Hey Fiends,

It’s been awhile since my last blog. June 7th to be exact. And in that short period of time our country has changed dramatically. America has descended into total madness and anarchy. I spoke out about it a few times on my facebook page, and I now feel the time is right to put my thoughts in the blog. Since the last blog we have seen the worst Terrorist attack on our shores since the Twin Towers were brought down. I didn’t live that far away from New York when that happened. I don’t live that far away from Orlando now, and when the massacre at Pulse Nightclub took place, I got that nervous feeling of Deja Vu. That seemed to open up the flood gates for the decline of the American way of life that I love so much. If you are a regular reader of my blog. Or if you listen to The Rock Solid Pressure Show. Then you know of my hatred for Politicians and our crooked Government. I’ve been this way since I was a Teenager. I come from a Military family, so I will always support our troops. I have always rallied for the American way of life. But when it comes to Government. Count me out. Right now we are seeing how crooked our corrupt Government is. They are not even trying to hide it. They will lie right to our faces and there’s not a damn thing anybody can do. C’mon, when the FBI and the Attorney General are pretty much involved in keeping the corruption alive. It seems like there is nothing anybody can do. At least years ago, our bad Government was exceptional at coverups. Guess there is no need for that anymore.

Since June 7th I have witnessed numerous Terrorist attacks on our shores. There was one last night in VA and our Government is feverishly trying to cover it up. This made me stop everything in my busy schedule to put my thoughts in the blog rather than facebook. It’s not just Terrorism. Since June 7th I have witnessed militant groups burning down, and looting portions of our biggest cities. I have witnessed these groups kill cops as well. I have also seen our Government ‘praise’ these groups. Even inviting them to the White House for steak dinners. Just a couple weeks ago, a DC cop was busted for being in league with an anti American Jihadist Muslim group. Yes, he was radicalized. That was swiftly swept under the rug. Obama has welcomed over 10.000 Refugee’s into our country. Many of these people are the same group that have been carrying out attacks all over the world. He also gave billions of dollars to Syria and Iran, which basically funded Isis. Is our Government in league with Terrorism? How far does this go? What do YOU think is going on? I would love to hear your thoughts..

My hatred for the Government started a long time ago. Yeah, I was a wild kid growing up in NJ. I came from a lower middle class family. We were poor but I had a great childhood in America, or what used to be America. As kids we would go out and have kid adventures and not worry about being abducted or any of that. I didn’t have a Father around, and my Mother was sick all the time, so I was basically raised by my Grandparents. They struggled in giving us a good life. I watched as the Government foreclosed on our house, and put our Grandparents through hell. Who worked their ass off by the way. This kinda made me a ‘bad’ kid. I was rebelling against everything. I ran with a bad crowd. I left High School in my Freshman year to go work in the factories to help my Grandparents out with bills. No matter how wild I was back in those days. I always tried to help my family. My small NJ town was full of corrupt, and highly racist cops. That was the norm back in the 70’s. These cops hated me and the gang I ran with. They couldn’t wait till I turned 18 to throw me in jail. Which they did on numerous occasions. One time they surrounded my Grandparents house, pulled me out, laid me in the driveway for all the Neighbors to see. Put shotguns to my head. This was all over a bag of weed. These cops also beat the crap out of me on numerous occasions. So, not only did I hate the Government, but yeah, I hated cops too. Cops are no longer like that. This type of law enforcement was wiped out in the late 80’s. But looking back, I learned not to fight the Cops. If you’re involved in crime of ‘any’ sort, even today, if you resist arrest, fight the cops, run from cops, have a weapon that you’re reaching for, then guess what? You have a great chance to be KILLED!!

In Obama’s America, the cops are portrayed as the bad guys. Our Government is even calling cops the bad guys. Where were you back in the old days when they WERE bad cops?Sure, there are still a few of these rouge cops that are still around. Basically in rural communities, but the majority of bad cops are gone. Look, I don’t have a racist bone in my body. I’m a musician that has toured for over 20 years. There is no color barrier with Musicians. We have a different code entirely, but I do NOT support this ‘Black Lives Matter’ militant group. Of course black lives matter, but if you’re involved in criminal activity, I don’t care what color you are, if you’re commiting a crime and get busted and you resist arrest, there’s a good chance you’re gonna get hurt or shot. It’s called ‘law enforcement’. I’m now seeing our Government fully support a plan to kill cops. They are even in league with Mayors, District Attorneys, and many more. Do any of you out there think this is madness?

