Hey Fiends,

First off, before I give my take on the Paris tragedy (and it’s probably going to be a long rant). I know a lot of you missed the broadcast last night. One of our more popular radio affiliates ‘Localized Music’ did not air the new show. The owner of the station is sick (Get well soon Rob) and it’s understandable that our show did not air. If you WANT to hear the new show, it is NOW posted at our site . It’s on our player right under our pic slideshow. You can also hear ALL the shows from Nov and many from Oct. Big thanks to our Administrator VOODOO RICK for getting the new show up in such a timely fashion..

PARIS TRAGEDY: We did not mention the Paris tragedy on our broadcast last night. The entire world is going through a rough time, and we wanted everybody to just ‘be themselves’ for one hour. We said nothing last night, but I’ll speak my mind NOW! Just like the rest of the world, I am devastated as to what happened in Paris. It hit’s close to home because these slimy coward Terrorists are now targeting our Entertainment Industry. The concert venue is Paris is much like the State Theatre where we work in St. Pete Florida. These religious zealots also took out innocent lives at the nearby bars. These are all MY people, and I’m enraged more than I ever have been since these bastards took our twin towers down. My rage also is turning into confusion in the way our President is handling the situation. At the moment, France and Russia are bombing the hell out of these bastards in Syria. I’m sure we will be joining in the fight. NOW is the time to wipe this scourge from the earth. We NEVER had Russia work in unison with anybody to combat Terrorism. But the news last night confirmed that the Russian airliner that was brought down last week was definitely a bomb. So there’s no hesitation in Russia screaming ‘Bombs Away’, and yes, they are hitting them hard right now. Granted, Russia is already establishing a base in Syria, mainly to protect Assad. This had Americans fearing another cold war scenario, but right now, I feel all that fear is unwarranted..

RIGHT NOW, I’m questioning the ethics of our Government and the judgement of our President. First he makes a really ‘strange’ deal to give Iraq millions of dollars. Thank you Mr. Obama for helping Iraq build a bomb to destroy us. THEN he makes another strange deal to let the Syrian Immigrants into our Country. Do you know that many of them are already HERE? I just saw something on CNN that stated they are all over the place, and it’s tough to do a background check on ANY of them. WHAT? Isn’t this how the Paris tragedy happened? Many of you know that I’m not really in league with our Government. Never have been. I voted one time in my life and that was for Ross Perot. I don’t play into the whole ‘Political Theater’, and I hate Politicians with a passion. But I TOTALLY agree to NOT let any Refugee’s into our Country. NOW I’m hearing that all this bullshit is part of the never ending Democrat / Republican feud. THIS IS BEYOND CRAZY!! The Republicans want the Refugee’s out and the Democrats want them in. How bout we all come together as AMERICANS and fight this bullshit in a proper way. HOW BOUT we get all the NATO Countries, and the Countries outside of NATO to join forces and we can all work together to FINALLY eliminate ISIS and ALQUEDA. Right now this could happen. The problem in the past was that we were always fighting the war on terror by OURSELVES! Of course we couldn’t win. But RIGHT NOW we CAN! And RIGHT NOW our President is refusing action. Does any of this seem strange, or is it just me?

YES, I feel like I’m living under Marshall Law under Obama. It’s the only time I have ever felt this way, and I’m in my 50’s. I lived through many turbulent decades in our Country’s history, but this is the WORST and most dangerous time I HAVE EVER SEEN! I feel like I’m living under a Dictatorship, and my FREEDOM is slowly being stripped. Look, I’m a ‘Metal’ guy. That’s my preference in music. And the Metal family is STRONG! We’re fighters and not cowards. I do not believe ‘The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth’, not right now anyway. Sure, we’re a compassionate Country, but that can only go so far. The whole Syrian Refugee thing will be the downfall of our Country. How much worse does Mr. Obama want our Country to get? We have Racial unrest that is worse than in the 50’s and 60’s. We have social misfits that are slaughtering innocent students in Schools almost every week. These wack jobs are even killing people in Movie Theaters. And the death toll is HUGE. We have kids that are STARVING on our OWN soil, and NOW we HAVE to let in thousands more Syrian Refugee’s that CANNOT be properly checked out? OF COURSE half of them are Terrorists. How bout we become ‘somewhat’ compassionate and just let in the Children of the Refugee’s in. MY GOD, how much more can we stand before our nation crumbles altogether. I’m also VERY frightened about Hilary Clinton becoming our next President. This will carry our nation into total destruction. This will be like ‘Obama Part 2’. I do NOT choose sides in our century old war with the Democrats and the Republicans, but there is ONE GUY on the Republican side that I feel will NOT take shit, and will make our Country the way America ‘used’ to be. Like I said, I’m a METAL guy. I believe in POWER and NOT backing down in a fight. I’m not into Government, but I back our troops FULLY! And I still believe our armies are the strongest in the world. But we CANNOT be a strong nation with a President that is making bad, and very strange decisions. RIGHT NOW the entire world is ready to fight ISIS, and they ARE. Yet we’re holding back. Is it too LATE for ME to run for President? Could an Independent actually take the vote? I’m using myself as a metaphor of course, but there are MANY Metalheads like myself that back my views 100 percent. This attack on the music community in Paris woke a lot of us up, and pissed us off like never before. My heart goes out to all the families of the victims in this senseless massacre..NOW IT’S TIME TO FIGHT…RIGHT?

I’m trying not to offend anyone on the Democrat or Republican side. I know many of you play into this political nonsense. How bout just being a REALIST. How bout looking at things in the ‘Long Term’. I have NEVER seen our Country so divided in my lifetime. Do you feel this is a good thing no matter what your political preference might be? All I know is that we are a strong and powerful nation and we don’t take shit. YES, our Country is going to hell in a hand basket, yet we’re knuckling down to bad decisions because of political preference. We are living in the worst time in our nations history. Why do you think that is? SERIOUSLY, WAKE UP!! We can change things in the next election. I hate even talking about politics, it’s not me, but I’m an AMERICAN..At this point, I’m still certain that I have FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Soon though, they might take that away from us too. We’re being FORCED to do lot’s of things these days, and the word FREEDOM is barely holding water. Things have to change RIGHT NOW before it’s too late. Agree with me or disagree with me. How bout we form a new political party? We can call ourselves the LOGICAL-ISTS


IRON MAIDEN: If Eternity Should Fail (Parlophone Records) debut

CALIGULA’S HORSE: Marigold (Inside Out Music) debut

BROKEN TEETH: Raining Fire (debut)

