‘Corrosion Of Covers’ and other outlandish behavior


Hey Fiends,

Hope you had a chance to catch our annual ‘Corrosion Of Covers’ special last night. We’ve been doing this special for about 11 or 12 years. We’ve been on the air so long, it’s hard to remember. No matter how long it’s been running, the C.O.C. is always one of our favorite specials. It’s basically well known bands doing a cover song. Well, that’s not so special right? This happens in the industry all the time. Not the way ‘we’ do it. We search for bands that ‘totally’ re-invent the song they are covering. And it’s basically Hard Rock / Metal bands. It has nothing to do with cover bands or anything like that. Just about all the bands we choose for the special each year would probably never dream of putting a cover on their album..But they did..And we took notice. We also have to find bands that uphold the dark theme for The Rock Solid Pressure Show. It’s not an easy task.

This year was different though. Seems a lot of our favorite bands have released ‘new’ albums that included a cover song..Or multiple cover songs. As long as they make it their own, and totally deviate from the original, I say ‘Bring It On’..And we brought it last night. We laughed, We cried, Patty even threw up a bit. But seriously, for me, it was one of the best C.O.C specials that I can remember. It went down like this..Most of the releases are brand new

SANCTUARY: Waiting For The Sun (by The Doors) Century Media Records 2015

STONE SOUR: Creeping Death (by Metallica) Roadrunner Records 2015

ADRENALINE MOB: The Devil Went Down To Georgia (by Charlie Daniels) Century Media 2015

TESTAMENT: Dragon Attack (by Queen) Nuclear Blast 2012

TEAM CYBERGEIST: Head Like A Hole (by Nine Inch Nails) 2015

HELMET: And Your Bird Can Sing (by The Beatles) Work Song Records 2010

PAIN OF SALVATION: Holy Diver (by Dio) Inside Out Music 2015

CROWNED BY FIRE: Burnin For You (By Blue Oyster Cult) Chrome Mountain Records 2015

FOZZY: S.O.S. (by Abba) Century Media 2015

DROWNING POOL: Rebel Yell (by Billy Idol) Eleven Seven Records 2007

GILBY CLARKE & AXL ROSE: Dead Flowers (by The Rolling Stones) Virgin Records 1994

*And that’s how we do cover songs down in the Dungeon. Most of the tracks were amazing remakes of these timeless classics. But I ‘still’ will not call ‘S.O.S.’ a classic. I really hated ABBA (haha). and I’m sorry for saying that ABBA was from Canada last night. I love Canada, and I’m sorry I tarnished their good name by saying that. Chris Jericho from FOZZY is from Canada..And we’re fans of FOZZY. Why he wanted to cover ‘S.O.S.’ is beyond me. But that’s what the special is about. We want you to say WTF? And you probably said that quite a bit last night. But hey, if you missed the broadcast, it will be up on our player in a few weeks at http://www.RockSolidPressure.com

*So, it’s been a couple weeks since my last blog. My work at State Theatre and The Local 662 is consuming my life. The GREAT thing is that our scene is the strongest it’s been in many years. We’re seeing a LOT more local metal shows at both venues now. YES, I’m working hard! Last year at this time, Central Ave in St. Pete was over run by Hipsters. Not the case NOW! Metal, Hard Rock, and Punk are WINNING! Like Emo, the Hipster trend was merely a passing fad. Sure,  it will never vanish completely, due to the fashion I guess. But as far as the music scene goes..They’re pretty much gone. NOW, the venues are thriving again, and making ends meet. I’m assuming many venues have closed that catered to the Hipster trend. Seriously, I would witness Hipsters paying for their PBR in change. Someone had to make a stand. And I’m standing up! And we’re still standing! And we WON! The Hard Rock/Metal scene is back where it belongs. And the shows have been PACKED! Life is good right now.

*HERE’S THE PLAYLIST TO DIE FOR from our 6/8 broadcast

PARADISE LOST: Return To The Sun (Century Media) debut

SLIPKNOT: Nomadic (Roadrunner) debut track

SOULFLY: Fallen (Nuclear Blast) debut

AMBER SEA: Violette (Famined Records) debut track

VATTNET VISKAR: Yeam (Century Media) debut

PROGRESSIVE CHEMISTRY: Stand (debut track)

WORLDS DIVIDE: Let Me Bleed (debut)

A LIGHT DIVIDED: Look Sharp Ya Dumbass (debut)

NEXT TO NONE: Social Anxiety (Inside Out Music) debut

*INDUSTRY SHOWCASE NEWS: I’m sure you have all seen the Event Page for the Industry Showcase on Facebook. If you have not joined it, I suggest you go get your face on that thing. Some of the poster art is also on that page. Expect the full blown flyer to be revealed next week. We are still adding Panelist’s and Sponsors, and the list is growing. We wanted the ’13 Year Anniversary’ to be a really special event for the scene, and it’s shaping up nicely. So far, our Panelists include JASON BIELER (Bieler Bros Records / Saigon Kick), Mega Producer MATT LAPLANT, NICK & JEN KATONA (Melodic Revolution Records), MATT DAY (Willpower Entertainment), SAM McCASLIN (Retrospect Records), and I’m proud to announce the addition of CRUSH DRUMS to the Panel this year