I refused to vote for the longest time. Our Government never gave me or my family a break in life. My utter distaste for Politicians stands to this day. I was propelled to vote in the early 90’s when Ross Perot was running as an Independent Candidate. THAT was for me. Just about every Musician I knew was voting ‘Ross For Boss’. I even wore the shirt proudly at many of my gigs. And guess what? We ALMOST did it. In the upper right hand of ‘all’ my voter cards states ‘No Party Affiliation’..I am NOT behind the Democrats or the Republicans. Hilary Clinton sickens me. I can’t even look at that Lady. She represents everything I hate in Government. Why is this Lady not in jail? From Whitewater (and the many suspicious deaths that surrounded that scandal), to Libya, Benghazi, FBI, Loretta Lynch, Clinton Foundation, email scandal, and recently, a DNC staffer was found dead. This guy wrote a scandalous book on Hilary. They say it was suicide. Then what about that spy that was recently connected to Clinton who was killed overseas. This crap just goes on and on and on and on. THIS is who our next President will be? REALLY? She even bought off most of the news networks. She controls them. I know some of my friends are Hilary supporters, and I don’t want to offend you, but please remember, I don’t support our Government ok? Then we have Trump on the Republican side. Not scandal plagued, but he acts like a raving lunatic. Some of his views I agree with like keeping our guns, and fighting Terrorism, but he scares me too. Look, I actually met Trump in the 90’s. At that time I really liked the guy. My band was invited to play his ‘Beach Fest’ 2 years in a row. I got to play in front of 30.000 people on the beach. He was a really cool person,but what I’m seeing on TV is not the guy I met.

If this Presidential race is as confusing to you as it is for me. Then there are OTHER choices. I’m not big on the whole Socialism thing, but Bernie Sanders could have pulled this off if he was running as an Independent. The Democrats made a mockery of this guy and used him as a pawn in their corrupt system. I kinda feel sorry for him. BUT we have Gary Johnson from the Libertarian Party. The first thing on his agenda is to legalize weed in every state. Umm, guess who I’m voting for? Then we have Jill Stein from The Green Party. I know a lot of Bernie supporters are voting for her. 3rd Party Candidates need 15% of polling to join the upcoming debates. This could change EVERYTHING if America wakes up. But we won’t. We’ll keep buying into the rhetoric from the TV pundits. If we have an actual ‘America’ left in 4 years, and I’m not shackled in some kind of concentration camp, or DEAD, then yeah, I will seriously consider running for office. I’m the hardworking American that has had every shit job in existence.I’m the American that has struggled my entire life while Politicians forced bullshit rhetoric down my throat. I’m the REAL American that nobody talks about. If you want REAL change..Then ACT ON IT!! We don’t have to take this anymore..

Here’s a rundown of our playlists from the last 2 months


  2. MOTOROWL: The Highest City (debut track)
  3. TRUCKFIGHTERS: Fiend (debut)
  4. MURDER THE CROW: People Of Planet Earth
  5. OPERATION MINDCRIME: A Smear Campaign (debut)
  6. SPELLCASTER: I Live Again
  7. CRUSH TONE: Bitter Words
  8. BAD BLOOD: Crash N Burn
  9. INGLORIOUS: Breakaway
  10. SPIRITUAL BEGGARS: Dark Light Child


  1. FAMILY: The Dark Inside (debut)
  2. THE DEVILS MUSIC: Devoid Of Light (debut track)
  3. ROB ZOMBIE: Teenage Rock God (debut track)
  4. HELSTAR: Repent In Fire (debut)
  5. THE DOOD: Infected By Faith (debut track)
  6. GEMINI SYNDROME: Alive Inside (debut)
  7. MOTOROWL: Om Generator (debut)

*8/1/16 (My Birthday Show)

  1. ALICE COOPER: Black Juju
  2. JETHRO TULL: My God
  3. EMERSON LAKE & PALMER: Battlefield
  5. BLACK SABBATH: Behind The Wall Of Sleep
  6. MAHOGANY RUSH: Land Of 1000 Nights
  7. LUCIFERS FRIEND: Lucifers Friend
  8. DUST: Learning To Die
  9. BLACK SABBATH: The Writ


  1. ENTOMBED A.D.: Down To Mars To Ride (debut track)
  2. SUMMONERS CIRCLE: Further Into Dis (debut)
  3. WAYFARER: Catcher (debut)
  4. WITHERSCAPE: God Of Ruin (debut track)
  5. ROB ZOMBIE: Dedicated Gore Whore (debut track)
  6. DESPITE: Synergi (debut track)
  7. NETHERLANDS: New Jocks (debut track)
  8. NIGHTWISH: Life (debut track)
  9. SUNSHINE & BULLETS: Everyone’s Watching (debut)
  10. ARAKARA: Blood Harvest (debut)