CHAOS FRAME: Doomed (Nightmare Records) debut track

LYNCH MOB: The Hollow Queen (Frontiers Records) debut track

FREEDOM HAWK: The Line (Small Stone Records) debut track

AMPLIFIER: Crystal Anthem (Superball Music) debut track

WOLF: River Everlost (Century Media) debut track

DIO: Walk On Water (Warner Bros) debut track


FEED HER TO THE SHARKS: Burn The Traitor (Victory Records) debut

SWALLOW THE SUN: Silhouette’s (Century Media) debut

THE HELL: Fever (Prosthetic Records) debut

PSYCHOSTICK: Choking Hazard (Rock Ridge Records) debut track

VAMPIRE: Hexahedron (Century Media) debut track

SHATTERED SUN: Waging War (Victory Records) debut

PSYKOTRIBE: Wicked White Lies (Willpower Ent.) debut track

DEATH REQUISITE: Crimson Savior (debut track)

ANURYZM: All Is Not For All (Melodic Revolution Records) debut track

INTRONAUT: The Direction Of Last Things (Century Media) debut track

AIONIOS: The Torture Within (debut track)





FRIDAY 11/27: The Local 662: SUPER TROUP (featuring members from Lynch Mob, Foreigner, Bonham, Great White) w/ 5 STAR HOOKER, SAHE, 20 SHADES, ALL HAIL THE QUEEN, SHORE DOGS


Get more info on all the concert events at our site You can also find the group pages for all these events at Facebook

That’s all I got..See ya in the field


Closing The Casket On SHOCKTOBER


Hey Fiends,

Hope you all had a kickass Halloween. We have to close the casket on Shocktober, but it’s ALWAYS Halloween in the Dungeon. You can enjoy that Halloween spirit all year long on The Rock Solid Pressure Show. But we turn up the ‘Shock Value’ throughout our Shocktober season. And man we had a HELLUVA good time this year. Hope you all had a chance to listen to our broadcast last night. It was..umm.. ..KILLER (See playlist below). And of course, I’m hoping you all tuned in for our HALLOWEEN SPECIAL on Oct 26th. We exhumed the Masters Of Shock for that broadcast. We spun Creepy Classics (and some new stuff too) from SLIPKNOT, ROB ZOMBIE, ALICE COOPER, CRADLE OF FILTH (Coming to State Theatre on Feb 3rd), TYPE O NEGATIVE, KING DIAMOND, BLACK SABBATH, FIELDS OF THE NEPHILM, LORDI, CAPT CLEGG & THE NIGHT CREATURES, MURDERDOLLS, CORNBUGS (featuring CHOP TOP & BUCKETHEAD), FROSTBITE. If you missed that broadcast, we will have it on our player at in the near future..

We had a great time at concert events throughout Shocktober. NOBODY does Halloween better than our Tampa Bay music scene. We had some amazing shows like SHOCKTOBER-FEST, SOULFLY / SOILWORK, SOUL ASYLUM / MEAT PUPPETS, but the stand out was easily DEVIL’S NIGHT this past Friday night at The Local 662. Such an amazing event. All the costume’s were extremely cool (see the pics on our facebook pages). But what made it extra special, is that it doubled as a benefit for the family of the late great STEVE McCORMICK who passed away in Sept. His band TRAITORS GATE was scheduled to play The Industry Showcase, AND Devil’s Night. Steve was one of my favorite Guitarists and a great person. It was nice to see everybody at Devil’s Night give so generously. Steve’s bandmate ‘Sven’ and his wife ‘Barb’ attended the benefit. I’m sure we raised enough cash to help Barb through these rough times. It was a great night!! The Halloween spirit was raging in full force with an incredible lineup that consisted of PSYKOTRIBE, SCREAMING AT THE SILENCE, CYPHER MACHINE, CAMROSE, BLACKLITE. A night to remember..Till next year!!

Our November lineup for concert events is beyond crazy this year. Check ’em out below. But first, here’s a rundown of our playlist that pummeled The Rock Solid Pressure Show last night..

ANURYZM: Impermanence / The Challenger (Melodic Revolution Records) debut

INTRONAUT: The Pleasant Surprise (Century Media) debut

OPERATION MINDCRIME: The Stranger (Frontiers Records) debut track

SO HIDEOUS: Relinquish (Prosthetic Records) debut

GRAVE: Plain Pine Box (Century Media) debut

MEATSPACE: Victim Eyes (debut)

MUST NOT KILL: Unleash Hell (debut)

TEN HIGH: Hipster (debut)


As you can see, all debut tracks. We got extremely backed up during our Shocktober Season so expect all debut tracks for the next couple weeks. We also saw as many Horror Flicks as we could during Shocktober. I’m talking about at the Theater’s. At home, it’s Horror Flicks all year round (lol). It was a kinda dismal Halloween season for Horror films, but we found a few gems (read the previous blogs)..Here’s our take on CRIMSON PEAK..

Here’s my take on it. If you’re in the mood for a real eerie, moody, gothic ghost story with a unique plot, then you’re gonna love it. It’s a GUILLERMO DEL TORO film so expect plenty of atmosphere with lavish sets. It’s like an homage to all the great ‘Hammer’ films of the 60’s and 70’s. I expected Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee to walk in any minute. Some Horror fans might find it slow, but I love those old Hammer films, so naturally, I liked this. Del Toro captured the atmosphere of ‘turn of the century’ New York and England perfectly. It’s a haunting film that you will remember. The plot is a bit crazy..It’s the story of an aspiring writer from an affluent New York family. As a child she’s able to see the ghost of her dead Mother, who warns her about an encounter with a place called Crimson Peak. Years later she falls in love with a shady guy who comes to America to gain money from her Father for one of his projects. The shady guy is accompanied by his evil Sister. They are not liked by our Heroine’s Father, and they are sent packing back to England..But not before they murder the Father..Anyway, our lead character marries the shady guy and is whisked off to to England to the eerie estate ‘Crimson Peak’. Turns out, the shady guy and his Sinister Sister are incestuous lovers. They plan to kill our Heroine, like they have done with others. The Ghosts come out of the woodwork and the creepfest begins. There’s not much gore, but when it comes, it’s horrific and realistic. The Ghosts look incredible, and it’s refreshing to see an original and complex script that works. I didn’t really like the sappy ending, and some Horror fans might find it slow, but for me, overall it was a good movie. Certainly won’t be my ‘Movie Of The Year’, but if you love those old Hammer films like I do..Then you’ll enjoy your stay at CRIMSON PEAK!!

*THE NOVEMBER CONCERT SCHEDULE: We’re gearing up for an INSANE month of concert events. Here’s a rundown..Pick your favorite..Or go to ALL of ’em







Saturday 11/28  State Theatre: DOYLE w/ PSYKOTRIBE, WIRETHRONE, THE DOOD

*NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: Expect another show with all debut tracks PLUS we’ll dissect the first episode of ASH VS EVIL DEAD..Brave the darkness and tune in. And remember, we air every Monday night at 7pm (EST) on these fine stations and many more

That’s all I got..Till next time..Cya in the field


Ahhh, Shocktober


Hey Fiends,

Hope you are all enjoying our annual ‘Shocktober Celebration’ on The Rock Solid Pressure Show. It’s certainly our favorite time of year. Since 2002 our Shocktober Celebration has been churning out the sinister sounds throughout the month of October. In fact, back in 2002 when we started our broadcast, NOBODY was even using the term ‘Shocktober’..I was certain I invented it (lol). Seriously, I do research before I name anything. NOW, everybody is using the term. Not the first time my ideas have been stolen. BUT can they do ‘Shocktober’ the way WE do it? I highly doubt it. In years past we have had virtually every iconic Horror actor join us for the celebration. Including members from all the dark bands that we love. Lately, our high profile interviews have been out in the field at our concert events down here on the Tampa Bay gulf. We’re trying to get away from the ‘Phone-In’ interview thing. We’d much rather have our guests join us in the Dungeon, or do a backstage interview where we are ‘really’ in our element.We don’t have any interviews planned for this months celebration though. We’d much rather fill it with the scary sounds of the season..And as you know, we have an over abundance of ‘Scary Sounds’ down here in the catacombs..