LINEUP OF BANDS: The lineup has changed slightly since the big reveal. Here is the new order of bands from start to finish. NOTHIN’ TOO FANCY, WICKED REVOLUTION, DECEPCION, ROCKSTARR BENTLEY, FIVE STAR HOOKER, FROM THIS FIRE, DRVN, A(K)NEW, A LIGHT DIVIDED, THE DOOD, NINE MILE DRIVE, DEMENTIA, TRAITORS GATE, THE CUNNINGHAM WAKE, HALF TON HAMMER, SEVEN SINS, RISE 2 BRUTALITY, DEATH REQUISITE, GRASPING AT THE SHADOW, AIONIOS..And don’t forget, doors are at Noon. Music starts at 1:00pm. Look for the national press release next month..

*MOVIE REVIEW: SAN ANDREAS..So, this is the movie everybody was talking about a few weeks ago. There are NO good Horror Movies anymore, so this was the next best thing..Here’s our take

PATTY’S REVIEW: I LOVED IT! I was drawn in right from the first terrifying incident. Which happened at the very beginning, and it almost never stopped. I kept throwing my arms up saying ‘Holy Shit’. I swear, this is the CGI Movie Of The Year. I felt the plot was similar to the 70’s Disaster Flick ‘Earthquake’. Maybe it started out as a remake? Dwayne Johnson handled his Melodramatic scenes quite well. He’s evolved to a different level with his acting. The new name Actors also did a great job. I just loved every second of this terrifying, in your face, action packed movie. Extremely well done.

MY REVIEW: I also thought the movie was great. I’m a sucker for ‘all’ Disaster Films though going back to the 70’s. I even like the bad one’s. And yes, San Andreas was kinda like a remake of ‘Earthquake’. I also like ALL of ‘The Rock’s movies, so I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. In fact, I was blown away. This could be the best Disaster film ever. The CGI is amazing, and it’s not just eye candy..it’s BELIEVABLE. And this could actually happen to the San Andreas Faultline. And that’s what makes the film so overwhelming. The plot is simple. The San Andreas Fault collapses and destroys California and Nevada. The Rock plays a ‘Search & Rescue’ guy who is on the hunt for his family amid the disaster. It’s PG-13 but they say ‘Fuck’ in it. Do they do that now in PG-13 flicks? There’s also a bit of gore, like a huge shard of glass going into someone’s leg, and then being pulled out (like a Tom Savini moment). A lot of the images hit close to home. Especially with the Terrorist attack of 9/11. The images of this movie are frightening. Sure, there are some hokey ‘near escape’ moments that are for those ‘cliffhanger’ entertainment moments. But man, it’s like Earthquake, The Towering Inferno, and Poseidon Adventure rolled into one giant CGI masterpiece. I highly recommend it.






*NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: We’ll have our friends in PROGRESSIVE CHEMISTRY joining us in the Dungeon!! DON’T MISS IT!! We’ll also have a review of JURASSIC WORLD for ya!! Tune in Monday at 7pm est

That’s all I got..Cya in the field


Memorial Day In The Dungeon, and other Explosive news


Hey Fiends,

Hope you all had an awesome Memorial Day Weekend. Hope you also got a chance to listen to our annual Memorial Day Special on Monday night. One of the joys of broadcasting on a Monday night, is that we get to spend Memorial Day with you every year. And we’ve been doing it for 13 years. As you all know, we’re huge supporters of our Troops, and it’s always a honor to celebrate the lives of our fallen hero’s of war. While you were partying your ass off for the long weekend, I hope you took the time to remember WHY you were celebrating. We also had a great time over the weekend, but the best part of the entire 4 day weekend was our celebration for our fallen hero’s on Monday night. It’s always a special time for us. and the playlist said it all. It was chock full of Battle Hymns, War Anthems, and Tributes that reflected our time to remember the warriors that gave their lives for our country. We always honor the Troops on our show, but the Memorial Day Special hits close to home on many levels.


FIREWOLFE: Armed Forces

THE DEFIANT: Old 666 (Willpower Ent)

OTHERWISE: For The Fallen One’s (Century Media)

MEGADETH: Built For War (Tradecraft / Universal)

GENERATION KILL: Red White & Blood (Season Of Mist)

TESTAMENT: Last Chance For Independence (Nuclear Blast) debut

GODSMACK: Locked And Loaded (Universal / Spinefarm) debut

TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION: Fire In The Hole (Carved Records) debut

CORNBUGS: Boots Upon The Ground

WHITE WIZZARD: Live Free Or Die (Earache)

JIMI HENDRIX: Star Spangled Banner (MCA)

We try to avoid the weepy sad songs for our fallen Soldiers. These brave American warriors went out in a blaze of glory. Damning the enemy. We remember them in this fashion, and that’s the way they want to be remembered. The Memorial Day playlist is a strong statement every year. We thank each and every band for standing up for our country, and honoring our dead. They will never be forgotten!

