t expect you too. That’s the beauty of our society. It’s always cool to have an idealistic debate on issues. And the last time I checked, our ‘Freedom Of Speech’ hasn’t been canceled. If you’re a regular reader of my rants, then you know I’ve never been a big fan of our Government. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a HUGE supporter of our Country. I’ve just never really liked any of our Presidents in my lifetime. At an early age, I started to see all Politicians as slimey, corrupt bastards. Our ongoing Civil War between the Democrats and the Republicans just seemed foolish to me. The only voice that made sense in the campaigns for President over the years was from the Independents. I also quickly found out that the Independents didn’t have enough money to get elected. That made me dislike our sitting leaders even more. So it’s safe to say I pretty much gave up on politics, but I never gave up on supporting our Country..

Yes it’s true, Donald Trump got me fired up and interested in our new Presidential race. I saw him as a strong leader that would not take any shit. This is the kind of person we needed to lead our Country. All of the Presidents I have seen in my lifetime were total WIMPS. Certainly not the kind of people our great nation was built upon. I guess you would have to be in your 70’s or 80’s (or 90’s) to remember what a strong leader in office was like. So Trump got me fired up, but lately, it seems like he’s going off the rails on the crazy train. I STILL want to believe that this guy is the answer to a lot of our problems, but he’s going about it in the wrong way. I mean, doesn’t he have any campaign advisers yelling at him that you CANNOT be genocidal? He had most of the Country rallying for him, but the recent things he is saying has put me back in my ‘despair’ catagory. NONE of the candidates would be good for America right now. We’re in deep shit.

The more I hear the nonsense coming out of Obama’s mouth, the more concerned I get. It seems like he’s more in favor of the Terrorists than protecting his own Country. Do any of you feel that way? Gun Control? How bout ‘RADICALIZED MUSLIM CONTROL’. I’ve had it up to my ass in all this ‘Gun Control’ bullshit. All that means is that guns will be taken out of many hands that need to protect their families. The criminals, and the TERRORISTS will always get guns no matter what. I talked to a lot of people who are also really concerned and the general consensus is that we’re on our own. The American vigilance will be our only defense in the war within our Country right now. How much worse can things get for our nation? we’re already dealing with Wacko’s that stage mass shootings at our Schools and Movie Theaters. We have crazed Serial Killers on the loose. And NOW, once again, we have radicalized Muslims killing our people in our OWN Country. The man I thought would be the guy to bring America back to the strongest nation in the world, has me thinking this guy is more like HITLER than our nations saving grace..

I’m sure Trump has our nations best interest at heart, but man, he’s going about it in the wrong way. First off, all Muslims are not radicalized. I’d venture to say 90% of American Muslims are great people. For me though, it’s weird to get caught up in any type of religious brainwashing. There’s a God? YES! There’s a Devil? YES! There’s good and evil? YES! So choose your path and be done with it. There’s good Christians, there’s bad Christians. Good Catholics, bad Catholics..And YES, good Muslims and bad Muslims. Put it this way, if I was an American Muslim, a good Muslim, who wanted nothing more than to worship Allah for the rest of my days, then I’d be the first one to contact the Government to check me out. That would be logical. Especially now. And I’m seeing a lot of good Muslims on the news that are doing this and I applaud them. On the other hand, we have to find these small cells of radicalized Muslims that are certainly planning their next attack. Only our vigilance will stop the next one. We cannot count on our President..

I also saw something on TV last night that totally freaked me out. I was watching ‘News Channel 9′, and they ran a commercial from the Sheriff in Broward Country (Maybe Brevard County?) Anyway, the Sheriff comes on and is offering instructions on what to do if your Holiday party is attacked by Terrorists. YES, I”M SERIOUS! I felt like I was watching Saturday Night Live. He stated that if you have a license to carry a firearm, then BRING IT. He also stated to RUN, HIDE, and a bunch of other stuff that had me saying NO WAY..THIS CAN’T BE REAL..But it was. And after that, I knew our Country has changed from bad to worse. We’re going into a Militia Mentality. Hey, I’m fine with holing up on a mountaintop somewhere in the hills of Virginia. If it comes to that I’ll roll with the punches. As long as I can open up a concert venue in those hills, then bring it on. But seriously, is this the path that is destined for the strongest nation in the world? It can change with a strong leader in office and that leader is nowhere in sight..

I’m one of those people that get kinda depressed over the Christmas season. That feeling has been replaced by confusion this year. I never thought I would live long enough to see our great nation go down the tubes, but it’s happening. Is there even an Independent party right now? Is there time for someone to rise up, take control and stop the madness? We still have a lot of time to find the ideal candidate. Our Government totally ate itself and imploded. We all rallied around a pop culture President who sent our Country to hell, and NOW we have to be Vigilant? It’s no wonder Trump’s extreme views hit a nerve with most of Americans. I AGREED with most of the things he was saying, but I CAN’T agree with what I’m hearing lately. The best I can hope for is that mountaintop community in the hills..Shoot anything that moves? Well, ok then


CRADLE OF FILTH: The Vampyre At My Side (Nuclear Blast) debut track

MARTY FRIDMAN: Sociopath (Prosthetic) debut track

TEMPEST RISING: Wretch (debut track)

FIRESPAWN: The Emperor (Century Media) debut

SAINT DIABLO: Ancient Astronauts (Eclipse) debut

ZAIBATSU: Technocrazy (Killerpool) debut

THE HELL: Just Curious (Prosthetic) debut track

KADAVER DOLLS: Death Of A Super Hero (Willpower) debut track

PROGRESSIVE CHEMISTRY: Shovel (debut track)

RISE 2 BRUTALITY: Broken Trust (debut track)

HALF TON HAMMER: Frozen Death (debut track)

EROTIC LIQUID CULTURE: Ride Hard Die Free (RIP David Van Landing)


OPERATION MINDCRIME: Kicking In The Door (Frontiers) debut track

LAST IN LINE: Devil In Me (Frontiers) debut

NIGHTINGALE: The Maze (Inside Out)

MURKY RED: Pixelated Friends (Melodic Revolution) debut track


PETE BERWICK: See You In Hell (Little Class)

CROWNED BY FIRE: Space Music For Cave People (Chrome Mountain)

AEGEA: Unify (debut)

IRON MAIDEN: The Great Unknown (Parlophone) debut track

FREEDOM HAWK: Radar (Small Stone) debut track

RAVEN EYE: Breaking Out (Rook)

*So, for those of you that are regular listeners of The Rock Solid Pressure Show. You’re probably aware that for the past few months we have been spinning all the nominee’s for our BEST OF 2015 broadcast. That show will air on Jan 4th. This is like OUR Grammy Awards, and it’s easily one of our favorite broadcasts every year. We’ll be announcing ALBUM OF THE YEAR, EP OF THE YEAR, SONG OF THE YEAR, THE TOP TRACKS OF THE YEAR, CONCERT OF THE YEAR, and yes..HORROR MOVIE OF THE YEAR. Make it a point to tune in on Jan 4th and see who takes the honors. But MAKE SURE to tune in next week as we unleash more nominee’s. I gotta say, 2015 has been one of the most incredible years for new music releases. One of the best we’ve ever seen in our 13 year history. It’s gonna be one HELLUVA night on Jan 4th



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