Mass Hauntings

Hey Fiends,

Hope you all had a frightfully festive ‘Shocktober’….It was certainly monstrous mayhem down here on the Tampa Bay Gulf..We have been so busy in the field with concert events. It’s been near impossible to get myself focused to do a blog. The days of the weekly, and bi-weekly blogs are over. If you like reading my rants about everything, and like to check out what we have been spinning on The Rock Solid Pressure Show..Then look forward to me spilling my guts and giving you a splattering of everything that’s been happening every two months…So let’s begin

My last blog was on Aug 23rd. Since then, so much has happened in our dark world. I’ll start with a rundown of concert events that rocked our scene to it’s foundations. On Sept 3rd, we were honored to be involved in the return of THE MOSH PIT OLYMPICS which destroyed THE LOCAL 662 in St. Pete and featured THE CUNNINGHAM WAKE, ESCAPE, SCREAMING AT TE SILENCE, (DE)ABSOLVE, DIVINE SCIENCE, and A DYING LIGHT..Then on Sept 11th, a special concert on a special day for America, we had AUDIOTOPSY at The State Theatre. This was a kickass show that also featured lot’s of our friends like CYPHER MACHINE, KADAVER DOLLS, MEATSPACE, FROM DARKNESS ARISE..Then on Sept 23rd and 24th, probably the MOST important event for our scene every year ‘THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE INDUSTRY SHOWCASE WEEKEND’..And man, it really delivered this year. So many great things happened for quite a few bands. Record deals are in the works for a few bands. Tours are in the works. Big shows at massive concert events like ‘Rocklahoma’ were awarded, Free merch packages and studio time was awarded, and lot’s more. Believe me, the 14 Year Anniversary of the event was totally off the chains. It started on Friday the 23rd with the PRE-PARTY which was held at THE LOCAL 662. The place was packed as you can imagine. We had a stellar lineup of Showcase Alumni bands. Many have since been signed. We had PSYKOTRIBE, A LIGHT DIVIDED, DRASTIC FALL, THE DOOD, SAHE, CHRONOLOGIC..Then the next day, Sept 24th, The Showcase exploded in all it’s raging glory at The State Theatre. We damn near broke an attendance record this year. The place was packed as soon as we opened the doors at noon. The lineup was to DIE for as well. We had THE CRUZ BROTHERS, DEVIATE THE PLAN, SHOTGLASS SERENADE, ALMONDY BROWN, POLAR SUMMER, CODA CUTLASS, UNDERTONE, COLDCLOCK KNOCKOUT, CRUSH TONE, WAR OF THRONES, AEGEA, MEATSPACE, CYPHER MACHINE, MURDER THE CROW, THE DEFIANT, FUNERAL FOR A CLOWN, KADAVER DOLLS, (DE)ABSOLVE, BLOOD BATH & BEYOND..Needless to say, every single band launched their name into the stratosphere at this year’s Showcase. So much stuff happened for bands, and it’s still happening..That was September..