*ROCK FOR R.A.K. PART 2 (METAL FOR MEALS): Another great cause that shows our solidarity for American humanity is ‘Rock For RAK’ (Random Acts Of Kindness) On Saturday, the second installment of this awesome charity event, will go down at THE LOCAL 662 in St. Pete. If you attended the first one back in January, then you know how massive this show will be. At the first one, RAK was accepting donations of clothing and blankets for the homeless. This time around, the donations will be canned food, and non perishables to feed people in need. The event is FREE with your donation. If you do not have a donation, they are only asking $5 admission. Small price to pay for such a monstrous show. Seriously, check out this lineup. It’s a virtual ‘Who’s Who’ of some of the area’s top bands. Check it out, TEAM CYBERGEIST, PROGRESSIVE CHEMISTRY, THE DEFIANT, THE DOOD, SAHE, DIDGES CHRIST SUPERDRUM..It doesn’t get any better than that. So show your support for this amazing charitable organization, and SHOW UP on Saturday!! We’re involved with a lot of charity events, but this one is easily our favorite. Why? Because it ROCKS!!

So, I’m no longer doing a weekly blog. It’s going to be every two weeks OR when I get the urge to write. My work in the Industry and on the scene is getting a bit overwhelming these days. Before I forget, here’s the playlist from last week. This show was also our ’13 Year Anniversary On The Air’. The second half of the show was some of our favorite bands that had the number ’13’ in their song titles (We’re inventive like that lol)


TRIBULATION: Strains Of Horror (Century Media) debut track

ANURYZM: Humanoid (Melodic Revolution Records) exclusive debut

EXXILES: Dictator Of Trust (Nightmare Records) debut

THE HANDFUL: Last Man Standing (debut)

FINAL CURSE: The Definition Of Insanity (debut)

PANTERA: 13 Steps (Atlantic)

MEGADETH: 13 (Roadrunner)

SCUM OF THE EARTH: Hate Times 13 (Rat Pak)

ANVIL: This Is 13 (VH-1)

NONPOINT: Lucky 13 (Red)

*MOVIE REVIEW: MAD MAX, FURY ROAD: So, pretty much everybody on the planet has seen the new MAD MAX film. Being a huge fan of the first 3 movies, this was a MUST SEE for us. Since the Horror Film died an untimely death at the Theaters. We’re kinda forced to see the Summer Blockbusters. I was especially excited because this had a ‘R’ rating. I thank the Gods that this wasn’t a ‘tweenie’ remake for the Disney crowd. Like all the Horror Films these days. Anyway, here’s our take on it..

PATTY: This should have been called MAD MAXINE! Yes, chicks rule in this one. Young, runaway Brides join Max on their latest attempt to flee the Citadel from a deranged, masked, disfigured Warlord. This time, the escape vehicle is a ‘War Machine’. A combination of a Mack Truck, Volkswagon, and Gas Tanker (pretty cool). They are pursued by a host of raging sub-humans in incredible vehicles (In pure Mad Max fashion). But my favorite vehicle of them all was the ‘Concert Car’. A huge machine with a live band hammering out a ‘metal’ war cry. I loved the many drummers in the back, but my favorite was the lead guitarist called THE DOOF WARRIOR. He was ripping solo’s while flames shot out of his guitar. Perfect music for the ride along with a massive sound system to crack the Outback. He stole the movie for me. In real life, this freak is the multi-talented Aussie called ‘IOTA’ or SEAN HAPE (real name). For me, this was really exciting. Awesome ‘believable’ CGI and a great cast. This is the Movie Of The Year for me..

J-ROCK: I also loved this movie. It resembled a revved up, CGI version of ‘The Road Warrior’. But for the diehard Mad Max fans..there are changes. Actually, the lead hero is Charleze Theron’s Character ‘Furioso’. Max pretty much gets his ass kicked throughout the film. The first half of the movie, he’s captured and strapped to the front of a vehicle wearing an iron muzzle on his face. But he kicks some ass at the end. The cars were downright amazing. I’m glad because the vehicles were always a big part of the Max franchise. Not much has changed in the scenario of the franchise. They’re still fighting for Gas, Water, etc. 90 percent of the movie is one long, action packed car chase. It’s a simple plot. A crazed Warlord who rules over a post-apocalyptic legion of a barely human empire, is chasing a few of his escaped Wives. They escaped with the aid of the Charleze Theron character. OH, HERE’S SOMETHING that’s a twist. Her Character does ALL THE DRIVING. Max hardly does any driving at all. As much as I loved this movie. I still think the first Mad Max movie was the best. It had that Grindhouse B-Movie, Biker flick feel to it, and it bore no resemblance to the sequels. But the new one is action packed (sorta) and visually stunning, AND there will be a sequel. I’m assuming the new sequel will lean more towards ‘Thunderdome’. The new Mad Max is Rated R, but there’s really not that much gore, and no nudity at all. I’m assuming they went for a PG-13 (like all the Hollywood twits are doing these days) but the ratings board probably said it was too violent. I’m sure there is a much more graphic version of this movie. Hoping to see an ‘unedited’ cut on DVD in the near future. But I still loved it. Movie Of The Year for me as well..certainly the strangest..And I love STRANGE!!

NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: If you missed our Memorial Day Special, you’ll get your chance to hear it again on Monday night. We’re taking a week off from the broadcasting booth. We’ll be back with a new show on June 8th

That’s all I got..Cya at the ROCK FOR RAK show on Saturday


Wild Women, Fast Gun Guitarists, and THE BIG 13


Hey Fiends,

It’s been a few weeks since my last posting. We’ve had some wild adventures in the field since my last ramble, and I’ll get right to it. First off, you’re probably wondering what THE BIG 13 is (No, it’s not THAT you dirty minded freaks)..This month we are celebrating THIRTEEN YEARS on the air. This is a HUGE landmark for us. I’ve always been strangely drawn to the number ’13’ and it warms my black heart to actually ‘celebrate’ the number. All month long on the Rock Solid Pressure Show we’ll be celebrating this Anniversary. It will also be the 13th Anniversary for The Industry Showcase on Sept 26th. We’re almost ready to reveal the artwork and post an event page. And yes, the theme this year is THE BIG 13..The lineup has been secured and we will be making the formal announcement next Monday night on The Rock Solid Pressure Show. Join us for a Champagne toast on the air. We are also whipping up a ’13 Year Anniversary’ playlist, so make it a point to tune in next Monday night..

Hope you all had a chance to catch the broadcast last night. In honor of Mothers Day (And Women in general), we unleashed an edition of KILLER CHICKS OF METAL! The entire playlist was some of our favorite Female Fronted bands. We also featured interviews with a couple of fast rising young stars in the Hard Rock world, DIAMANTE, and LEE LEE from FALLING FOR SCARLET. Both of these acts are featured on the ‘REVOLVER’S HOTTEST WOMEN IN HARD ROCK’ Tour, which just rolled through State Theatre recently.

DIAMANTE, who fronts the all Female powerhouse that bears her name, is a band NOT to be missed! They kind of reminded me off a revved up version of ‘The Runaways’. But the raucous awesomeness of this performance easily made this band one of the best on the tour (Which was the general consensus of the crowd). Diamante was also really cool to talk to. This L.A. Girl is taking the Rock world by storm. The Revolver Tour just ended, but there’s no rest for the wicked (right?) She’s gearing up to go out on the road with WHITESNAKE and HINDER.Check her out, you’ll become a fan!

LEE LEE from FALLING FOR SCARLET is an insanely amazing vocalist. The crunchy, hook laden melodies of this Canadian band could easily conquer the corporate charts. Like Diamante, Lee Lee’s ‘Hot’ image is backed up with ferocious talent. I can see this band on a number of arena tours with the giants of the genre. She was also very cool to chat with. Let’s face it, if you can handle my crazed ‘in-your’face’ approach to an interview..AND..can actually match my inebriated wit..Then you’re ready to take on the world..AND..She loves ANVIL!! Need I say more?


NIGHTWISH: Last Ride Of The Day (Roadrunner)

ARCH ENEMY: Down To Nothing (Century Media) debut track

THE AGONIST: Architects Hallucinate (Century Media) debut track


PAMELA MOORE: The Sky Is Falling (Rat Pak Records)


DIAMANTE: There’s A Party In My Pants And You’re All Invited (debut)


WITHIN TEMPTATION: The Howling (Roadrunner)

*So, it’s been an extremely busy April in the field for us. So many great concerts. We had ORGY, THE REVOLVER TOUR, QUEENSRYCHE, but I wanted to touch on some really good friends of ours, BANG TANGO. I have been booking the band for years, and I featured them at The Local 662 on April 17th. Yes, it was an amazing night. We’ve seen the band in many different incarnations over the years, but JOE LESTE has always kept the ship on course. BUT NOW, it’s probably the best lineup that I have ever witnessed. Due in part to legendary guitarist ROWAN ROBERTSON from DIO. Rowan adds a whole new dimension to the Bang Tango sound. He is also one of the coolest guys on the planet. We’re huge DIO fans and it was an honor to have a backstage chat with Rowan. We aired the interview on The Rock Solid Pressure Show on April 27th. We’ll be posting that show on our site soon http://www.RockSolidPressure.com


BARREN EARTH: The Vault (Century Media) debut track

VOIVOD: Mechanical Mind (Century Media) debut track

THE AGONIST: As Above, So Below (Century Media) debut track

DIO: Wild One (Warner Brothers) debut track

KARA & THE DAM BAND: Shepherd (debut track)

EXXILES: Anthem Of Lies (Nightmare Records) debut

BLACK STAR RIDERS: Turn In Your Arms (Nuclear Blast) debut track


Sat 5/16: The Local 662: ROCK FOR SOFIA featuring TRUST FOR LIARS: This is a HUGE benefit for a little girl who has Cancer. There will be other bands performing, and the show is heavily sponsored. JESSE KAGE will be hosting, and we’re expecting a record crowd at The 662. Please come out and show your support for a GREAT CAUSE!! You can find the event page at The Local 662’s site on facebook. And you can get more info at our calendar at http://www.RockSolidPressure.com

NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: We’re officially kicking off our ’13 Year Anniversary On The Air..We whipped up a creative playlist to commemorate this landmark PLUS we’ll be revealing the lineup for The Industry Showcase..TUNE IN ON MONDAY NIGHT AT 7pm. For those of you listening online, check out these stations http://www.LocalizedMusic.net http://www.PureRockRadio.net

