Dark Days


Hey Fiends,

It seems we have been paying tribute to a fallen musician on every broadcast of The Rock Solid Pressure Show since December. Dark Days have come, and the mourning continues. Last week we lost another one of our friends ‘JOEY BISHOP’..He was the vocalist for the highly popular Tampa band THE LUVDOGZ. He’s been fighting Cancer for the past couple years, and lost his battle last week. His death hits close to home. Joey was a great friend. We’ve known him for many years, and I always booked his band on the biggest shows at State Theatre. This was a huge blow to our music scene. Joey was the ultimate ‘Rockstar’. His stage antics and over the top performances were unmatched by any vocalist on the scene in his genre. He had a legion of fans who worshiped him, and the shocking reality of his demise is setting in. Needless to say, it will be a long mourning process. We dedicated our broadcast to Joey last night, and it was hard. Patty and I both broke down during the show and it was hard to continue, but we got through it. Some of you know I have been going through some health problems myself. When Joey told me a few years back that he had Cancer, our conversations changed. We would talk about Death and the Afterlife. We exchanged health remedies, and shared a laugh on ‘who would go first’.. I was overjoyed to hear that he beat Cancer and was cured. He returned to The Luvdogz and the band came back stronger than ever. They were getting label attention, and everything was going as planned. Then the Cancer came back with a vengeance. Joey ‘still’ performed with the band right up until it was physically impossible for him to take the stage. I’ll always remember him. He was one of the ‘Good Guys’..Friendly to everyone. Even if you met him only one time, he made you feel like you had a friend for life. The Luvdogz was one of those rare bands that could pack State Theatre on THEIR OWN!! I’ve seen this band bring in LOTS more people than a huge national act. This was mainly due in part to Joeys charisma and likability..So please..RAISE A GLASS HIGH FOR JOEY BISHOP!! There will never be another like him..

JOEY’S BENEFIT / MEMORIAL SHOW: The date has been announced for Joey’s Benefit / Memorial Concert. It will be April 2nd at The State Theatre. It will be $10 at the door and all proceeds will be going to Joey’s wife Kim to help pay off his massive medical and funeral costs. Joey’s Harley will also be raffled off at this event..The lineup is full of bands that were close to him..We have a LUVDOGZ REUNION, CARNIVAL OF CRUE, CRUSH DELUXE, KENNY McGEE’S MACHINE, DEN OF THIEVES, THE DEFIANT, STONEGREY. This concert will be a celebration of Joey’s life. This will be a ‘happy’ occasion. Joey wouldn’t want us to be sad. He would want us all to get shitfaced and have a good time. His funeral service was an extremely sad event. This concert will be the ‘opposite’ of that. He’ll be there in spirit, on stage, and rocking out with everyone. This is what he lived for, and I can’t wait to see him again in the great beyond..

Here’s a rundown of our playlists from the past few weeks..


  1. THE LUVDOGZ: Luvdogz Anthem (RIP Joey)
  2. LAST IN LINE: Heavy Crown (debut track) Frontiers Records (RIP Jimmy)
  3. EROTIC LIQUID CULTURE: Ride Hard Die Free (Quandra Records) RIP David
  4. INGLORIOUS: Until I Die (Frontiers Records) debut
  5. MINISTRY: Change Of Luck (debut track) AFM Records
  6. ROB ZOMBIE: Everybody’s F*cking In A UFO (debut track)
  7. GILBY CLARKE: Johannas Chopper (Virgin Records) debut track
  8. HYPER ZENITH: Heart & Soul (debut)
  9. PROGRESSIVE CHEMISTRY: Ashes Of Burnt Flowers (debut track)
  10. CYPHER MACHINE: Live On The Breaks (debut track)

THE PRESSURE PLAYLIST  2/29/16 (The Japanese Special)

  1. CALIBAN: No Dream Without A Sacrifice (Century Media) debut
  2. PICTURES OF PAIN: The Storm (Pitch Black Records) debut
  3. DIR EN GREY: Agitated Screams Of Maggots (Firewall Records) debut
  4. MARTY FRIEDMAN: Resin (Prosthetic Records) debut track
  6. MEGADETH: Prince Of Darkness (Capitol Records)
  7. BLOODSTAIN CHILD: Unlimited Alchemist (Coroner Records) debut
  8. MAXIMUM THE HORMONE: What’s Up People (Vap Records) debut
  9. MARTY FRIEDMAN: Inferno (Prosthetic Records) debut track