It’s always ‘Halloween’ on our show, but in Shocktober we kick it up a notch. Here’s our playlist for the past two weeks. It’s filled with Deadly Debuts and Creepy Classic Cuts for our annual Tradition Of Terror


CRADLE OF FILTH: Misericord (Nuclear Blast) debut track

DR. LIVING DEAD: Wake Up, Join The Dead (Century Media) debut track

ROB ZOMBIE: Everybody Scream (Hip-O Records)

TYPE O NEGATIVE: Life Is Killing Me (Roadrunner)

KRIADIAZ: Lepers & Liars (Shark Sausage) debut

HYDROVIBE featuring Shawnee Smith: Killer Inside (Orleans Street)

ST. MADNESS: Carl The Clown (Nasty Prick)

JIRO: Clock Strikes 12 (Mosrite Records)

THE A-BORTZ: Walking Dead

3 KISSES: Love Is A Grave (debut)

CAPT. CLEGG & THE NIGHT CREATURES: Macon County Morgue (Hip-O)

BLACK SABBATH: Hole In The Sky (R.I.P. Steve McCormick)


OPETH: The Moor (Peaceville Records) debut track

PSYKOTRIBE: Vengeance (Willpower Ent) debut

MUSHROOMHEAD: Darker Days (Megaforce)

KING DIAMOND: Sarah’s Night (Metal Blade)

VAMPIRE: Night Hunter (Century Media) debut

WATAIN: The Wild Hunt (Century Media) debut track

AKERCOCKE: The Promise (Earache Records)

SPIDER MOUNTAIN featuring Chop Top: Stupid Life Of A Mom Eater


So, for those of you that know these bands, then you get the picture right? This is how we do Shocktober in the Dungeon every year. Our next broadcast will be Oct 26th. Our final night of the celebration will be a fright fest indeed. We will exhume ALL the masters of monstrous music. If you’re as wildly wicked as us, then you’ll tune in. We’ll be back to our ‘ol sinister selves in November. We’re WAY backed up in the ‘New Music’ dept so expect a ton of debut tracks in November..Along with a mind blowing lineup of national concert events..

SHOWCASE NEWS: So, the Industry Showcase was a couple weeks ago. We’re still actually recovering from this monumental event. In fact, both Patty and myself came down with the flu right after the event. Seems the entire scene got the flu down here. And I’m STILL trying to shake it off. But I’m not letting it hinder the celebration for the cool things that happened (so far) for some of the performing bands. If you missed the broadcast on Monday night when we made the formal announcements..Then you’re a dick. Here’s what we know so far..More announcements coming as they happen

*The band ‘5 STAR HOOKER’ was awarded a prime slot at ROCKLAHOMA. This was given by RETROSPECT RECORDS..Big congrats to the band for kicking ass at the Showcase this year!!

*The band ‘AIONIOS’ was awarded a custom deal with SINISTER GUITAR PICKS. Big congrats to the band for blowing ‘everyone’s’ mind at the Showcase this year

*The band ‘THE D.O.O.D.’ was awarded an insane custom merch package from ACE HIGH PRINTING, and they were ALSO awarded free studio time from FULL WAVE SOUND. Big congrats to the band for having a set of a lifetime

*The band ‘A(K)NEW’ was awarded free studio time from FULL WAVE SOUND. Big congrats to the band for bringing their A-Game for a set of a lifetime

*The band ‘FROM THIS FIRE’ was awarded an insane prize pack from FREAKSHOW FOLLIES. Big congrats to the band for always leaving smoke on the State Theatre stage

That’s all we know so far. We ARE hearing rumblings from the WILLPOWER ENTERTAINMENT camp that a signing is on the horizon. We’re not hearing anything from the MELODIC REVOLUTION camp about a signing, but that could change. Mega-Producer MATT LaPLANT is sure to be working with a few bands this year. At this point, we don’t know ‘who’ yet. We’ll be announcing results as they happen on our broadcast. I would advise tuning in every Monday night at 7pm (est) to get the info in your ears first. I’m no longer doing weekly blogs, so it’s best to tune in..

HORROR MOVIE REVIEWS: Well, 2015 has been the worst year for theatrical Horror Movie releases. But it seems that’s changing. This month is filled with all kinds of horror flicks at the Theaters. And you can bet your ass we’ll be seeing every one. We already took in two of the most talked about shockers, and here’s our reviews..

*THE VISIT (My Review) So, we see it’s an M. Nyght Shaymalan movie (did I spell that right?) So it can’t be that bad right? I mean, he made a couple good creepy films. But this one SUCKED! We find out it’s one of those ‘Hand Held Camera’ ‘Documentary Style’ ‘P.O.V.’ films that are all the rage with the kids. And we HATE these movies, and YES, we ALSO hate all those ‘Paranormal Activity’ movies. Shame on you Shaymalan for jumping on this bandwagon of crap. If it was done as a ‘regular’ movie, it might have been ok. The story was a bit creepy but not original at all, and WAY too boring..Here’s the plot, 2 kids, a Brother and Sister go visit their Grandparents who they never met before. But their ‘real’ Grandparents are dead in the basement and 2 escaped homicidal mental patients are posing as their Grandparents. These 2 old crazy folks shit themselves and crawl around naked. It’s more funny than scary actually. I also hated the 2 kids. The whole Documentary thing just ruined it for me. HELLO, THIS STYLE OF FILM MAKING IS PLAYED OUT..There wasn’t even a twist ending that Shaymalan is famous for. It did pretty well at the Theaters, so it’s obvious Mr. Shaymalan was only in it for the money. I’d actually like MY money back. This movie is NOT worth a VISIT to the Theater. Unless you’re like 12 years old.