That’s all I got this week..Cya in the field


420 IN THE DUNGEON..And Other Smokin’ Tales


Hey Fiends,

You didn’t have to be a Stoner to appreciate our annual ‘420 Special’ on The Rock Solid Pressure Show. It certainly added to the experience if you were high But the playlist was an amazing session of mind expansion, so whether you were medicated or not..YOU GOT YOUR MIND BLOWN!! We were extremely happy to actually be broadcasting on ‘420’ this year, so we put a lot of thought into the playlist. We’re proud to say that we always spill out a full bag of Stoner classics on the 420 Show every year, but this year, it was seriously ‘Stoner Central’. Almost every track was new to the 420 Playlist. Except Sabbath’s ‘Sweet Leaf’ (of course). We also featured a ‘Pretty Stoned’ interview with our good bud BRANDON from CROBOT..Here’s last night’s Playlist..Then I’ll ramble on some more.

MANGOO: Neverland (Small Stone Records)

TOOL: The Pot (Volcano Ent)

DOWN: Bury Me In Smoke (Elektra Records)

ELECTRIC WIZARD: Turn Off Your Mind (Rise Above Records)

BLACK SABBATH: Sweet Leaf (Warner Brothers)

MURKY RED: Stoned And Horny (Melodic Revolution Records)

ANVIL: Smokin’ Green (Massacre Records)

CROBOT: Legend Of The Spaceborne Killer (Wind Up Records)

ABRAHMA: Neptune Of Sorrow (Small Stone Records)

And don’t forget to catch CROBOT on tour with ANTHRAX / VOLBEAT. The tour kicks off this week. And speaking of CROBOT. It was a pleasure to have the band back at ‘The Local 662′ last week. this is one of our favorite bands, and I believe they will be one of the world’s TOP acts in the near future. Thank the Rock Gods that you got to see them up close and personal at the 662. CROBOT is definitely heading for Arena status. And the band is not hesitant to profess their love for weed. We absolutely love partying with the band when they roll through town. And in last night’s interview with Brandon (Vocalist) we were all pretty wasted (Like mostly all our interviews)..We talked about their first European Tour, which led to Moroccon Hash in Amsterdam. A secret Hippie community called ‘Christiania’. Some unreleased Crobot tracks that will soon be available..And lot’s of other stuff. If you have never heard of CROBOT. Please take my advice and check ’em out. You’ll become an instant fan..

So, Im getting used to writing the blog every two weeks. Sometimes it will be weekly though. Depends on my crazy schedule. My work in the field seems to be consuming my life these days,  but before I forget, here’s the playlist from last week..


OPETH: Moon Above, Sun Below (Roadrunner) debut track

CORVUS STONE: Boots For Hire (Melodic Revolution Records) debut

TRIBULATION: Strange Gateways Beckon (Century Media) debut

TESTAMENT: Throne Of Thorns (Nuclear Blast) debut track

LAMB OF GOD: King Me (Roadrunner) debut track

ILIUM: The Hatchling (Nightmare Records) debut

MORAL DECLINE: The End (debut)


*INDUSTRY SHOWCASE NEWS: We’re just about ready to unveil the lineup for The Industry Showcase. It’s the 13 Year Anniversary for the event, and the number ’13’ is pretty close to our black hearts. We knew the lineup had to be special this year. It’s special every year, but its shaping up to be ‘spectacular’ for the 2015 event. We will be posting an event page on Facebook within the next couple of weeks. The event will be on the State Theatre Facebook Page’. Mark your calendars for Sept 26th. One thing I CAN announce right now, is that we have chosen our Out-Of-State band for the 2015 Showcase, and it will be (drum roll)…A LIGHT DIVIDED from NC. They ‘almost’ won our Radio Competitions a couple years ago, and the band has always been on our radar. We’re extremely happy to have ‘A LIGHT DIVIDED’ perform this year. For all the bands reading this that will be performing at the event. Hit them up and introduce yourself. Let’s give ’em one of our famous ‘Florida Welcome’s’ to the State Theatre. I’m also working on a stellar panel of Industry Reps for this years event..The ball is rolling!

*LIVE EVENTS THIS WEEK: We have two ‘extremely’ huge events at the State Theatre this week. We’ve been looking forward to these shows for quite some time. I know we’ll see a lot of you at both of these high profile shows

Thursday 4/23: State Theatre: REVOLVER’S HOTTEST CHICKS IN METAL TOUR featuring FLYLEAF, THE AGONIST, FIT FOR RIVALS, DIAMANTE, FALLING FOR SCARLET, PSYKOTRIBE. This is gonna be one helluva show. Doors are at 5pm, and PSYKOTRIBE goes on at 5:30pm. So get there early and catch all the bands. For more info, check the State Theatre site http://www.StateTheatreConcerts.com

Friday 4/24: State Theatre: QUEENSRYCHE with special guests DISCIPLES OF MAYHEM, 20 SHADES..Need I say more? I’m sure I’ll see ALL of you at this one!! Get more info at http://www.StateTheatreConcerts.com

*NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: We’re closing out ‘Epic April’ with a BANG!! Prepare for some more ‘new’ EPIC TRACKS, and an EXCLUSIVE interview with ROWAN ROBERTSON (Dio, Bang Tango, DC4) Rowan recently joined our friends in BANG TANGO and we hosted the band this past Friday night. And yes, it was an ‘Epic’ show!! This is easily the ‘best’ Bang Tango lineup I have ever seen. And we have been booking the band for years…Gotta give props to the opening bands who also ‘killed it’ onstage..THE LUVDOGZ, CRUSH TONE, DEMENTED TRUTH, VIRGIN DIRT. It was a kickass night..We’ll talk about it on air next week

That’s all I got..Cya in the field!