  1. OCEANS OF SLUMBER: Devout (Century Media) debut
  2. RAVENOUS: Deathstiny (Coffee Jingle Records) debut track
  3. THE HELL: Panic (Prosthetic Records) debut track
  4. DIVIDED MULTITUDE: Sacrificed (Nightmare Records) debut track
  5. SPIRITUAL BEGGARS: Dark Light Child (Inside Out Music) debut
  6. ARRAYAN PATH: Solomon Seed (Pitch Black Records) debut track
  7. JESSIKILL: The Beast (debut)
  8. DEAD DAY REVOLUTION: Bury My Soul (debut)
  9. FAREWELL TO GOODBYE: Deja Vu (debut)
  10. MARTY FRIEDMAN: Horrors (Prosthetic Records) debut track


  1. PRIMAL FEAR: Angels Of Mercy (Frontiers Records) debut track
  2. BORKNAGAR: Noctilucent (Century Media) debut track
  3. LAST IN LINE: Starmaker (Frontiers Records) debut track
  4. INTRONAUT: Unlikely Water Landing (Century Media) debut track
  5. MURKY RED: Nothing Can Go Wrong (Melodic Revolution) debut track
  6. NONHUMAN ERA: Awakening (debut)
  7. CYPHER MACHINE: Flick The Switch (debut)
  8. MURDER THE CROW: People Of Planet Earth (debut)
  9. HOWLING MIDNIGHT: We’ve Got To Live (debut)

THE SCENE: As stated in the blog below, the past few years has seen an incredible boom for our music scene. It’s always been a huge scene, but the past few years it really exploded. Take February for example..We started the month with that incredibly huge CRADLE OF FILTH show at The State Theatre. Our good friends in PSYKOTRIBE were on that bill, and needless to say, it’s in the running for CONCERT OF THE YEAR..The next night we had that huge GRAVEYARD show, and that was packed..Then we had DECAPITATED which also featured our friends in THE CUNNINGHAM WAKE, FUNERAL FOR A CLOWN, GRASPING AT THE SHADOW and AERA CURA..Then we had MARTY FRIEDMAN at The State Theatre, and HOLY SHIT, that was an incredible night. The place was packed to the walls..We had our good friends in WAR OF THRONES and DRASTIC FALL on that event, and THAT SHOW is also in the running for CONCERT OF THE YEAR..Then we had GILBY CLARKE come through. That event featured CRUSH TONE, UNDERCOVER BETTY, BAD BLOOD and SHORE DOGS, and that was great show..and this past Friday night we had ‘another’ doorbuster at State Theatre for the MARCH 4 METAL show, and that PACKED OUT!! And THAT was basically all local bands. It was a smashing success!! We had TOGETHER IN EXILE w/ RISING UP ANGRY, CYPHER MACHINE, CLENCHFIST, MEATSPACE, and SAHE!! March 4 Metal Part 2 is currently in the planning stages.

But we also had a  couple kickass events at THE LOCAL 662 (which is across the street from State Theatre) Both of these events were packed!! First up we had CYPHER MACHINE w/ FROM THIS FIRE, DIVINE SCIENCE, NEW TATTOO, and FAREWELL TO GOODBYE..The turnout was amazing for this show, and it was freezing out, yet the fans came in droves!! Then we had the ITTERASSHAI-FEST which was the going away party for our friend from Japan KEITA BABA. This event was also packed..We had PSYKOTRIBE, KADAVER DOLLS, FUNERAL FOR A CLOWN, HALF TON HAMMER, DEATH REQUISITE, CODA CUTLASS. This lineup was some of Kei’s favorite bands. Kei has been living down here for the past 9 months. He came here to experience the metal scene, and believe me, we gave him the experience of a LIFETIME. He became an integral part and a fixture on the scene. All the bands embraced him, local and national. Kei even became part of our Rock Solid Pressure broadcast on a few occasions. He did the Japanese part of our Tour Bus Interview with MARTY FRIEDMAN. He hit it off so well with the Friedman camp that it’s possible he will be working with them in Japan. Kei was also instrumental in getting Rock Solid Pressure a Japanese Wikapedia page. We literally had tears in our eyes when he left. Could a trip to Japan be in our future? We’ve conquered many things on our broadcast since 2002, and a trip to Japan could definitely be on the horizon. Why not!! Thanks to Kei, we have lot’s of Japanese fans. Maybe we’ll go over there as a tour package with some local Tampa bands..That would work!! But all in all, our music scene is rivaling some of the biggest scenes in the Country, and I’ve experienced them all. Here’s what’s coming up in March and beyond..