*THE VISIT (Patty’s Review) I’m not an M. Nyght Shaymalan fan, but it was a great night for the drive-in. That always means ‘Party City’ for us. And this was the closest thing to horror this year, so off we went. I immediately was turned off by the ‘Hand Held Documentary” thing..I HATE THAT!! So I tried to look at it cinematically, trying to find something that worked. But I’ve seen more scares on network TV shows. Both the kids annoyed the hell out of me. The story could have moved a bit quicker. I kind of liked the crazy imposter Grandparents..Kinda. But the movie didn’t work for me at all. As we exited the Drive-In, the soundtrack for the rolling credits was actually REAL scary, but we had to suffer through that annoying kid rapping, thankfully that was short..But if you want to learn about old age ‘Incontinence’ then go see it

*THE GREEN INFERNO (My Review) This was AWESOME!! Finally, a ‘real’ horror movie. This time around, Eli Roth pays homage to the Cannibal films of the 70’s. Like ‘Make Them Die Slowly’ ‘Slave Of The Cannibal God’, and ‘Cannibal Holocaust..With more emphasis on ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ (FYI The original working title for Cannibal Holocaust was actually ‘The Green Inferno). The amazing and legendary makeup team of Nicatero and Berger make this a kickass splatterfest. Although I’m sure there will be an unrated edition coming out, and I’m going to hunt that down. It was still pretty bold for an ‘R’ rating though..The plot is simple, College kid activists from NY take a trip to the Peruvian Amazon to chain themselves to tree’s to stop bulldozers from tearing down the forests, and help save the surviving native tribes who still live in the jungle. They succeed but find their mission was all a scam for the leader of the activist group who put everyone’s life in danger. On their return flight, their plane crashes and most of them die. The survivors are captured by a Cannibal tribe and they’re all eaten..It’s beyond awesome!! You’ll hate most of the activists, and you won’t care they are eaten. A couple of ’em are bad actors and you can’t wait till they are munched. The activist leader reminded me of BORAT (lol). The Cannibals are extremely realistic. That’s because most of them were a real Peruvian Tribe. A few of ’em looked liked something out of the new Mad Max movie..This was insanely good!! Best Horror Movie of the year so far (for me)..Eli Roth does it again

*THE GREEN INFERNO (Patty’s Review) Ok, now I feel like we’re getting into the swing of big budget horror films that are REALLY GOOD!! Thank you Eli Roth for once again not disappointing fans with a well done Cannibal movie. Loved everything about it, location, plot, gore. I did some research and found out the lead actress (the survivor girl) almost ‘really’ drowned in the rapid river scene. They left that scene in the film. They also had to endure hardships in making this film. I found this movie gripping, intense, and the decapitation scenes jaw dropping. With that said, I also enjoyed the comedic moments. And the credits had a bit of of a surprise in it too. Loved this move! Well Done!!


Sun 10/25: State Theatre: SOULFLY, SOILWORK, DECAPITATED, SHATTERED SUN, PSYKOTRIBE, AIONIOS: Man, we’re so stoked for this. It’s not just a concert..It’s a METAL EVENT. The scene has been anticipating this show for a LONG time, and it’s less than TWO WEEKS AWAY!! Get more info at or

And that’s about all I got this week. Make sure you tune in for our ‘Shocktober’ finale on Oct 26th

Cya In The Field


Prepare Yourself For ‘The Industry Showcase’ Weekend!!


Hey Fiends,

The Rock Solid Pressure ‘Industry Showcase Weekend’ starts on Friday!! PREPARE YOURSELF!! Normally I would be posting the ‘Survival Guide’ but we’re WAY too busy getting this massive weekend together. No Survival Guide this year. This year, it’s been extremely crazy getting this beast together. It’s going to be INSANE!! Friday, Saturday, and Sunday..We have NEVER extended the celebration to 3 days in our 13 year history of the Showcase, so let the cards fall into place. Let the stars align, and PREPARE YOURSELF for the wildest Showcase Weekend..EVER!!

Before I go into detail about the events going down this weekend. I want to tell you about last weeks broadcast. It was a killer show. We aired a rerun on Monday night, and you’ll hear it ‘again’ next Monday night. I know, it’s weird that we only have one broadcast in September, but this massive weekend has consumed our life for the past few weeks. We’ll be back on track on Oct 5th with our ‘Shocktober Celebration’..With that said, our ‘one’ show in September was a bloody joy to behold. Plenty of chances to hear it (lol), and if you ‘didn’t’ hear it, you’ll get another chance to redeem yourself on Monday night. The entire show was based around the partying madness of the FEAR FACTORY show!! We had backstage interviews with TRAVIS from THE BLOODLINE (Another Century Records), JASON from KADAVER DOLLS / DEADLIFT (Willpower Ent), JONZEY from THE DOOD, and KEI from Japan (The Ultimate Metal Fan)..The Playlist went down like this


CRADLE OF FILTH: Right Wing Of The Garden Triptych (debut) Nuclear Blast

BARREN EARTH: On Lonely Towers (debut track) Century Media

TEMPEST RISING: War (debut track)

THE BLOODLINE: Dead And Buried (debut) Another Century / Century Media

CHAOS FRAME: Derceto (debut) Nightmare Records

MARTY FRIEDMAN: Lycanthrope (debut) Prosthetic Records

THE DOOD: House Of The Dead

A LIGHT DIVIDED: No Time For Love Dr. Jones (debut)

ROCKSTARR BENTLEY: You Kill Me (debut)

*INDUSTRY SHOWCASE WEEKEND: So, you’ve seen the event pages. You’ve seen the posts and the Press Release. The promotion has been off the chains this year. The entire scene will be there, so there’s really no need for a ‘Survival Guide’ this year. I do want to give you a quick rundown of the shows this weekend though..So here goes

FRIDAY (The Local 662): THE INDUSTRY SHOWCASE PRE-PARTY featuring PSYKOTRIBE (CD RELEASE PARTY), KADAVER DOLLS, THE DEFIANT, DREAMKILLER (NC), FUNERAL FOR A CLOWN, UNDER FALLEN ORDER..We decided to bring the Pre-Party back this year, and we did it in a BIG way. All the bands performing are Showcase alumni, and 3 of the bands were signed at the Showcase (Psykotribe, Kadaver Dolls, The Defiant). And to make it even more ‘Shockingly Special’, it’s PSYKOTRIBE’S CD RELEASE SHOW!!! And to make it even more Super-Cool, a few Industry Reps from the Showcase panel WILL BE THERE!! We’re stoked to have MATT LaPLANT (Bieler, Roadrunner, Atlantic, etc) in attendance, along with MATT DAY (Willpower Ent), and JAN BARKER (Ashley Talent Agency) and SCOTT LaFLAMME (Superstar Guitarist) in the house. Pretty much like a Showcase in itself right? This will kick off the crazy weekend. Pace yourself in the ‘Partying Dept’ because you still have 2 more days to survive. Doors at 7pm

SATURDAY (State Theatre) THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE INDUSTRY SHOWCASE 2015 (13 Year Anniversary). Doors at Noon. the Opening Ceremonies start at 1:00pm. Here is this years lineup (in order of appearance) NOTHIN TOO FANCY. WICKED REVOLUTION, AEGEA, ROCKSTARR BENTLEY, 5 STAR HOOKER, FROM THIS FIRE, DRVN, A(K)NEW, A LIGHT DIVIDED, THE DOOD, NINE MILE DRIVE, WIRETHRONE, HOWLING MIDNIGHT, THE CUNNINGHAM WAKE, HALF TON HAMMER, SEVENSINS, RISE 2 BRUTALITY, DEATH REQUISITE, GRASPING AT THE SHADOW, AIONIOS..Now THIS is a survival test. Who can make it through the entire event? You’ll be surprised at how many people actually DO every year. We’ll be making the announcements in Oct on who got signed, endorsed, won stuff, and all the cool things that happen for these bands every year.