Remembering AJ PERO


Hey Fiends,

Hope you all had a great Easter (Whatever you believe in). It felt good to be back on the air after a much needed 2 weeks off. We were certainly revived and reanimated. Hope you had a chance to tune in. We kicked off EPIC APRIL in grand fashion. It was a helluva show. Epic April is one of our favorite months. We get to spin those 10 and 15 minute tracks that we don’t normally have time to spin. All month long, except for THE 420 SPECIAL, the first half of the show will be 2 ‘Epic’ tracks. The second half will be business as usual. This year though, all the epics will be NEW releases, so tune in every Monday night and experience the Masterworks Of Music..

RIP AJ PERO: The metal community is still reeling over the death of legendary drummer AJ PERO (Twisted Sister, Adrenaline Mob). We’re also in mourning right along with our peers. We met AJ last year when we booked ADRENALINE MOB. We were lucky enough to get to hang out with him all day. The entire ADRENALINE MOB band was so much fun to hang out with. All the guys in this supergroup were very friendly.Absolutely NO EGO’s, and after an entire day, and night, with the band. I felt like I’ve known these guys for years. EVERYBODY wanted to meet AJ. And he was really happy to meet EVERYBODY. Just a very cool, down to earth guy with an amazing sense of humor. This event was one of our highest rated for ‘The Best Of 2014′ on The Rock Solid Pressure Show. Just like you, we were shocked and saddened to hear about his untimely death. My mind immediately reflected on that day. I’m originally from New Jersey and Patty is from Connecticut, so our North East bond with AJ was strong. Last night we spun some TWISTED SISTER and ADRENALINE MOB in his honor. It was hard. The entire shock of his passing is still fresh in the hearts of the metal community. I’m seeing Tribute Shows being formed as I write this. In closing this paragraph. I just want to say that I feel so lucky to have met the man. I’ll cherish those moments forever, and I’ll miss him forever..ROCK ON AJ


TWISTED SISTER: Horror-Teria (Re-recorded 2004 track) Spitfire Records (debut)

ADRENALINE MOB: Men Of Honor (Century Media)

BARREN EARTH: Frozen Processions (Century Meia) debut

CANEDY: Madman (This is Carl Canedy’s Solo Album) debut

GODSMACK: Turning To Stone (Universal) debut track

MORGOTH: Traitor (Century Media) debut

CROBOT: La Mano De Lucifer (Wind Up Records) debut track


*HORROR IS BACK? Well, sorta..It seemed the theatrical Horror Movie releases are pretty much non-existent in 2015. That kinda sucks because a big part of our show is focused on Horror. Sure, the ‘Video On Demand’ is kicking ass with new Horror movies, but 90% of that stuff blows. It also takes the entire ‘Theater Experience’ out of the equation. BUT GUESS WHAT? We actually found one last week. It’s called ‘IT FOLLOWS’..No, it wasn’t great, but it was NOT this politically correct tweenie bullshit that they are passing off as Horror at the theaters these days. Patty hated it, but liked the atmosphere of the film. I personally did not really like it that much either. It wasn’t great. It was kinda boring and slow. But I LIKED that it totally went against all that politically correct nonsense. And yes, the atmosphere was cool. It also had a retro synthesizer sound track like the John Carpenter films of the 70’s and 80’s. This was a big part of the atmosphere of the movie. The movie also had a ‘Phantasm’ feel to it, but it was never developed. The plot kinda mirrored ‘The Sixth Sense’..That is, if the ghosts in The Sixth Sense’ had their tits hangin’ out. One scene had a dead guy standing on the roof with his pecker hangin’ out. DEFINITELY NOT A TWEENIE FILM RIGHT? I didn’t like the cast of teenagers in this movie at all. I wanted them to die quickly, and they didn’t (lol) They are so laid back and annoying, it was like an endurance test watching them.

The story is about a girl who has sex with a guy who is possessed by spirits following him. The sex passes the curse on to the girl. Now ‘she’ has to have sex to pass on the curse to someone else, which she does. This movie also has this weird, retro suburban feel to it, which is stylish, but I didn’t get it. The audience assumes it’s 2015, but there’s old TV sets, old cars, no internet, no cell phones. Although this one girl has this thing shaped like a sea shell that’s supposed to be some sort of internet device. None of that panned out for me and insulted my intelligence. It was also never explained how this curse came to be, or anything. Who are these dead people? WHY are they here?