  1. WITHERSCAPE: Wake Of Infinity (debut track)
  2. DESPITE: Praedonum (debut)
  3. ROB ZOMBIE: Get Your Boots On (debut track)
  4. THE DEVILS MUSIC: The Strange And Dark (debut track)
  5. SPIRITUAL BEGGARS: No Mans Land (debut track)
  6. SPELLCASTER: Night Hides The World (debut)
  7. TEER: Pride (debut)
  8. HYPER ZENITH: The Lesson (debut track)
  9. STEVE VAI & STU HAMM: Dyin Day (debut track)

*7/4/16 (Corrosion Of Covers 4th Of July Special)

  1. BROKEN TEETH: Lightning Strikes (Aerosmith) debut
  2. SOULIDIUM: Run Like Hell (Pink Floyd) debut
  3. MEGADETH: Foreign Policy (Fear) debut
  4. THE RODS: Ace Of Spades (Motorhead) debut
  5. THE BLOODLINE: Save Me (Damageplan) debut
  6. THE DOOD: Zombie (Cranberries) debut
  7. RIC SAVAGE: Born To Be Wild (Steppenwolf) debut
  8. ANTHRAX: New Noise (Refused) debut
  9. ADRENALINE MOB: Sabbath Medley (debut)
  10. VINNIE VINCENT: Let Freedom Rock (debut)


  1. THE DEVILS MUSIC: From Beyond (debut)
  2. LACUNA COIL: Ultima Ratio (debut track)
  3. ROB ZOMBIE: Medication For The Melancholy (debut track)
  4. WITHERSCAPE: Divinity (debut)
  5. METAL CHURCH: Sky Falls In (debut track)
  6. WITHEM: The Pain I Collected (debut)
  7. FATES WARNING: Like Stars Our Eyes Have Seen (debut track)
  8. AMERICAN FIX: Electric Skies (debut)
  9. SCATTERED HAMLET: Warning (debut)
  10. NEW CLUE: Hail To The King (debut)


  1. ROB ZOMBIE: Wurdalak (debut track)
  2. NIGHTWISH: Weak Fantasy (debut track)
  3. MEGADETH: Post American World (debut track)
  4. FOZZY: Scarecrow (debut track)
  5. LORDS OF BLACK: Art Of Illusions Pt 3 (debut track)
  6. BLASTED TO STATIC: Dance Devil Dance (debut)
  7. GODSMACK: 1000 HP (debut track)
  8. 5 STAR HOOKER: Crash The Party
  9. CRUSH TONE: Bitter Words (debut)

You can hear a view of these shows (I think) on our player at Right now we are getting ready for THE INDUSTRY SHOWCASE WEEKEND which will be Sept 23rd and 24th. Every broadcast will be a special dedicated to this annual event. We’ll be spinning Showcase bands on every show. Along with national releases of course. Not sure when I’ll get angry enough to post the next blog (lol), but here’s a rundown of some upcoming events YOU CAN’T MISS!!

Sat Sept 3rd: The Local 662: THE MOSH PIT OLYMPICS w/ The Cunningham Wake, Escape, Screaming At The Silence, (De)Absolve, Divine Science, A Dying Light

Sun Sept 11th: State Theatre: AUDIOTOPSY w/ Cypher Machine, Kadaver Dolls, Meatspace, From Darkness Arise

Fri Sept 23rd: The Local 662:  RSP INDUSTRY SHOWCASE PRE-PARTY w/ Psykotribe, A Light Divided, Drastic Fall, The DooD, Sahe, Chronologic

Sat Sept 24th: State Theatre: THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE INDUSTRY SHOWCASE 2016 (14 Year Anniversary) Doors at Noon

Sat Oct 1st: State Theatre: MAX & IGGOR CAVALERA w/ Combichrist, All Hail The Yeti, Oni, Psykotribe, Grasping At The Shadow, Three Knuckles Deep

Thu Oct 13th: State Theatre: WEDNESDAY 13 / ONE-EYED DOLL w/ The Cunningham Wake. The DooD, No Komply

Fri Oct 14th: State Theatre: THE GREAT PUMPKIN JAM w/ Deviate The Plan, Polar Summer, Sunshine & Bullets, Aegea, From This Fire, Esque

Fri Oct 28th: State Theatre: THE HALLOWEEN PSYKO-FEST w/ Psykotribe, Didges Christ Superdrum, Coldclock Knockout, Sahe, Sinister Circle, The Offering, Dethstar Thrive

That’s all I got..Cya next time