SUNDAY (State Theatre) GEMINI SYNDROME, 9 ELECTRIC, EXOTYPE, COLDCLOCK KNOCKOUT, CYPHER MACHINE..This is also PATTY’S BIRTHDAY PARTY!! We decided to end this crazy weekend, and have Patty’s B’day with a kickass national event. I know, I know, a lot of you will be wiped out, but you’ll tell your grandchildren you survived the historic Showcase Weekend. If anything, come out to party with Patty. It’s an early show, doors at 6:00pm. We expect the entire night to be over by 11:00pm. I’m going to sleep for a few days after this weekend…SEE YOU ALL THERE

*RIP STEVE McCORMICK: Tragedy struck our metal scene last week. Steve McCormick passed away. Steve was the guitarist for TRAITORS GATE and it shocked the entire community. He was one of my favorite guitarists and we loved hanging out with him. Steve had that classic ‘Iommi’ sound, and I loved the band so much. In one year they rose to prominence on the scene. The band was also scheduled to play the Industry Showcase on Saturday. As I write this, benefits are being planned for Steve’s family, and I’m sure there will be a ‘Tribute Set’ in Steve’s honor at the DEVILS NIGHT show at the 662 on Oct 30th. Traitors Gate was also on the bill for that event. If you would like to honor Steve in your own way, put on a Sabbath album and raise a glass. I’m still not quite over the shock of this terrible news, but all I can say right now is that I’ll miss him dearly..Such a great guy..such a great band!!

That’s how I’m going to end it this week gang..I’ll see you all this weekend


Am I Disturbing You?…COOL


Hey Fiends,

Hate to disturb you, but I just gotta scream about the helluva good time it’s been the past couple of weeks. I’m finally recovered from a frightfully fun time in the field this week. We had some amazingly kickass shows in St. Pete this past week. Well, it’s pretty much ALL kickass shows at ‘The Local 662’ and ‘The State Theatre’, but it was extra fun this past week. As we’re on the verge of the incredible ‘Showcase Weekend’, we had some fun this past week with our family of ‘Showcase Alumni Bands’.. It was kinda like a ‘Rock Solid Pressure Family Weekend’ at the 662. On Friday we had our friends in THE DEFIANT lay havoc to the stage, and what a great night of musical mayhem. We also had COLDCLOCK KNOCKOUT, THE HARVEST, THE PROPER CROOKS, ABORTION TWINS, and ABOVE ALL ACTS!! All turned out stellar performances to a ‘great’ crowd. It was Hangover-Worthy indeed!! On Saturday, our friends in SUNSHINE & BULLETS invaded the 662 to a packed house. I really needed my shades for this one, S&B have possibly the best light show I have ever seen at the 662. Seriously, it puts some of the national acts I book to shame. And I’m sure if you were there, the highlight of the evening (lol) was getting to see me sing ‘Feel Good’ with the band. I was on key right? But what a fun night. Also on this amazing show was another one of our ‘Family’ bands FROM THIS FIRE (I believe I saw a mosh pit). And hey, you’ll see FTF breathe fire at THE INDUSTRY SHOWCASE on Sept 26th..Also on the show was the kickass AEGEA. And you’ll see THEM at the Showcase as well. We also had our friends from Orlando ‘THE GLORIOUS REBELLION, our good friends in TRANKQUILL, and newcomers to the scene ‘THE CRUZ BROTHERS’..All I can say is what a HELLUVA WEEKEND!!

So I see this post on facebook from a band that is complaining about the lack of attendance at a certain popular venue. No, I won’t mention the venue, and OF COURSE it’s not The Local 662 or The State Theatre (No lack of attendance there lol). My first thought at seeing this post is ‘Hmmm didn’t YOUR fans show up’..I agree there is probably an error in booking at this venue. Mainly because they book bands THAT HAVE NO FANS!! But if you’re a band, and you didn’t bring a shitload of people to see you, well, that’s YOUR fault. I hate it when bands bitch about a venue. If all the bands brought their fans, then there wouldn’t be a problem. This is why I’m very selective in booking. I DO NOT want the venues I work for to fail. Don’t get me wrong, I HAVE seen failure. I just know who NOT to book. Please remember, a venue is ‘not’ a practice space, it’s a business. If your band fails in completing your obligation to ‘help’ that business be successful..Then everybody loses. That’s why venues are closing. I’m mainly talking about ‘Local Bands’ and the local venues they play. You can’t blame an out of town band if they get on a show and no one shows up. And that SUCKS! The local bands totally let them down. I personally don’t see much of this because I’m involved in a thriving, kickass music scene. I don’t WANT to be involved in that OTHER scene Whatever the hell that other scene is. My advice to local bands is to NOT bitch about the venues you play. If no one is there, bitch at your fans, if you have fans..That’s it

FEAR FACTORY: So, this past Tuesday night we had FEAR FACTORY at The State Theatre. And man, what a show!! The place was packed for an insane night of metal..It was great to see our ‘ol pal TONY CAMPOS, and it was a fun day hangin out with the band. Actually, it was a fun day hangin out with THEIR CREW as well. Just a great bunch of guys. Usually, it’s ‘Ego City’ with the bigger bands. The Tour Managers and Sound Techs’ are usually mega assholes, along with the band. Not the case here. AND MY GOD, they even respected, and bonded, with the local openers. We had so much fun, this show will probably be in the running for ‘Concert Of The Year’..Also on the show was ONCE HUMAN (Ex Machinehead & Soulfly), BEFORE THE MOURNING, THE BLOODLINE..And local openers DEADLIFT, SILGE..We also bonded with THE BLOODLINE (Another Century Records), and you’ll hear the interview on The Rock solid Pressure Show on Nov 14th..