Sat 3/19, The State Theatre: WAYLAND w/ Stonegrey, A(k)new, Sahe, Shotglass Serenade, Almondy Brown


Sat 3/26, State Theatre: ONE-EYED DOLL w/ Eyes Set To Kill, Open Your Eyes, The Cunningham Wake, The DooD, Progressive Chemistry

Sat 3/26, The Local 662: AEGEA (CD Release), SUNSHINE & BULLETS, FROM THIS FIRE


Get more info on these shows at our facebook pages or at our calendar at http://www.RockSolidPressure.com

  • MOVIE REVIEWS: As usual, it’s been a crappy year for Horror Movies thus far, but we have seen a couple that we really liked..Here goes!

DEADPOOL: We both liked this movie A LOT!! This movie is for people like Patty and myself who hate the kid friendly PG-13 Marvel Superhero films. This is the ANTI Superhero film. In fact, it pokes fun at all those movies. Yes, it’s a Marvel Superhero, but Deadpool is like the unwanted bastard son of the X-Men. It’s rated R and it’s NOT for kids. Graphic violence, sex, and they pretty much say ‘F*ck’ in every sentence of the film. The Story revolves around a former Mercenary who now beats up people for money. His main clients are young girls at a boarding school who pay him to beat up their boyfriends. He is diagnosed with Cancer, and is approached by a Superhero recruit who promises him he will be cured and have super powers..Anyway, he’s cured, and his powers are ‘He can’t be killed’..If he loses a hand, it will grow back..etc..Only problem is, he was horribly disfigured during his transformation, and he wants revenge on the Doctor who turned him into Deadpool. It’s basically a comedy, but I gotta say, for the Superhero genre, FOR ME, it ranks right up there with The Punisher Films (which were also Rated R)..It’s also a bit like a Horror Film because Deadpool kinda bears a resemblance to Freddy Krueger..So, if you hate those tweenie Superhero movies, YOU’LL LOVE THIS!! There’s also a cameo by Stan Lee who plays a DJ in a titty bar (classic) I’m not the biggest fan of Ryan Reynolds, but he did a great job as Deadpool. The only thing I hated was the soundtrack, which was mostly Rap and WHAM tunes..This movie BEGGED for a Metal soundtrack..But we both still LOVED IT!!

THE WITCH: Patty liked this one a bit more than me, but I still liked it. It’s not the traditional slam bang Horror flick that we’re all used to in today’s world. It’s more like one of those Old English ‘Hammer’ films of the 60’s and 70’s. It’s REALLY slow moving, but it’s certainly atmospheric. It actually captured that 1600’s era better than any other film I have seen. One of the first scenes is a new born baby being sliced up by a Witch, then she covers her naked body with the blood..At that point, I was like ‘Holy Shit’..this is gonna be one of those extremely violent ‘Banned In 13 Countries’ kinda movie..I was ready to be shocked outta my shoes. But that was pretty much it till near the end..The story is about these overtly religious Pilgrim type settlers who set up camp at the outskirts of an ominous looking forest..And yes, a Witch lives in the woods..It’s REALLY hard to understand the dialogue of this film because its heavy Old English, but it’s a creepy movie all in all. The actors are REALLY ugly which lends to the realism. The Mother looks like IGGY POP, and the twin children look like tiny demons. We have an evil talking Goat who is the recruit for the Witch..Actually, its a Coven of Witches..Everybody dies in this movie and it’s really depressing..More depressing than horrific. But like I said, if you love those old Witch movies from the 60’s and 70’s, then you’ll like this!!

That’s all I got for this month..Cya in the field