14 Years of ‘Rock Solid Pressure’

Hey Fiends

It’s been over a month since my last blog, and of course I have a lot to say. Every year in May, we celebrate another year of the ‘Rock Solid Pressure’ broadcast. This year we are celebrating ’14 years on the air’.. Man, seems like only yesterday we started the show at Cameo Broadcasting in CT way back in 2002. We’ve come a long way and have conquered many things since our inception. When our show first started, Rock Solid Pressure was just an on-air gameshow for unsigned bands. The show was backed by Sony Records, where I worked at the time. The first couple years was ‘just’ competitions. It was nothing like what we have evolved into. When we moved the show to Florida in 2004 (and found our broadcast home in a haunted Dungeon), things changed drastically. Since we were in the Dungeon, it was only fitting to let our love for Horror movies, and darker edged music, come to the forefront. We still did the radio competitions, but we pushed that back to only a couple months out of the year. That dwindled down to only ‘one’ month per year. Then we decided to end those historic competitions in 2014.

The workload for the competitions became too much for our small ‘Skeleton’ crew to handle anymore. Our ‘regular’ broadcast of new music and superstar interviews really started to take priority in 2004. Yes, the competitions were extremely popular back in the day. It brought us to the forefront of the Hard Rock / Metal world, and we’ll never forget where we came from and ‘how’ the name ‘Rock Solid Pressure’ came to be. Our mission has ‘always’ been to support great unsigned bands and give them national exposure, and we ‘still’ do that today. In fact, it’s a much bigger forum for these bands now. As many of you know, I’m involved in booking huge national acts at The State Theatre in St. Pete Florida. I got into all of that when we moved to Florida in 2004. I didn’t start at State Theatre. I worked my way up the ladder in this business, but I have been at State Theatre since 2008.

Needless to say, we have made a ton of strong connections over the years. We work with many of the top Record Labels. And although we spin a ton of the newer national releases on the show. We still work in the ‘best’ unsigned bands from around the world. It’s been a long journey. We used to have ‘killer’ ratings for the show. There was a time when RSP was one of the ‘Top 10’ Metal broadcasts in the world. We were carried on lot’s of FM stations and a ‘ton’ on Internet stations. Man, I miss the Myspace years (lol). But we’re still here, and we’re still kickin’ ass! We’re not carried on as many stations as in years past, but we still get great ratings. And we’re ‘still’ known as the ‘go to’ show for discovering great new music.

One thing that has NOT changed since 2002 is the annual Industry Showcase. This will be our legacy if we ever go off the air. What we have done with the Showcase is beyond historic. We made this annual event one of the biggest, and most heralded, Showcases in North America. People come from near and far every year to attend this massive networking event. Even the ‘corporates’ down here have copied the event. Although we deal with corporate sponsors and labels for this show, it’s not about them. It’s about the BANDS! I constantly refuse corporate money. I have seen what that kind of thing does to a Showcase of this magnitude. I want to keep the integrity and personality of the event intact, and I feel I have done a great job over the years. In fact, we’re gearing up for the ’14 Year Anniversary’ of the event. The date has been announced for Sat Sept 24th. And of course, it will be at The State Theatre. The lineup has been officially announced in print on the Event Page on Facebook. If you have not joined, then DO IT NOW!! The 2016 Industry Panel and all the performing bands are listed on that Event Page as well..

Keep tuning in to Rock Solid Pressure every Monday night. We talk about the Showcase on just about every show. We are also celebrating our ass off during this ‘Anniversary’ month. I have more to say, but first, here’s a rundown of our Playlists for the past few weeks..

THE PLAYLIST TO DIE FOR (Epic April)  4/11/16

  1. HAKEN: The Architect (Inside Out Music) debut track
  2. BARREN EARTH: Set Alight (Century Media) debut track
  3. METAL CHURCH: Soul Eating Machine (Rat Pak Records) debut
  4. SKELETONWITCH: Well Of Despair (Prosthetic Records) debut
  5. MINDSHIFT: My Revenge (Eclipse Records) debut
  6. SEVENSINS: The Way I Am (debut)
  7. BLACK SABBATH: Megalomania (Warner Bros)

THE PLAYLIST TO DIE FOR (Epic April)  4/25/16

  1. EPICA: Sense Without Sanity (Nuclear Blast) debut
  2. MASTODON: The Czar (Reprise) debut track
  3. DEVILMENT: Mother Kali (Nuclear Blast) debut
  4. ROB ZOMBIE: Get High (self released) debut track
  5. MEGADETH: The Emperor (Tradecraft / Universal) debut
  6. CIRCUS MAXIMUS: Havoc (Frontiers Records) debut
  7. KING DIAMOND: Room 17 (Metal Blade) debut track