And speaking of The Rock Solid Pressure Show. If you’re regular listeners, then you know we’ve been having too much fun the past couple weeks. On 8/24 we featured our UK friends in THE FAMILY RUIN (KBB Records) on the show. They’re currently touring the country with Nonpoint. Then on 8/31, we had our good friend SCOTT LaFLAMME stop in the Dungeon to party with us. Scott’s a famed guitarist who has jammed with EVERYBODY (lol) His newest Supergroup is called SUPER TROUP and it features members of LYNCH MOB, FOREIGNER, BONHAM, GREAT WHITE, BANG TANGO. I have this act coming to the 662 on Nov 27th..SO GET READY!! Here’s how the playlists shook out for the past 2 weeks


WORLDS DIVIDE: Rise Above The Dead (Quantum Records) debut track

STARKILL: Covergence (Century Media) debut track

RAVEN EYE: Breaking Out (Rook Records) debut

LO-PAN: Land Of The Blind (Small Stone Records) debut

THE FAMILY RUIN: Bring Out Your Dead / Cirque Du Sin (Another Century) debut

VAST: Here (Elektra)

A(K)NEW: 21 Grams

NONPOINT: Never Ending Hole (Metal Blade) debut track



NIGHTINGALE: The Maze (Inside Out Music)

TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION: Splinter (Carved Records) debut track

BLACK STAR RIDERS: Soldiers Town (Nuclear Blast) debut track

PSYCHOSTICK: Bruce Campbell (Rock Ridge Records) debut

BANG TANGO (w/ Scott LaFlamme): Pistol Whipped In The Bible Belt

CROBOT: Night Of The Sacrifice (Wind Up Records)

WHO CARES (w/ Iommi, Gillan, Newstead, McBrain, Lord) HOLY WATER (E.A.R.)

CYCLE OF PAIN: 14 Devils (Rock Ridge Records)


FEAR FACTORY: 540.000 Degrees Fahrenheit (Calvin Records)


*ONLY A FEW DAYS LEFT TO VOTE: Hey, if you read the previous blogs,  then you know that the Tampa Creative Loafing nominated THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW as BEST LOCAL INTERNET RADIO SHOW..Although we’re ‘not’ just an internet show, it was cool that we were ‘finally’ recognized for all the hard work we’ve been doing for the past 13 years. IF YOU WOULD BE SO COOL, we’re asking that you give us a vote. The voting ends on Sept 8th so there’s not much time left. If we don’t win, at least we GAVE THEM HELL RIGHT? Here’s the link..really appreciate it..

*WES CRAVEN: Man, what a loss for the Horror Community. Wes was behind some of my favorite Horror flicks of all time. He was also active in Horror right up until the end. Can’t really say a torch has been passed because all the new Horror movies SUCK!! The Pioneers who redefined the genre, like Mr. Craven, have left a mark that can never be erased. In fact, most Horror fans will STILL prefer a Craven flick over any of this new bullshit that is passing itself off as Horror!! LONG LIVE WES CRAVEN!!

NEWS: Well, THE INDUSTRY SHOWCASE WEEKEND is right around the corner (Sept 25,26,27). You can imagine how busy we are right now. So busy, that we will only do ONE BROADCAST in Sept, and that will be on the 14th. I WILL do another blog which will feature the annual SHOWCASE SURVIVAL GUIDE..So keep your eyes open for that. It will include EVERYTHING you need to survive all 3 days. YES, a GEMINI SYNDROME show has been added to Sun Sept 27th..Man, I’m wondering if I CAN SURVIVE THAT WEEKEND..

Till next time..Cya in the field



Bloody Birthdays, Dreamkillers, And Other Lurid Tales


Hey Fiends,

Hope you had a chance to tune in to The Rock Solid Pressure Show last night. We had a great time in the Ol’ Dungeon. Our friends from the band DREAMKILLER stopped in, and we partied..Heavily!! This North Carolina powerhouse has been down here in Florida for the past few weeks working in their new Drummer (Our good friend TALON BLAQUE). The band is now out on the road kicking ass throughout our great Country..Well, how bout ‘used to be a great Country lol’..Dreamkiller is led by CHRISTY JOHNSON who also has an incredible career acting in Horror Films. That’s another reason why we love this band so much. We’ve been hanging out with them at a few of our concert events for the past couple weeks, and their visit culminated with a stop to the ‘Rock Solid Pressure Dungeon’..I’m also proud to say that we helped launched this band into the limelight. The doors really opened for them after their appearance at the 2012 Industry Showcase. NOW the band makes their living on the road. That’s the ONLY way to do things if you want to grab the brass ring in this business. Make it a point to catch Dreamkiller when they roll into your town..I DEMAND IT!!


GOTH: Only One (Century Media) debut

ENABLER: Drownage (Century Media) debut

TEMPEST RISING: On Borrowed Time (debut)

AEGEA: Reaching (debut)

OPERATION MINDCRIME: Re-Inventing The Future (Frontiers) debut

LYNCH MOB: Kingdom Of Slaves (Frontiers) debut

PETE BERWICK: See You In Hell (Little Class Records) debut

DREAMKILLER: Watch This (debut)

DREAMKILLER: Absolution (debut)

Felt good to be back on the slab last night after a week off. We needed mega recovery time after my Birthday weekend where we partied our faces off at the PSYCHOSTICK and NONPOINT concerts. We even had my ‘Bloody Birthday Special’ on the show where I took over the Dungeon Decks and spun tracks from some of my favorite albums in the 80’s. The year before, I spun some of my favorites from the 70’s. year, if I’m still alive (I’m an old guy remember) I’ll spin my favorites from the 90’s..So yeah, my 80’s Birthday Broadcast was a huge mid-life crisis. I can’t even explain the strange emotions I felt reliving those classics. PLEASE get me on a Time Machine and GET ME THE HELL OUTTA THIS SCREWED UP WORLD..If you tuned in, and you’re as old, and like minded as myself, it was probably a comfort to hear ‘not so played’ tracks from FIELDS OF THE NEPHILM, PRIEST, SABBATH, SAXON, ANVIL, SLAYER, SAVATAGE, MAIDEN, MEGADETH, KING DIAMOND, SEPULTURA, MOTORHEAD, METALLICA, and there was just ‘so much’ I didn’t have time for..But you get the picture of what kind of Metal I was listening to in the 80’s..When AMERICA WAS AMERICA!!

So, I’ve been bitching about how screwed up our Country has become. I really let my feelings go in the last blog. The entire WORLD is beyond messed up!! I have always rallied against Politicians. For the past few years, I’ve been a bit tame on the air. Kinda like being beaten into submission in a ‘Marshall Law Country’..But I’m waking up. And you know who has awoken this sleeping giant? DONALD TRUMP! Hey, laugh if you will but he has my vote. I’m not a Democrat or a Republican. If anything, I’m for the Independent. The ONLY time I ever voted was for ROSS PEROT. Remember him? The little weird guy with the Pie Charts that everybody laughed at. Well guess what? All that stuff that you found funny in his charts way back when..IT ALL CAME TRUE!! We actually had a REAL visionary who was running Independently and we swept him under the rug. He didn’t even WANT to live in the White House. NOW we have a new visionary in DONALD TRUMP! Holy shit, this guy has me up on my feet and cheering! I personally feel he’s too much for the Republicans to handle, and I look forward to seeing him run Independently. WE COULD ACTUALLY WIN THIS TIME!!