Then we ushered in our ‘Shocktober Celebration’ and it was one of our busiest Halloween seasons on record..It kicked off on Oct 1st at The State Theatre with a HISTORIC show. Which will most likely make our ‘Concert Of The Year 2016’. We had MAX AND IGGOR CAVALERA performing the entire ROOTS album in it’s entirety. Along with some Sepultura classics at the end..And man, it was INSANE!! The lineup was also insane. We had COMBICHRIST, ALL HAIL THE YETI, ONI, PSYKOTRIBE, GRASPING AT THE SHADOW and THREE KNUCKLES DEEP..If you were not there, you missed another historic event at the Theatre..Then we geared up for a 4 day run of concert events..On Oct 13th we had WEDNESDAY 13 at The State Theatre, along with ONE EYED-DOLL, GABRIEL AND THE APOCALYPSE, THE CUNNINGHAM WAKE, THE DOOD, NO KOMPLY. This was an insane night that will also live in the memory banks. Wednesday 13 was so excited to hear that State Theatre was haunted..And yes, the place was built in the 20’s and everybody down here knows the place is haunted. I have had quite a few encounters with the spirit world over there..I’ve been working there for 9 years. Wednesday 13 even called out to the spirits from the stage. That was cool. Then the next night on Oct 14th, we had a HELLUVA local show called THE GREAT PUMPKIN JAM which featured ALL our friends like DEVIATE THE PLAN, POLAR SUMMER, SUNSHINE & BULLETS, AEGEA, FROM THIS FIRE, ESQUE. And if it couldn’t get more historic, we had an amazing moment at that show from SUNSHINE & BULLETS. I’ve been working with this band from day one. They are kinda like the kids I never had. Or the kids I don’t know about (LOL). Anyway, Rich, the Guitar Player / Vocalist proposed onstage to Amanda, the Bass Player / Vocalist..It was amazing to see this. It was also a huge crowd. I saw tears running down people’s eyes. Even our Music Administrator ‘Brandon’ was tearing up. can you say WOW MOMENT? And yes, their reception will be at State Theatre. Then we geared up for a 2 day run on Oct 15th and 16th for the TAMPA HEMP-FEST which was a giant Outdoor festival somewhere in Lutz. Thousands of people attended. Patty and myself were honored to be hosting this amazing show. I also put most of the bands on the bill that featured DRASTIC FALL, ALMONDY BROWN, TRIGGER CITY TRIO, BAD BLOOD, CRUEL CURSES, SHOTGLASS SERENADE, AZZITIZZ, G2P, and more. Big shout out to JEREMY & CANDY GOMEZ for putting together one of the coolest outdoor events we have ever had the pleasure to be involved with. The entire event was to raise awareness for all Floridians to Vote for Ammendment 2 which will legalize Medical Marijuana in our State. Hey, I know our candidates for President is a total joke this year, but if you vote for ANYTHING in Florida. Make sure you vote YES for Ammendment 2. We actually WON the vote 4 years ago, but it was squashed by a corrupt political system (Don’t get me started). This year, there will be NO WAY they will be able to pull any corrupt bullshit. We’ll easily get it this year. Either way, we are definitely looking forward to HEMP-FEST TWO!! And last but not least..We ended our Shocktober Season’ of amazing shows with an AMAZING Halloween Party at State Theatre on Oct 28th. We are actually ‘still’ recovering from this event which was called THE HALLOWEEN PSYKO-FEST and it featured PSYKOTRIBE, DIDGES CHRIST SUPERDRUM, COLDCLOCK KNOCKOUT, SAHE, SINISTER CIRCLE..It was a Halloween Party that was for the history books. You can see all the amazing pics from all these events at our facebook pages..

AND HEY, during this time, I was voted the 2nd Runner Up for PROMOTER OF THE YEAR in Creative Loafing Magazine. 97X was the winner, but I beat out ‘Live Nation’ who came in below me. It’s funny because I’m NOT a Promoter (LOL). I’m part of the ‘In-House Booking’ at State Theatre. I WISH I made the money that Promoters make, but hey, It’s nice to FINALLY be recognized for all the hard work I’ve been doing on the scene for many many years. I have to thank ALL of you for voting. It melted my black heart indeed. Now let’s get to the playlists. Here’s what we have been spinning for the last couple months..



  1. CRADLE OF FILTH: Vampyre At My Side
  2. TYPE O NEGATIVE: Love You To Death
  3. ROB ZOMBIE: In The Bone Pile
  4. ALICE COOPER: The Awakening
  5. CORNBUGS: Bone Saw
  6. FIELDS OF THE NEPHILM: Preacher Man
  7. KING DIAMOND: Is Anybody There (debut track)
  8. BLACK SABBATH: Cornucopia
  9. LORDI: The Unholy Gathering (debut track)
  10. FROSTBITE: The Name Of Blasphemy
  11. JOHN 5 : The Judas Cradle


  1. SAVATAGE: The Dungeons Are Calling
  2. VAMPIRE: Night Hunter
  4. SLIPKNOT: Sarcastrophe (debut track)
  5. GWAR: Torture (debut track)
  6. MUSHROOMHEAD: Graveyard Du Jour (debut track)
  7. ST. MADNESS: Carl The Clown
  8. JOHNNY GRUESOME: Over The Hill
  9. THE A-BORTZ: The Walking Dead
  10. STUCK WITH GREEN: Cemetery Promises (debut track)
  11. CAPT CLEGG: Transylvania Terror Train


  1. OPETH: The Seventh Sojourn (debut track)
  2. WEDNESDAY 13 : Put Your Death Mask On (debut track)
  3. KORN: A Different World (debut track)
  4. ABORTED: Forged For Decrepitude (debut track)
  5. PSYKOTRIBE: Vengeance (also interview with Psykotribe & Oni)
  6. SUMMONERS CIRCLE: Become None (debut track)
  7. SKELETONWITCH: The Apothic Gloom (debut track)
  8. HYDROVIBE: The Killer Inside