But I’ll say this. Just going to the theater (which was packed btw) to see something really strange was worth it for me. The preview for the new MAD MAX movie was the highlight of my night. great to see the franchise revived. I’m only hoping it’s not this CGI, Dumbed Down, PG-13, Tweenie Bulshit. That would be a total insult to the Mad Max series..So, in closing my review ‘IT FOLLOWS’ was not great, but it was different..

*LIVE EVENTS THIS WEEK (2 in one night)

Sat 4/11: State Theatre: ORGY, 9 ELECTRIC, DEATH VALLEY HIGH, TEAM CYBERGEIST, DEMENTIA..This is gonna be so awesome!! State Theatre will be PACKED!! Doors at 7pm. Be there early. Need more info? Check the site http://www.StateTheatreConcerts.com

Sat 4/11: The Local 662: CROBOT w/ DRASTIC FALL, SHOT GLASS SERENADE, NOTHIN TOO FANCY..Crobot is easily one of our favorite national acts. Once you see them, they’ll be your favorite too. Don’t miss this incredible show!! Doors at 7pm. For more info, check the site http://www.StateTheatreConcerts.com

Fri 4/17: The Local 662: BANG TANGO / ROWAN ROBERTSON (Dio) w/ LUVDOGZ, CRUSH TONE, DEMENTED TRUTH, VIRGIN DIRT..Ever see the 662 sold out? Then swing by next Friday night and join the party!! Gonna be HUGE!! Doors at 7pm. For more info check the site http://www.StateTheatreConcerts.com

That’s all I got..See ya in the field


Shivering Shamrocks


Hey Fiends,

HAPPY ST. PATTY’S DAY EVERYONE!! So glad you took a minute to check out the blog. Most of you are gearing up for a hellious night on the town. Just remember to save some energy for the weekend. We want you to be in tip top shape when you come out and party with ‘us’.. Hope you had a chance to catch the ‘Rock Solid Pressure Show’ last night. If you tuned in, then you know we officially announced the date for THE INDUSTRY SHOWCASE. It will be Sept 26th. It will also be the 13 year anniversary for the event. Yeah, the ‘BIG 13′..I know it’s quite a ways off, but we’re now hard at work getting this monster together. We announced ‘half’ of the lineup last night. It was a ‘sneek peek’ and that’s the perks of tuning into the broadcast. We’re not putting this in print for quite awhile.

Speaking of print. I’ve been doing the weekly blog for Rock Solid Pressure for 13 long years. My workload in the industry has increased to a mind blowing stress level over the years. With such a hectic schedule on my hands, I’m forced to cut the blog down to every 2 weeks. Nothing really has changed. All playlists will be posted. I’m just saving some brain cells for all my concert related activities..

SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MUSIC SCENE: Well, that’s pretty much been my job for the better part of 35 years. I’ve been championing the local music scene for most of my life. Probably before some of you were even born. I toured for over 20 years. Was a ‘Rock Journalist’ for 10 of those years. Then I found myself working for Sony Records in 2002 which allowed me to create Rock Solid Pressure.It’s been a long ride but it all started with supporting the local scene. And I will never stop supporting the local scene. The Tampa Bay Hard Rock/Metal scene is one of the strongest in the nation. And I hold the fans of this scene in high regard. Your undying support for local bands every week is a joy to behold. But what about the band members themselves? When they are not gigging, are they supporting their peers? Yes, many of them ‘always’ come out and support their brethren in music. The favor is also returned when these supporting band members have their own show. If you’re a band member, this is HOW you build unity with your peers.

I have noticed that the band members that DO NOT support their peers at shows DO NOT have a strong fanbase locally. Which is logical. You don’t support me, then I won’t support you. There’s not many, but there are still quite a few bands that JUST DON’T GET IT. For this reason alone, I have stopped working with a few bands. Not only are they hurting themselves on the scene with their non-support. But they can’t really expect a venue to book their band, especially when no one shows up. So, if you’re a band member that never supports your peers at shows. My advice to you would be to ‘get with the program’. It’s never too late to actually include yourself in the scene. Not only will you start to build a local fanbase, but you will become an actual part of your scene. More people will come to your local shows as well. So don’t post ‘Support Your Local Music Scene’ if you don’t actually support it. Are you in a band? Do you support other bands when you are not gigging? Do other band members come out and support ‘you’ when you are gigging? If you answered YES to all 3 questions then you’re on your way. And I thank all of you for truly supporting your scene..


KING 810: State Of Nature (Roadrunner) debut track

SANCTUARY: Question Existence Fading (Century Media) debut track

NAPALM DEATH: Hierarchies (Century Media) debut track

IRON REAGAN: Four More Years (Relapse) debut track

COUNTED OUT: Luke Skywalker Is A Pussy (debut)

THE AGONIST: Disconnect Me (Century Media) debut track

THE CROWN: Speed Kills (Century Media) debut track

HATE TANK: Piece Of Shit (debut)

BENEDICTUM: Beast In The Field (Locomotive) from 2008

TESTAMENT: Electric Crown (Atlantic / Megaforce) from 1992


KARYN CRISIS GOSPEL OF THE WITCHES: Salems Wounds (Century Media) debut

AMBER SEA: Shinigami (Famined Records) debut

DR. LIVING DEAD: Civilized To Death (Century Media) debut

CROWBAR: Symmetry In White (E1 Music) debut track

LONELY ROBOT: Lonely Robot (Inside Out) debut

NIGHTINGALE: Warriors Of The Dawn (Inside Out) debut track

BIGELF: Hypersleep (Inside Out) debut track

DEATH REQUISITE: Refuge Of Lies (debut)