  1. CALIBAN: The Oceans Heart (Century Media) debut track
  2. SAINT DIABLO: Meet My Maker (Eclipse Records) debut track
  3. MEGADETH: Look Who’s Talking (Tradecraft / Universal) debut track
  4. BLASTED TO STATIC: Devil’s Preacher (Metalopolis Records) debut
  5. SKINDRED: Volume (Napalm Records) debut
  6. Interview with Benji from SKINDRED
  7. PROGRESSIVE CHEMISTRY: Brutal Is My World (debut track)


  1. FRANK ZAPPA: The Torture Never Stops (Warner Bros) debut
  2. SUNFLOWER DEAD: It’s Time To Get Weird (Bloody Bat Records) debut
  3. BOMBUS: Dead Weight (Century Media) debut track
  4. METAL CHURCH: Blow Your Mind (Rat Pak Records) debut track
  5. TREAT: Too Late To Die Young (Frontiers Records) debut
  6. JESUS CHRUSLER SUPERCAR: Feed The Flies (SPV Records) debut track
  7. COLDCLOCK KNOCKOUT: Andale (debut)
  8. FALSETA: Pedestrian Crossing (debut)
  9. AUDITORY ARMORY: Phantom (debut)

THE SCENE: You always hear me rave about what a great, and massive scene we have down here in St. Pete. It’s unlike any scene I have encountered. I have lived in NJ, CA, CT. I have toured the Country on many occasions throughout my 20+ years on the road with my various bands, and I have NEVER encountered a more unified and supportive scene EVER. The bands all support one another at shows. No one LEAVES after their favorite band plays, and we are honored to play a big part in all of this unity. Sure, there are ‘fringe’ bands who will ‘never’ get it, and are outside the box on all of this. But the majority of support is amazing. Just about ALL of the events are packed. And I would advise a lot of the dying scenes around the Country to take a good look at how we do it down here. I always fought for band unity in the 80’s and 90’s, but it never worked. Down here, all my ambitions came to fruition in an overwhelming way. We are very proud, and honored to be in the BEST scene in the nation. Don’t take my word for it. Come and see it for yourself. Here’s a few upcoming concerts that you can’t miss

Thu 5/12: State Theatre: HED PE w/ The Defiant, Cypher Machine, Almondy Brown. Doors 7pm

Fri 5/13: The Local 662: 5 STAR HOOKER (CD Release) w/ Three Killer Buds, New Tattoo, Bad Blood, Murder The Crow..Doors 7pm

Sat 5/14: State Theatre: OTEP, September Mourning, Through Fire, Doll Skin, Psykotribe, The DooD, Divine Science, Red Calling, Unbrokken..Doors at 4pm

Fri 5/27: The Local 662: BLOOD BATH & BEYOND (CD Release) w/ Slingshot Robot, Almondy Brown, Red Calling, Sinister Circle..Doors 7pm

*HORROR MOVIE REVIEW: Well, we all know that the theatrically released Horror Movies have sucked for the past few years. It’s pretty much all this politically correct bullshit these days. The ‘Direct to DVD, or the Pay-Per-View market is going strong, but 90% of those movies BLOW!! Sure, you’ll find a gem in that big pile of shit here and there, but for us, it’s not worth the effort or the time to sift through all the garbage. I grew up loving the Horror flicks of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. Yeah, when it was REAL horror! I still enjoy the whole ‘theater experience’ for these films too. That has pretty much vanished, but every now and then, a movie comes to town that instills our faith in the genre. The movie this month is ’10 CLOVER FIELD LANE’..We LOVED this movie, and if you’re a horror fan, you wll too. John Goodman always makes  the best Psycho’s. I love it when he has these extreme Psycho roles. This movie will keep you guessing right till the end. It begins with two people being held hostage in a bomb shelter by Psycho Goodman. We are led to believe that there is a nuclear attack (or alien attack) on the United States..or nothing at all (?). Goodman plays a murderous Child killer, and the movie is basically watching this couple trying to escape. The ending will totally blow your mind. Yes, its a Horror Movie, and you won’t want to turn away for a minute. This is the kind of film that you will think about for a long time. I could go on and on because it has so many twists and turns. But I will say that this is hands down one of Goodmans best Psycho roles EVER (Think Barton Fink..remember that?) We both highly recommend this movie to any disillusioned horror fan out there..So far, this is the BEST horror film of the year..Still waiting on Rob Zombie’s ’31’ though (lol)

That’s all I got for this month..Cya in the field



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