Seriously, I’ve never been so interested in Politics in my life. Donald Trump is NOT a Politician. He’s a REALIST! This is the guy WE NEED to run this Country. To make this Country PROUD again! I’m proud to say that I met him, and he was a really cool, down to earth guy who LOVES ROCK MUSIC!! I was even invited 2 years in a row to play his BEACH FEST in Atlantic City. Which was basically his Birthday Party..Biggest stage I ever played on in my life..Oh yeah, with thousands of people on the beach. I DO NOT feel that Trump is a racist in ANY way. Putting up that wall to protect our Country is NOT a racist move. And for the first time in many years, I’ve been glued to CNN, and laughing out loud how the Anchors condemn him. They might be laughing but the Polls don’t lie. Trump has struck a chord with Millions of people just like me. The hard working Americans who are sick to death with the stereotypical Politician who spews nothing but false promises. Seriously, I actually watched the Republican Debate on TV. The last time I even ventured into such uncompromising territory is when ROSS PEROT was running..And I LOVED IT!! Trump hit hard and fired back at his detractors. Did any of you watch it? Man, these Republican candidates are a strange bunch right? They are so rigid and robotic, it’s almost as if they had sticks up their asses. Kinda scary! Then on the Democratic side, we have HILLARY CLINTON..ARE YOU F*CKIN KIDDING ME? SERIOUSLY? The most untrustworthy, criminal minded Politician on THE PLANET!! I’ve suffered so much through this Obama Administration, now HILLARY CLINTON!! Please hand me the noose, because I couldn’t take it. I’m now living through a Presidency (Oops sorry, Dictatorship) where nothing makes sense. I’ll never buy into any of his policies that we’re forced to endure! Screw everybody, I’m with Trump ALL THE WAY TO THE END!! It’s time we had a guy in the White House who LOVES the ROCKERS!! If I offended anyone, then that’s cool, I’m back to my old self..And I ‘miss’ my old self..And I ‘miss’ the way our Country ‘used’ to be..

SHOWCASE NEWS: Man, we’re like 5 weeks away from the 13 Year Anniversary for the Rock Solid Pressure Industry Showcase’.. I’m at the point where I’m starting to get really excited. How bout you? We have one of the most incredible lineups in our history. And after doing this year after year, the excitement level never fades. But this year, I’m REALLY excited!! Not only do we have Record Labels, Producers, and Name Companies on the panel this year, but we’re also adding a high level national Booking Agency ‘ASHLEY TALENT INTERNATIONAL LLC’ (Jan Barker) who handles some of the biggest touring acts in the world!! This is the direction we’re moving in for the panels. YES, we get bands signed and produced every year, but NOW, we can get bands on huge tours..Without the ‘buy ons’..In 2016 I’m hoping to have ‘many’ Agencies like this on the panel. These are reputable Agencies I deal with in booking National Acts for The State Theatre. The time has come for me to call in some favors, and I’m loving the addition this year. I’m also bringing in a Talent Developer, Guitar God SCOTT LaFLAMME who has toured the world with just about EVERYBODY!! He also has a hand in breaking new artists and bands. So mark your Calendars for SEPT 25th (Pre-Party at The Local 662), and Sept 26th (Showcase at The State Theatre). Make sure you get your face on both Event Pages on Facebook

HEY HERE’S SOMETHING COOL!! after 13 years on the air. The Tampa CREATIVE LOAFING finally nominated us as ‘Best Local Internet Radio Show’..Although we’re not just an Internet show, we’re still on a few dials. But it was cool to be recognized from a publication that pretty much ignored us for all these years. Even after I brought some of the biggest concerts to the Tampa Bay Gulf, we were ignored. We really don’t expect to win, but I know our METAL brethren are giving them HELL and voting for us. I would include a link to vote but that has been taken down. They misspelled our name ‘twice’..Do you get the sense that the cards are stacked against us? (lol) But it’s cool to be recognized, and we thank Creative Loafing for steping out of the box. They also nominated a lot of local bands that we work with, which never happened before. and they ALSO nominated the BLACK STAR RIDERS concert as ‘Concert Of The Year’, and I was HEAVILY involved in bringing that show to State Theatre..So, the link is down to vote, but maybe if you look around, you’ll find a way to vote for us. We really appreciate all you cool people that have been voting every day. LETS WIN THIS FOR THE ROCKERS!! And big kudos to Creative Loafing to plugging into the scene..OUR SCENE!!

WHAT’S COMING UP ON ROCK SOLID PRESSURE: Next week, we’ll be airing an interview with a band from the UK called THE FAMILY RUIN (KBB Records). they’re currently on tour with 10 YEAR and NONPOINT. The week after that, we’ll be having our good friend, and Guitar Genius SCOTT LaFLAMME visiting us in the Dungeon..Make sure you tune in!! Lot’s of cool info to enlighten you with


Friday Aug 28th: The Local 662: THE DEFIANT w/ COLD CLOCK KNOCKOUT, THE HARVEST, THE PROPER CROOKS, ABORTION TWINS, ABOVE ALL ACTS! We’re gonna have a blast at this one. It’s a Family Affair!! Doors at 7pm. Get more info at our site

Saturday Aug 29th: The Local 662: SUNSHINE & BULLETS w/ FROM THIS FIRE, AEGEA, THE GLORIOUS REBELLION, TRANKQUILL, THE CRUZ BROTHERS! Yet another ‘Family Affair’ we’re crazy excited about..The entire weekend is like an RSP Family Reunion..Cya at both shows

Tuesday Sept 1st: State Theatre: FEAR FACTORY w/ ONCE HUMAN, BEFORE THE MOURNING, THE BLOODLINE, DEADLIFT, SILGE! Having sleepless nights over this one!! WE CAN’T WAIT!! Get more info at

That’s all I got..Cya in the field





Hey Fiends, Did you ever have one of those weeks when everything pisses you off? I’ve been pretty tame over here in the blog for awhile, but today I’m full of rage. My birthday is next week. I’m an old guy, and I should be relaxing and enjoying my old age like most people in their 50’s. Well, that’s hardly the case these days. I can’t complain about the music scene down here in Florida, that’s beyond spectacular. It’s just everything that’s going on in the world today that has me throwing my fist in the air and screaming at the heavens. You have heard me complain about how technology will ruin our society. Oops sorry, IT HAS ruined our society. With all the advancements in this computer age, I’m surprised that someone has not come up with a Time Machine. For me, that would be the answer. I’d go back to the 70’s and 80’s and all would be right with the world. America was so different then. I made more money in those decades then I ever made in my life (legally).

We all had a sense of purpose and prosperity. But we all had a great time in those years. We never felt threatened by the Government, and the word ‘FREEDOM’ really applied to our Country..Not so these days Today, I feel like I’m living in ‘Marshall Law America’. I feel like I’m living under a Dictatorship. I have never really fully trusted our Government, and you probably all know I hate Politicians. But in the 70’s and 80’s, none of that really applied to common citizens like me. In this day and age, it’s a total Orwellian society. The Government is watching our every move and we’re forced to knuckle down. It’s Communism at it’s finest. Honestly, I thought I would never live to see our Country go to hell. Seriously, you can’t disagree with me right? If we had a strong ‘Third Party’ with Candidates who were the ‘real’ voice of America, none of this mess would have happened. Who is the ‘real’ voice of America? That’s YOU and ME. We need ‘real’ people leading our Government. Not these ultra-rich Poilitico scumbags that have ruined our nation. Instead, we have a Pop-Culture President that is more like a Dictator. If we rallied against the Government way back in the 70’s and 80’s, and forced out the Republicans and Democrats, our world could be extremely different today. If we all just wake up and seize control, we could make the ‘Third Party’ work.