UNDERTONE: Mannequins And Maniacs (debut)



Friday 3/20: The Local 662: SUNSHINE & BULLETS w/ SUN AND FLESH (NY), SLOWSHORE, HANGING CHADS, TRANKQUILL..This is gonna be a helluva show!! SUPPORT IT!! Doors at 7pm. Get more info at our site http://www.RockSolidPressure.com

Saturday 3/21: State Theatre: THE CLASSIC ROCK EXPERIENCE (MIDNIGHT SPECIAL LIVE) with special guests SHOREDOGS. This is a high profile stage production of all the great music from the 70’s. Should be a fun time!! Get more info at the State Theatre site http://www.StateTheatreConcerts.com

*NEXT TIME ON ‘THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW': We’re taking a much needed 2 week vacation from the airwaves. We will return on 4/6 for the kickoff of EPIC APRIL. We look forward to ‘Epic April’ every year because we get to spin those epic tracks that clock in from 8 minutes to 20 minutes. First half of the show will be a couple epics. The rest of the show will be business as usual. We’re totally excited because this year, it will be ALL NEW EPICS!! So make sure you tune in and experience some ‘Masterworks Of Music’

That’s all I got..Cya in the field


Dungeon Fun with Tony & Shannon from GODSMACK, Lips from ANVIL


Hey Fiends,

Hope you had a chance to catch our KILLER broadcast last night. It was one of those ‘fully loaded’ editions of Rock Solid Pressure. Although Patty and myself are recovering from the flu, the show must ‘always’ go on. And man, what a great show it was. Throughout our 13 year history, we’ve had some of the biggest Rock Stars on the planet stop in for interviews in our Dungeon. Hell, we’ve been doing high profile interviews on radio before, well, ANYBODY! It’s getting to the point where a lot of these rockers have become friends and have been on the show ‘many’ times. One of our ‘regulars’ is the always outspoken LIPS from ANVIL. He’s not one to shy away from controversy, in fact, he likes to ‘create’ it. He recently took a bit of heat with his take on the whole ‘Rock Is Dead’ thing. It was a totally different perspective on the term then what Gene Simmons had to say about it. We recently had a rollicking good time with ANVIL at The State Theatre, and as usual, we sat down with LIPS for an interview..Sorta

First off, gotta say that we have had ROB REINER and LIPS on the show a few times. It’s usually a straight forward and formal interview. The interview we aired last night was ‘anything’ but formal. This was more like a discussion between friends that have partied a bit ‘too’ much. It began with LIPS addressing his ‘Rock Is Dead’ stance, which led into our inebriated discussion about the ‘Fall Of The Internet’ ‘A World Without Electricity’, and lots of other deep subjects that come into play when you’re stoned. In fact, this was one of my most enjoyable interviews EVER!! This captured the essence of backstage madness perfectly, and it reflects why I’m still in this business. I’m hoping our crazy discussion will give LIPS some inspiration for topics for the next ANVIL album. Those of you who know me, listen to the show, or read this blog frequently. You’re aware that I have a strong premonition that the internet will destroy itself, along with the introverted culture it created. I also feel that our electricity grids in America could be attacked. This is why our discussion with LIPS was so important. I really needed another ‘thinking’ mind on these subjects. We talked about going back to the ‘Wild West’, becoming Minstrels, and reverting back to a lost culture in the aftermath of the destructive topics I just mentioned. If you missed the show last night, all I can say is, it was a bad time for you NOT to tune in. The interview WILL be posted on our player over at http://www.RockSolidPressure.com in a few weeks, so you WILL get a chance to hear it again. This interview will also be included in one of our ‘Best Of’ specials. Either way, this chat will go down as ‘Historic’ in our Hallowed Halls..

If that wasn’t enough right there. we also featured a new interview with TONY ROMBOLA and SHANNON LARKIN from GODSMACK. We recently had the pair at State Theatre with their side project BLUE CROSS. This side project showcases their Blues Rock / Classic Rock musicianship that you will ‘never’ see in GODSMACK. This was the first time we had Tony and Shannon on the show and we were excited. We talked about everything from gear to the latest Godsmack release. We also touched on their tour of Australia which is now underway. It was an extremely informative session with two of the biggest Rock Stars on the planet. We were also really impressed at how both of these huge Superstars are just regular, down to earth guys. They were easily approachable by their fans, and we can’t wait to have both of them back on the show..


DREAMGRAVE: The Last Drop Falls (debut)

LORD DYING: A Wound Outside Of Time (Relapse Records) debut

SUNLORD: Chant Of The Fire King (debut)

GODSMACK: Generation Day (Universal) debut

ANVIL: Bombs Away (VH-1 Records)

THE DOOD: I Am Monster (debut track)

DIO: I Could Have Been A Dreamer (Warner Bros) debut track


That’s all for this week..I’m going back to bed!!

Cya In The Field