  1. HEAVEN SHALL BURN: The Loss Of Fury (debut track)
  2. THE DEVILS MUSIC: This Is The End (debut track)
  3. DGM: Ghost Of Insanity (debut track)
  4. ASTEROID: Silver & Gold (debut track)
  5. OPERATION MINDCRIME: A Smear Campaign
  6. OPERATION MINDCRIME: Left For Dead (also interview with Geoff Tate)
  7. OUR LAST ENEMY: Pariah A.D. (debut track)
  8. SPIDER MOUNTAIN: Stupid Life Of A Mom Eater


  1. MEGADETH: Poisonous Shadows (debut track)
  2. WAR OF THRONES: Creation
  3. CODA CUTLASS: New Machine
  4. HELSTAR: Awaken Untold Darkness (debut track)
  5. UNDERTONE: Mannequins & Maniacs
  6. BLOODBATH & BEYOND: Alcoholocaust (debut track)
  7. BOMBUS: Shake Them (debut track)
  8. THE DEFIANT: Hellride
  9. PHIL RUDD: Head Job (debut track)
  10. AEGEA: Hysteria


  1. GEMINI SYNDROME: Annonymous (debut track)
  3. MEATSPACE: 777
  5. SKINDRED: Under Attack (debut track)
  6. ALMONDY BROWN: It’s On You (debut track)
  7. HAKEN: Lapse (debut track)
  8. POLAR SUMMER: Tribe (debut track)
  9. THE CRUZ BROTHERS: Yours (debut track)


  1. HEAVEN SHALL BURN: Corium (debut track)
  2. DESPITE: Give Me Life (debut track)
  3. SKELETONWITCH: Black Water (debut track)
  5. ABORTED: The Mephitic Conundrum (debut track)
  6. MINDSHIFT: A Thousand Scars (debut track)
  7. (DE)ABSOLVE: The Rot
  8. HOUR OF ANGUISH: Farewell To The Flesh (debut track)

AND needless to say, many of these bands are up for ALBUM OF THE YEAR and SONG OF THE YEAR on The Rock Solid Pressure Show’s ‘BEST OF 2016’ broadcast which will air on Jan 2nd. BUT HEY..The biggest and strangest broadcast of them all happened last night on Halloween. We aired THE DANCE OF THE DEAD 2016. We have not exhumed this scare-fest in a few years, and I gotta say, it REALLY delivered the shivers this year. It was a paranormal event like no other. The spirits were extremely active this year. We’re hoping you took our advice and put your speakers in your window and blasted it while you were giving out candy. It seems a LOT of you did and we created a MASS HAUNTING throughout the Country..The kids either ran away in fear (LOL) or you became the ‘coolest house on the block’..The next time Halloween falls on a Monday night..We’ll scare the shit out of you again..And speaking of that.We saw Rob Zombie’s newest movie ’31’ when it came out. And MAN, Zombie really delivered once again. He totally buried all this Politically Correct’ bullshit that has been passing itself off as ‘Horror’ at the theaters these days. RIGHT NOW, I can honestly say this will be the BEST HORROR MOVIE OF THE YEAR in our ‘Best Of’ show in Jan..

Here’s a rundown of upcoming concerts that you CAN’T MISS if you’re in town..

Sat 11/12: State Theatre: KINGS X w/ Crush Tone, From This Fire, New Tattoo, Aegea

Fri 11/18: State Theatre: THE PLYMOUTH ROCKSHOW w/ Drastic Fall, Almondy Brown, Polar Summer, The Cruz Brothers, Nevertel, Hoss

Fri 11/25: State Theatre: FLOTSAM AND JETSAM w/ Helstar, Hatchet, The DooD, Arakara

Mon 11/28: State Theatre: EPICA w/ Fleshgod Apocalypse, Arkona, The Agonist, Death Requisite

Fri 12/9: State Theatre: DARK MATTER (CD Release) w/ War Of Thrones, Avenging Benji, Dolt, The DooD

Sat 12/10: The Local 662: THE HOLIDAY HAMMERING w/ The Cunningham Wake, Cypher Machine, Divine Science, Half Ton Hammer, Three Knuckles Deep

Fri 12/16: State Theatre: FLAW w/ Progressive Chemistry, Coldclock Knockout. Aegea, 3D Burn

Sat 12/17: State Theatre: KILLER CHRISTMAS 2016 w/ American Fix, Murder The Crow, Hyper Zenith, Sahe, From Darkness Arise, Vladimir Van Nilsson

Sun 12/18: State Theatre: SALIVA w/ 5 Star Hooker, Deviate The Plan, Otherworld, No Komply

That’s all I got fiends..I’ll be back blogging on Jan 3rd..Cya in the field




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