I rarely voted in my lifetime. It all just seemed so corrupt and I wanted no part of it. These rich Politicians always reminded me of evil scandalous beings. I’m a ROCKER, and it seems Musicians have some sort of inner light to the deceptive ways of Government. How much bullshit can one be fed before we all just scream ‘STOP IT’..Well, we CAN stop it. The Republicans and Democrats make a mockery of a Third Party. God forbid we have a REAL, HARD WORKING American in office. God forbid we all learn the REAL truth behind all the lies. The person with the most money usually wins the Presidency. Probably not the case with Obama, but we were all charmed to death and led down a path to an America that I hardly recognize. We’re now FORCED by Government in everything we do. And DON’T buy into the freedom you think you have on Social Media.

Just last week I was FORCED to take my name ‘J-ROCK’ off my facebook page and replace it with my real name. It pissed me off like never before. WHY would they do that? I’ve been called J-ROCK since the 80’s. NOBODY even knows me by my real name except my Family. This makes things extremely difficult with my work in the Music Industry. If an important contact wants to find me, now they can’t. They would not even let me log in to my page and they MADE me send over my Drivers License or they would discontinue my page. Who’s running this site J EDGAR HOOVER? So I’m pretty sure there’s an ulterior motive in why facebook is doing this to people.

You all know I look back at the Myspace days fondly. They were good times, and a safe haven from all the bullshit in the world. Ever since day one on facebook, I never felt completely comfortable. I always felt they were working hand in hand with the Government… I’m pretty sure if a Third Party page popped up on facebook, it would be denounced. If you notice, I don’t post anything about my life on facebook. I basically just use it for promotion of our radio show and our live events. I NEVER hooked up a twitter account and I NEVER WILL. Are you kidding me? That’s more “Big Brother’ than anything I’ve ever seen. So here we are, living in Marshall Law America..At least I have memories of a FREE Country. I grew up not worrying about being shot, being abducted, being blown to smithereens by Terrorists, being forced into health care..Well, I WAS beaten by cops in the 70’s, but man, that was fun..And it was my nature. I’m a ROCKER remember.

And to top everything off. I got really sick this past Friday night and had to miss the SLIPKNOT / LAMB OF GOD show. This pisses me off more than anything. I’ve been going through some health problems for the past few years. At my age, it can’t always be PARTY PARTY PARTY, and I realize that. It was a hard decision not to go, we even had backstage passes. But my health had to take priority. But I look forward to some huge shows coming up at State Theatre, namely PSYCHOSTICK, NONPOINT, FEAR FACTORY, JACKYL, SOULFLY, and of course..THE INDUSTRY SHOWCASE.

SHOWCASE NEWS: I’m sure you all have heard that we added a PRE-PARTY for The Showcase on Sept 25th. I’m really excited about this. We have some incredible Showcase Alumni bands on this event like PSYKOTRIBE, KADAVER DOLLS, THE DEFIANT, DREAMKILLER, FUNERAL FOR A CLOWN, UNDER FALLEN ORDER..It’s going to be insane, so make sure you attend one of the coolest ‘Showcase Weekends’ in our 13 year history. The event pages are posted on..umm..facebook (grrr)..So make sure you join. The countdown is on..

Here’s a rundown of our Playlist on The Rock Solid Pressure Show for the past 2 weeks. We have also started spinning tracks from bands you will see at the Showcase this year..It’s that time of year.

*THE PLAYLIST TO DIE FOR 7/20/15 ABRAHMA: Kapal Kriya / Omens Part 1 (Small Stone Records) debut

BLACK TONGUE: L’appel Du Vide (Century Media) debut

DOWN: Hail The Leaf (Elektra)

LAMB OF GOD: Cheated (Roadrunner) debut track

RISE 2 BRUTALITY: Running Scared (debut)

WE ARE HARLOT: Flying Too Close To The Sun (Roadrunner) debut

BLACK STAR RIDERS: Reckoning Day (Nuclear Blast) debut track

FREEDOM HAWK: Journey Home (Small Stone Records) debut

THE RODS: Make Me A Believer (Passport Records) debut


PROGRESSIVE CHEMISTRY: Hostile Intent (debut track)

KRISIUN: The Isolated Truth (Century Media) debut

3 INCHES OF BLOOD: The Hydra’s Teeth (Roadrunner) debut track

NONPOINT: F*cked (Metal Blade) debut track

CHRIS CAFFERY: Pisses Me Off (Black Lotus)

HELLOWEEN: Mr. Torture (Nuclear Blast) debut track

TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION: Rubbin’s Racin’ (Carved Records) debut track

AIONIOS: Mysterium Tremendum (debut)

HALF TON HAMMER: King Loser (debut track)

SEVENSINS: Denied (debut)

TO THE PAIN: Don’t Eat The Eyes (debut)

RAINBOW: Man On The Silver Mountain (Polydor)

*For the past 2 weeks we have been spinning tracks in honor of the passing of our friend, and bass playing legend CRAIG GRUBER (Elf, Rainbow, Gary Moore, The Rods). Craig has been on our show a couple times, and we became friends. We were devastated to learn of his passing. We take comfort in knowing that he is reunited with Ronnie, and they have one helluva band in Babylon. Please raise the goblets for Craig and lets remember the incredible music he left us..

ALSO I want to send out a ‘Get Well Soon’ to a friend of ours, local drummer JARED WARRICK. He had a stroke and is not doing well. Please send out positive healing vibes. Many of you locals know Jared from the bands BLINDING DARKNESS and THE QUARTER MILE REBELS. If he pulls through, it’s going to be a long recovery period. We’re working on a benefit show. Stay tuned for details.

NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: It’s my annual ‘Birthday Broadcast’. Last year I spun tracks from a lot of my favorite albums from the 70’s. This year I’m spinning tracks from some of my favorite albums from the 80’s..Tune in Monday night and join the party.


Sunday 8/2 State Theatre: PSYCHOSTICK, WOLFBORNE, DRASTIC FALL, THE DOOD, COUNTED OUT..Man, this is gonna be a helluva show, it’s also my official Birthday Party, so come on out n lets get crazy. Doors at 7:00pm. Music starts at 7:15pm. Get more info at our site

Wed 8/5 State Theatre: 10 YEARS, NONPOINT, THE FAMILY RUIN, AWAKEN THE EMPIRE, (N)CEPTION..This is actually the day after my Birthday, and yes, we’ll still be celebrating. Doors at 7:00pm. Music starts at 7:20pm. Get more info at

Cya In The Field

J-Rock (my REAL name)