BEST OF 2017


Hey Fiends..Here’s the national charting positions from our ‘Best Of’ special last night. Congratulations to all the bands that took honors this year. It was another amazing year for music. ALSO, if you missed the broadcast last night. You can listen to it at our site  It’s located right under our Slideshow on the Home Page

*ALBUM OF THE YEAR:  ADRENALINE MOB: We The People (Century Media)

*SONG OF THE YEAR:  GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS by Apocalypse Orchestra (Despotz Records)



  1. ADRENALINE MOB: We The People (Century Media)
  2. WEDNESDAY 13: Condolences (Nuclear Blast)
  3. F.K.U. : 1981 (Despotz Records)
  4. ARCH ENEMY: Will To Power (Century Media)
  5. WITHOUT WAVES: Lunar (Prosthetic Records)
  6. THE HAXANS: Party Monsters (Another Century Records)
  7. ART OF ANARCHY: The Madness (Century Media)
  8. GENUS ORDINIS DEI: Great Olden Dynasty (Eclipse Records)
  9. LIV SIN: Follow Me (Despotz Records)
  10. ICED EARTH: Incorruptible (Century Media)
  11. QUADRUS: Entropia
  12. JUNIUS: Eternal Rituals (Prosthetic Records)
  13. AS PARADISE FALLS: Digital Ritual (Eclipse Records)
  14. GRAVESHADOW: Nocturnal Resurrection
  15. VAMPIRE: With Primeval Force (Century Media)


  1. APOCALYPSE ORCHESTRA: Garden Of Earthly Delights (Despotz)
  2. JORN: Blackbirds (Frontiers Records)
  3. JOSH TODD & THE CONFLICT: Fucked Up (Century Media)
  4. ILIUM: Tombsouls (Nightmare Records)
  5. CORRODED: Fall Of A Nation (Despotz Records)
  6. 3 KISSES: Kill Shock
  7. MARTY FRIEDMAN: Something To Fight (Prosthetic Records)
  8. DREAM EVIL: Six Hundred & 66 (Century Media)
  9. TUBEFREEKS: Wicked Sky
  11. MIND OF FURY: Ten Feet Under
  12. MURDER THE CROW: In All Honesty
  13. THE DOOD: Back In The Pile
  14. THE SHAPE: The World Away (DME Records)
  15. THE LIGHTBRINGER: Infinite Stars Of Creation
  16. MEGA COLOSSUS: Sunsword
  17. FRAGILE MORTALS: The End Is Near (Bumblefoot Music)
  18. MODERN DAY OUTLAW: Head Wake
  19. PULSE 8: The Calling
  20. SHATTERED: Parasites Of The Earth)

*THE TOP 4 EP’s OF 2017

  1. NINE MILE DRIVE (Self Titled)
  2. CHLOVER: The Calavera EP
  3. CRUEL CURSES: These Good Omens
  4. FINAL CURSE: The Unbinding EP


*CONCERT OF THE YEAR 2017:  The Rock Solid Pressure Industry Showcase 2017 (15 Year Anniversary) at State Theatre

We always said we would never pick the Industry Showcase for ‘Concert Of The Year’. Mainly because we reserve this honor for a national show. But the Showcase was beyond amazing. An entire weekend to commemorate a 15 year landmark. How could we ‘not’ pick this as Concert Of The Year. So much happened for a lot of bands, and results are ‘still’ coming in. This was another extremely busy year in the field for us too. We also expanded our scene to other venues. And we’re still expanding. Wait till you see what we have planned for 2018. But we had a blast in 2017. So many great national concert events like WHITECHAPEL, NONPOINT / 10 YEARS, MUSHROOMHEAD, METAL ALLIANCE, JACKYL, WEDNESDAY 13, SUPEROINT / DEVIL DRIVER, ANVIL, and many many more. These are the shows we really had fun at. Although we had ‘tons’ of national concert events in 2017. Sometimes we don’t even like being there. Either the Tour Managers are dicks, or the band themselves rub us the wrong way. The national concerts listed above are events that remind us why we’re in this business in the first place. We had WAY too much fun at these events.. We do not pick ‘Concert Of The Year’ by attendance. We judge it by the overall enjoyment of the entire day and night. We would love to pick a local show as Concert Of The Year..because it always IS..EVERY YEAR (lol). That’s where all our hard work for the scene comes together. SO WE DID (lol) The Showcase is our legacy, and it was easily the best time we had at an event in 2017!! It was historic, and we’ll probably never see a Showcase like this again. An entire weekend of Showcase bliss. Friday was the ‘Alumni’ portion of the show and it was beyond incredible. We had PSYKOTRIBE, THE CUNNINGHAM WAKE, THE DOOD, SEVEN YEARS PAST, DARK SUMMER, POLAR SUMMER, COLDCLOCK KNOCKOUT, MURDER THE CROW, SAHE, and AGEA. On Saturday we had DARK MATTER, TOGETHER IN EXILE, CHLOVER, ESCAPE, A DYING LIGHT, RE-BIRTH, FROM DARKNESS ARISE, OTHERWORLD, ALMONDY BROWN, ITZ LYRIKAL, NEVERTEL, OXMOORE, A BRILLIANT LIE, BAD BLOOD, CRUEL CURSES, MR. HANDSOME, NO POLITICS, HOSS, STRANGER THAN FICTION and THE ACTUAL SITUATION. This event was actual scheduled for September, but the Hurricane, which destroyed most of the State of Florida, hit us on the weekend of the Showcase and we had to postpone until December. Good thing we did, or we would ‘not’ have had that ‘Dream Panel’ of Industry Reps that we ended up with. Believe it or not, I’m still recovering from this LOL


So, could 2017 be the end of all the Politically Correct tweenie PG-13 bullshit that passed itself off as ‘Horror’ throughout 2016?..Could be. JIGSAW and IT gave us back a thrilling experience at the theaters. But as always, the underground pumped out a LOT of great, nasty horror though. That is mainly where the REAL Horror fans go to get their fix these days. And it didn’t disappoint. We saw great releases like CULT OF CHUCKY, BETTER WATCH OUT, RAW, A DARK SONG, HOUSE ON WILLOW STREET, and lots more But it seems Horror is back at the theaters. Horns up!!

*Before we leave 2017 behind entirely, we’d like to raise a final toast to all the great musicians, friends, family and actors we lost in 2017…This was a sad year. It was filled with Death and Destruction. Our world has never seen a year like this before..We salute all our fallen brethren and will remember you forever..Save us a place at ‘Stage Left’ at that great gig in the sky..



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